5 common misconceptions PS2 players have about balance

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  1. Moonheart

    Everything is effective at spawn. As soon people know they are going to shot at as soon they put 3 pixels outside of it, they become too scared to even try.
    How many times did I saw 20 people being "locked in" by only 5 ambushers keeping watch at the door?

    I've always had as a theory that the psychological effect of the constant spam of the PPA was much more impactful to the blockade that the amount of damage it did. But... *shrugs* who cares now?
  2. Goretzu

    Again though the PPA was very, very good at this, in its actual direct effect and in that it could be moved into great positions to do it - NC and TR had nothing comparable with the end effect.

    Certainly some of it might have been psychological (and in fact some almost certainly was given how spawn camping and human nature/sheeple-ness works), but it didn't really matter as it was the end result that was important (certainly it wasn't totally psychological, however, as it changed dramatically immediately post-nerf even though VS still tried it, it was just much less effective).

    People seem to want to largely portray the PPA nerf as somehow "unreasonable", it most definately wasn't (although that doesn't mean the end result was necessarily perfect either).
  3. Gutseen

    U austists talk 'bout things u dont ***cking understand.

    0.75ADS is BUGGED with indian code that chimps at dev team **** out.
    in +24 fights there is a high %, that u'll see an Ns15/orion/SMG user WARPING from left to right, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get a hit.
    It's a problem that can be dealt with, but then devs will need to remove 0.75 ads from errything in the game. (wich is good for the sake of the net code)

    and return that smooth PRE ALPHA movement animation.

    after that, they can fix the netcode without TONZ of s***t hitting the fan.

    but as long as u ****ing tolerant hippies **tch 'bout "ASSimmetrical" balance, there will be NO BALANCE.
  4. Chewy102

    Take a VERY GOOD look at #3. The exact wording of its title more so than what was used to describe it.

    "Feelings are not facts"

    That road goes both ways my friends and is the number 1 reason topics turn to festering piles of trash. Both the attackers of something AND its defenders are guilty of that fact. Problem is, you often can't start to look for something till after it feels like something. There just isn't any reason to look and without looking you'll never find anything. Another problem is having a strong enough feeling that it either blinds you or forces you to see something that isn't there.

    And it can get worse when those parts start to clash when it only takes 1 person to ruin a topic and get it locked. To make it even more fun. Those trying to get a change are tasked with doing EVERYTHING all while those for no changes need only to do little more than plug their ears or just downplay it till a mod steps in and moves the topic to die in some never seen sub-forum or gives an out right lock.
  5. Maljas23

    You've lost me here. If you are saying this, then that means that #3 IS true. People feel like 0.75 ADS is OP, thus ask for nerfs etc. I am not saying I am for or against it, I am just saying that OP's #3 IS a problem on these forums, and it sounds like you agree.
  6. Takara

    IF that is what you think it means you have zero tactical thinking. What it means is you can't do things head on. If my tank isn't as powerful in a head to head fight....don't get in a head to head fight. You don't see mag's CHARGING prolwers...why? Because prowlers are more powerful in a head to head fight. So how do win against prowlers? I hang back, use cover and snipe at them until I do have the advantage.

    Another idea would be to suppliment your weakness by adding another tank or bringing a lightning or something else.

    SO to answer your question....YES it is ok for some thing to not be the same and one tank to be better at something then another. In PS1 people did this every day with out fail and with out a problem. But for some reason people around here seem to think that even though they are in an MMO they shouldn't need to ever rely on another player for everything. That is poor game design and there would be zero point to actually having any kind of class/fraction. Just go play Call of Duty if this is the type of game you want to play.
  7. Gutseen

    ez, get in close, turbo up in prowlers butt, 2 shots = prowls dead

    thats the point of balance.
  8. Iridar51

    What does CoF has to do with this? It doesn't even have factions, as far as I know.
    I prefer to use Starcraft 2 as a game with proper faction diversity. Let's take how different races detect invisible units. Terrans use the scan ability from the command center building, Zerg use anti air turrets, and protoss create invisible flying units that are also detectors.
    All factions can detect invisible units, they just do it differently.
  9. Takara

    Good question...I never even mentioned Cone of fire...

    As for your SC2 comment...you just ruined your original statement.
    You said

    Which means youw ant tanks to all be equivalent or equal. But in Starcraft...Terrans have tanks...the protoss don't have any tanks at all. The zerg have Ultralisks...which are kind of a tank(far more expensive). But are usually better than Seige tanks as they will survive long enough to get in close. So....if you put a few marines with the tank the tank will win. The whole game is designed around the same concept. 1 Zelot >1Marine>1zergling. To balance that out...the zelot costs more, and zerglins produce two at a time. That is exactly what we are talking about here. I would be cool with Tanks having the problems in this game. I wish there was more of that here. But most of it has been stripped away and continued to strip stuff away as people cry for more and more nerfs or 'equality' in weapons.

    I stated if your tank isn't as powerful in the situation you are in...change the situation...or get some friends to help you change it into your advantage.

    In your own example they are three completely different things that detect cloaked units. And some are better in different scenarios...so sir I'm really just confused.
  10. Takara

    In the sentence before I mentioned head on :) But yes, I do this...flank buttshot. Charging is still somewhat skeptical as it tends to get you in more trouble from the stuff you don't see around them like infantry or harssers. I generally only charge them when they start to run away smoking. What can I say I'm a conservative tanker.