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  1. JustGotSuspended

    Hey there folks, today I'm gonna talk about my first suspension I got yesterday (August 25).

    There's this cheater on the Connery server many may be familiar with: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5429033621872406977/killboard His specialty is placing objects inside walls (turrets, routers, himself) and shooting through them. There's also the occasional aimbot. Yesterday (August 25) during a 48-48 biolab fight, this NC cheater was shooting VS through the rocks of the middle satellite spawn room. I called him out after reporting him, and called him a "useless f*g", and a "dumb c*nt" once I nailed him the moment he stepped outside (I was VS btw). Silly things to say perhaps, but I dislike cheaters, and during my 8 years of play, I have done my best to make life hell for any cheater I come across (thank god there's not that many, or I would've been banned I'm sure".

    Later that evening, I start the launchpad, and I'm unable to access my account, which has been suspended for "toxicity". In disbelief, I did what all my friends told me to do and contacted the customer support team. Their reply was as follows:

    "It has come to our attention that you've been harassing other players as well as using highly inappropriate language in PlanetSide 2.
    Due to this, we've had to suspend your account for three days for toxic behavior.

    Please ensure that you avoid this sort of subject matter in the future. We also recommend using the ignore option as well as mute options if you feel it is necessary."

    I'm sorry DBG, but it's hard to mute or ignore the dudes SHOOTING AT US FROM INSIDE THE WALLS! I asked for the direct quotes that got me suspended, and they sent me the two I've shared with you.

    But wait, it gets better. The dude I insulted has been cheating for months now, and there's a few others caught on video or that are known exploiters that are still playing. I sent them another reply linking a few cheaters and a video asking if those guys would get in trouble too. What they sent back sums up DBG priorities:

    "Any player reported to us for breaking any sort of community standard is investigated and action is taken if a violation is found.
    We do not ignore lesser violations as they are always eventually addressed by the support department.".

    So in DBG's eyes, it's a greater violation to insult cheaters rather than be a cheater. In a game where profanity can be filtered, rated (mature) and let's be honest, everyone swears, INSULTS > CHEATING. I seriously can't believe they banned me in a few hours, and cheaters with weeks/months of record roam around free. You can check his killboard, that wall exploit guy is still playing today (August 26), and I'm the one left to wait for my 3 day suspension to finish.

    Oh, and the icing on the cake, I let them know that the game is dying and needs loyal players like me who've been playing 10 hours a day since beta and have invested money, and that with the current bugs and state of the servers they should be ashamed of banning me for such a silly reason. The customer support replied:

    "Bugs and servers are worked on by the development and operations teams and get resolved if reported as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.".

    At least he thanked me for my patience with the pathetic state of the game. That said, there's bugs that have been here since the start of the game, there's bugs that the devs just ignore...pretty sure everyone who's played 2 minutes can testify to this, and we all know they'll never get fixed (or is it because we don't report them)?

    So there you have it guys, thanks for reading, let me know if I'm the idiot here. Hopefully this will make people who want to swear in the game think twice, and maybe this will actually be good for the game. Think about it guys, if we all stop swearing, the devs will be able to move on to deal with the cheaters and bug fixes...maybe? keep the channels clear bois, we'll get em next time!

    An edit, I tried posting this on Reddit but the Planetside 2 moderators blocked it
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  2. Demigan

    I once pointed out to someone that they shouldnt be using autism as an insult.
    I then explained how autists work, such as how they'll tell the truth even if it hurts their goals or how analytical the normal-functioning autists are, and pointed out that if he thinks everyone against him is autistic, we should be listening to his opponents rather than to him.

    I got suspended for a month from the forums because I "insulted him by saying he was autistic". The thing I just said would have been better than what he was doing and the very thing he had just said everyone who disagreed with him was.

    Dont try to find too much logic in PS2. We've seen the devs (and unfortunately a large part of the playerbase) arent the brightest, or at least the one's in charge arent. So accept this and move on.
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  3. NotziMad

    In my experienced (and I've been banned once, suspended a million times, warned a million times), there's really only one time you can afford to insult (using very rude words) someone.

    And that's when that someone is himself or herself already breaking doing so and/or showing other signs of "official" toxic behaviour (racism, hate speech, homophobia etc).

    Basically, any time I see someone being racist, or homophobic or whatever, I would flame them like I never flamed anyone else in the game, using all the bad words I could come up with, and I never ever even got a warning for any of those situations.

    But outside of that, it isn't so much what you say that matters, you can be insulting politely, it's not about being insulting. (in my experience) what they look at is the words you choose to use. And there's a few, that if you say them even once, will be enough to at least get a warning.

    There's an exception to this rule, and that is tells. Many times I've gotten rage tells, baiting me, trolling me, insulting me or whatever, and I flamed them back, and I never ever got warned for that either.


    More on topic


    When you insulted that cheater, you (probably, I'm guessing cause you didn't say) did so either in /yell chat or /regional chat. And the thing is, the reason these rules are put into place is to protect the more sensitive players out there, which do include kids. After all it's a video game, you have to expect kids to play video games right?

    It doesn't matter why you threw those insults, point is, there could be people, particularly kids, who may be affected by those words. More reasonably, there could be parents playing with their kids.

    So the warning isn't so much about punishing you, though it is, obviously, but it's more to do with protecting a portion of the player base who could be vulnerable, sensitive, influenced, or affected in whatever way by that language.

    And though I personally grew up in a family offensive language was the norm, and I personally get pissed off even in real life when friends of familly tell me to watch my language if I curse (cause I'm like, how do you think those kids talk when you're not there? don't be a hypocrit), that isn't the point of view of most people, and it certainly isn't the point of view of those people who make the rules.

    Hope that makes sense.
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  4. Twin Suns

    Don't let those "Neo-Puritans" at DBG get you down. After you're 3 day ban. Start a junk NC character so you can team kill that cheating Mofo over and over and get a "real man's" ban. Then strike the Capt Morgan pose like a pirate and give them the middle finger.

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  5. Grandpa

    So please excuse me, but: A child plays a game in which a sniper shoots your head off, tears up C4 tanks and their crew, but it offends that other players use rude words? Really now? If the child is so sensitive, it should in principle play other games or according to their age. Pokemon for example. The parents are then asked to control what the child is doing.
    I also don't take a child to a striptease club and then complain that my child sees naked bodies. Well...
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  6. NotziMad



    Teen. Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

    https://www.esrb.org/ratings-guide/#:~:text=Teen,infrequent use of strong language.

    And no, you're not excused you should think before you type.

    It's not just a cultural thing, it's a LEGAL REQUIREMENT.

    On top of that (and I don't agree with this) most western societies don't consider violence to be "offensive", which is why there are lots of action movies on TV during the day, but no nudity, not even a nipple, and which is also why, again on TV, during the day, you will never see anyone use those words.
  7. Grandpa

    I see, you are probably American. All right. Corpses, slaughter and guns and executions ok, but one nipple and that's the catastrophe. All right. Then I don't have to talk any more. It's a cultural thing.
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  8. NotziMad

    I'm not American, but yes, that is exactly how things are, and it's not just in gaming, it's in all the medias, particularly radio and TV. It's the same thing to a less degree in Europe, but at the end of the day, DBG and Rogue Games are based in Sand Diego.....

    But you know what? It doesn't even matter, cause whatever country they would be based in they'd have to follow international rules and laws anyway, and those are mostly either American or European. (for example, hate speech is a crime, legally, not just "breaking the rules" ((edit, sorry, I fact checked this, and while it is illegal in many countries, it is not illegal in America)).

    But not only that .... if any American were to be permitted to play this game, DBG would have to abide by American standards. (same thing for Europe, same thing for any other country).

    So it's mostly a legal thing.

    That said, legal things come from cultural things in the first place anyway. (anglo saxon puritanism)
  9. Towie

    The character in question is certainly pulling some dodgy stats but he only joined about a week ago.

    I'm surprised that any ban has happened based on what I see every day - especially related to "harassing other players" when we've suffered some extremely caustic idiots for a very long time.

    Maybe I should tone down my language when I report yet another dodgy character !
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  10. OneShadowWarrior

    I myself after being with PS over 18 years on these forums was warned about harassment. I saw a cheater the other night warping into the ground and bouncing back up to avoid my shots. I couldn’t bug report him because I couldn’t see his name, it was frustrating.

    These days, I generally just disable the chat bar and have voice command shut off, even running with outfits is the days of old with discord, most of the time I prefer solo. People just take a game way to serious to be honest.

    For as much as I love PS, I’ve learned to just report what I can and just let it go. This game is as old as Minecraft and has glitches with it’s build, I know it’s a pain with cheaters.
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  11. Twin Suns


    An exposed nipple on the street will stop traffic for miles over here.
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  12. Demigan

    Although America is the most televised and highly violent, racist, hypocritical, hatemongering country, it's not as if the rest of the world is much better off. In essence America is still fighting the Civil War. Europe on the other hand might have surpassed the ultra-nationalism that helped cause the first world war, but everything that caused the second world war is basically still there and being repeated. For example lately a surge in extreme-right polititians have gotten more power using anti-immigrant rethoric, blaming them for everything from economic problems to sociological, criminal and cultural problems. All research into the subject points to immigrants being a necessity for economic growth, that the first and second generation immigrants have lower crime-rates than the indigenous people (and the 3rd generation's most important reason to equalize their crime-rate is that they are still being treated with hate, distrust, discrimination and as if they are criminals), and that the bad treatment of immigrants increases the chance of the country having problems in the future compared to those who treat them well.

    And that's just one example from "good' countries. We haven't even talked about the untelevised violence and open prosecution of racism in Russia, the forced slave laborcamps that China uses and the many other atrocities that are still being enforced on entire ethnic groups, cultures and races to this day.

    So I don't think anyone should be trying to get on a high horse just yet, you'll just fall off.

    As for showing a nipple in America. It's always fun to see how much hipocrites they have in the country with the largest **** industry and where things like the Nipplegate when a singer "accidentally" showed a boob on stage had the highest views in America itself. Also their lack of proper sexual education has severely increased the amount of teen pregnancies and STD's compared to countries that aren't as hyper-antisexualization as the Americans.
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  13. JibbaJabba

    I'm sorry you came across a cheater. The wall/floor exploits have SUCKED. I've blown most of my hard earned orbitals taking them out. I'm told there is a tentative fix coming which is good news.

    Cheater aside though - maybe DBG fixed them, maybe not....


    You did it. Maybe the cheater made you lose your cool. But you did it. And you got a suspension for it. Own it and quit whining on the forums about it. Your suspension is not a ban, it will be over soon.

    I'm a guy who doesn't cheat. But I do get hackusated from time to time with some creative language in a tell. I take it as a compliment, screenshot it for lolz sharing, say thanks and move on with my life.

    But If someone uses racial or similar slurs to me? Again, not gonna bother me, but I don't want toxic folks like that in the community where kids play. So yep - I will report them in a heartbeat and I have gotten people more than a suspension. There are others like me so be warned.
  14. DemonicTreerat

    Wait wait.

    You got suspended for using that language?! That was the stuff Paletiger (or whatever he goes by now) would casually throw out at everyone in public platoons, leader chat, and /shout when he was having a good day. When it was a bad day... well lets just say I'm pretty sure saying just 5% of it in public would get your face smashed in.

    Just goes to show you that there has to be other factors at work when determining who gets punished for what. My guess is that its tied to how much RPG-that-is-not-Daybreak *** you kiss. Tell them that their **** smells like roses and everyone that doesn't agree is a noob and you can get away with murder. Call them out on their stupidity or go after their unpaid shills and you had better expect to be banned for the tinest infraction they can find.
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  15. RabidIBM

    DB have been very soft on cheating for a long time. It's really annoying. If I cared enough I would learn how to spoof IP and make endless bogus accounts, going 1 cheat at a time, using that 1 cheat on all factions on all servers until I became enough of a problem that they had to fix it. That sounds like a lot of work though.
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  16. ican'taim

    I'm pretty sure yesterday's patch fixes the router bug fyi
  17. JibbaJabba

    LOL, he'll won't get to see for another day.
  18. FailasaurusRex

    This entire thread is comedy gold. Pure comedy gold.
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  19. JustGotSuspended

    i mean this post was mostly just to warn others and share DBG's interesting priorities. I didn't say anything racist or whatever, the two words I've used are literally blocked by the profanity filter, which people can decide if they want on or off.

    I would assume cheaters are a bigger threat to the game's integrity, especially considering most kids nowadays listen to songs with swearing, swear themselves, do drugs and all, but I suppose I'm wrong.

    that said, I will disable my chat in the future
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  20. JustGotSuspended

    yeah i can recall the numerous times he's cussed me out and hackusated me for C4ing his MAX. Idk if he got suspended tho. Also I'm pretty sure there's people swearing in every fight, but again, I wouldn't know if DBG took action.

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