[7TC] 7th Terran Cavalry Recruiting - "Building Together, Fighting Together"

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  1. Metzge

    The 7th Terran Cavalry is a casual yet teamwork-oriented outfit made up of new players and veterans alike. Our main focus is supporting other outfits with their offensives by providing support including logistics and convoy escorts, establishing repair/rearming areas, performing flanks and hot drops, or sabotaging enemy positions from within.

    We're always looking for new recruits (17+) and friendly outfits to fight alongside.

    We are a part of the Start 2 Continue Gaming Community and are its new PlanetSide 2 outfit (though some of our leadership has had experience since the beginning of PlanetSide, having founded the 1st Terran Rangers many moons ago). We have a Discord which you can find at https://discord.gg/start2continue. Be sure to apply to join us both in-game and fill out an introduction in the #introductions channel in our Discord.

    In your application, please include how you found us, classes/vehicles you're interested in, and how long you've been playing PS2 (just so we can offer the right amount of help where needed).

    About Start 2 Continue
    Start 2 Continue is a creative gaming community focused on teamwork-oriented games, from grand strategy games like Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Total War, and Crusader Kings to tactical realistic shooters like Squad, Hell Let Loose, and Escape From Tarkov. By "creative," we mean that a lot of us have an interest in building things together, whether in-game or IRL; plenty of us are video editors, writers, streamers, musicians, graphic artists, and even some game developers and designers -- though this is not a prerequisite for membership. Bound together by a mutual interest in gaming, we wanted to create a sandbox for people to learn new skills and collaborate with one another. Or, at the very least, provide a chill place in a chaotic world. With social media having become so toxic and everyone focused on destruction and bitterness, we wanted to find others who were more interested in solving problems, building cool stuff, and just being a reminder that there are still chill people out there.

    We produce our own written content that focuses on gamification and applied game theory as well as game-specific stuff like guides, lore exploration, reactions and reviews, and interviews with other creators within the games industry.

    You can check us out on our website or YouTube page or say hi on our Discord.