15 Minute to Kill, 3 to 1 Results

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  1. Bubbalicious

  2. Bubbalicious

    It was interesting to see the results in the latest battle. All three sides had 15 minutes to get as many kills as possible and notice the ratio difference and the percentage of players just makes these result more confusing.
    Balance issue? At 100% the vanu did 1/3 the number of kills compared to both NC and TR.

    since all sides are close in vehicles is the vanu tank the issue and/or guns?

    see image link below for screenshot.

  3. Demigan

    The links in your first post arent working and the flickr thing bombards you with pop ups and cookies.
  4. UberNoob1337101

    Do you know what the difference is?

    TR and NC had 2 big fights at Quartz Ridge and Allatum Bio, both bases where spawns are quite close to the action.

    Notice how VS doesn't have a single big fight going on, therefore they'll get the least kills even though VS has the most territory on the continent judging by the territory control and VP count from the screenshot.

    If TR decided to retake the Amp station and NC wanted to push to TI Alloys the kill situation would've been much different.
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  5. JibbaJabba

    These "alerts" have nothing to do with skill or weapon balance. It's about number of fights and conditions at those fights.

    Whoever is getting double teamed is almost certain to win even if they are getting their butts kicked.
    Zergs that engage in 90v10 overpops will make their faction suffer during these as well.
  6. Botji

    You will have to explain how being double teamed is beneficial here because these alerts are based on K/D and I think its fairly universal that the faction being double teamed will suffer in the K/D department, with all the vehicles and 2 or 3 to 1 overpop in the fights.
  7. Shatteredstar

    Generally if you own the base, even being double teamed you're in a better position to get the kills as you have the actual spawn room shields and such to hide behind during the massive cluster.

    That and the fact the other two who are attacking need things like sunderers to spawn from and will be attacking eachother as well meaning they cannot focus on the ones inside the base or will be clearing eachother out of cover as they come in. Giving advantage to those within the base to peek out and take shots from safer positions.
  8. Botji

    Then we are talking about different things, if all 3 factions are fighting in the same base and the two attackers are mostly fighting each other I dont really consider that double teaming the defenders since that is just in their favour.
  9. JibbaJabba

    It's not based on K/D.

    It's based on kills.

    The team getting double teamed will simply be fighting more and therefore get more kills even if their K/D is lower.
  10. Botji

    True until a certain point.

    Its not a impossible feat but the average PS2 player is not a 1+ K/D player so to assume that they can pull a 0.5 or above in the worst kind of circumstances seems a bit too much and even a 0.5 K/D would at best be a draw between all 3 factions if the kills are split evenly.

    But then the two factions double teaming are still fighting each other, even if its on a smaller scale, those kills from there would push them above the underdog faction no matter what if they only have a 0.5 K/D. The faction being ganged up on would probably need at least 0.6 or higher faction wide K/D to actually stand a chance of winning.
  11. Somentine

    Because doubled teamed doesn't mean doubled teamed fights. 100 players each team, A & B fight each other with 80 players each, team C has, at most, 40 players to fight. So, even if you assume C split perfectly, A has 130 people to fight, B has 130 people to fight, C has 40 people to fight. Even if they slaughter the 40 people over and over, it will almost never be able to catch up.
  12. JibbaJabba

    They get credit for all kills.
    But their deaths get split between the factions attacking them.

    With no other factors they'll outscore each opponent 2 to 1. So can the overpop that comes with a K/D advantage overcome this? Not really.

    Those kills and deaths would (on average) take place in imbalanced fights. Some fights may be near even. Some may be egregious 4v1s or worse

    Keep in mind underpop = defending and defending = some advantage.

    As the popuation ratio in fights gets more out of balance the underpop faction gets a lower KD (with some exceptions). However the worse the ratio the fewer actual kills occur. If you get in a 10v1 match you'll almost certainly win, but 9 of you won't get a kill.

    Example: The 75/25 fight that becomes a spawn camp rarely produces any player with 10 kills on the board. And if it does it's just as often a defending bolter and a spawn shield.
  13. Botji

    I have not seen too many of these alerts but the ones I have seen have more been 2 factions being quite close and 1 faction behind by like 100-200 kills, that faction is also the underpop which means its usually ganged up on as well for the EZ wins.

    Could be that its an advantage as you say but so far I have not seen it play out that way.