22 o´clock CET put you spandex on!

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  1. Psychophonic-RNX

    As we can see in the last time the attack of the 4th empire.
    In total we can see that the VS pop is very constant.


    But what we can also see is a massive decrease of the VS and NC population.
    So my guess is that people just start to switch empire.
    Otherwise we would see an overall decrease of the population for all factions.

    And it must be really awesome to zerg empty bases and feel like heroes.
    But im not here to whine i want to bring a solution and the solution is kind of easy.


    - Disable empire switch for 12 h once you logged in and choosed your empire.
    - Even better but from SOE not wanted: 1 empire per server
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  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    Then how the heck am I supposed to log in every 24 hours on each character for passive certs, sherlock?
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  3. Epic High Five

    Ever seen Sophie's Choice?
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  4. Psychophonic-RNX

    This is a mistake i meant TR and NC population.
  5. Tuco

    If players are doing that for the XP, then all they'll need to do is log on in the last 2 minutes of alert to get XP. And who cares about a couple minutes.
  6. Ostekake

    Its not 4th factioning, its the ALERT system completely failing at what it was made for.
    People are not CHANGING they are LOGGING OFF !

    My Solution:
    1. Remove Alerts entirely ! reinstate cep !
    2. Enable /comall /comam /comes /comin
    3. Remove spam limit of one orders per 5? min
    4. Remove the 'similar text' limit - orders need to be repeated ! (including in /re)
    What i also see from those graphs and alerts in general:
    1. People logging off because they are not enjoying what is going on, in this case an alert
    2. leadership is being made irrelevant by instituting an automatic fake and synthetic win condition (Alert)
    3. When alerts ends, ALL outfits, platoons and squads are decimated and SLs/PLs/OLs are demoralized to lead even less.
    Simply put, SOEs solution to entertain the players are making 20-30 % of the players to log off
    during the alert and an additional 30% when the alert ends.
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  7. The Rogue Wolf

    So I'd have to play on a West Coast server if I wanted to try out VS?
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  8. Psychophonic-RNX

    I have to agree i didn´t like the alert system from the beginning, with time i got used to it.
    But that doesn´t change the fact that it is rubbish!

    What i like the most at PS is the freedom of choice, which seems to be destroyed by a system which is leading people into a specific direction.

    CEP was an awesome solution in PS1 and will be a perfect solution for many many problems we are faced in PS 2.

    Furthermore i don´t understand why you have to be a Squadleader to use coms.
    Also 5min penalty for an order is way too high!
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  9. Pikachu

    At first USA had 3 of west and 4 on east. You no remember helios, jaeger, genudine and soltech?
  10. Devrailis

    I will never forget SolTech. :(
  11. Pikachu

    I was on LithCorp.
  12. Mastachief

    Tr moaning about population buhahahahahahahahahaha
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  13. Psychophonic-RNX

    Oh yes, this is all this thread is about. Seriously from you i expected more than just a simple ***** comment.
  14. Mastachief

    And from TR that had this sort of pop **** for 12months at all times of the day and still continue to "Tactically" win fights by simply zerging 2x the numbers of a defending hex at all times, I expected nothing less than this sort of thread now that at times they cannot automatically do this.

    It really does make me smile.

    LULZ voice of experience?
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  15. Crashsplash

    All of a sudden I feel like PS1 has returned. :D
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  16. Troedd

    VS zergs are impressive like this one !

    It's easy to point the only one or 2 hours of VS overpop, at the extreme end of the prime time. and forgetting the all day long VS underpop.

    It turns me nostalgic of the "TR are not overpoped, it's strategy and well organized outfits, just l2p" :p
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  17. Kinan Eldari

    Fingerpointing and laughter from other factions aside, it IS interesting that the TR can't even come close to the number of wins the VS and NC have.
  18. Pootisman

    The alert system was the first mechanic which gave me long time motivation in PS2. Competing with your arch enemies for the alert objectives is the most fun part of PS2 for me.

    Before the alert system, PS2 was just a endless back and forth, always the same, without any higher goals.
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  19. Vorwaerts

    Why don't you try to contribute to this discussion instead of trolling?
    Or is that out of your reach?
  20. Xasapis

    Vanu come out at night .... literally ...