11/17 2pm PST - Attack on Auraxis - Planetside 2 eSports discussion show.

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  1. kidRiot

    At 2pm PST on www.twitch.tv/kidriot I will be hosting the first Attack on Auraxis Planetside 2 eSports talk show.

    It will feature Wrel, Scourgeofthesourver (Future Crew) and Pella (Ini Elite). It will be a rough first show as I don't have art assets yet, but I'm looking to provide some serious and light-hearted content regarding Planetside 2 eSports.

    We will be discussing prior scrimmages, Community Clashes, theory crafting for MLG, various topics related to eSports and Planetside 2 and possibly going over a video or two to provide some humor to the show.

    I'd appreciate any and all feedback to gauge interest in a show like this.

    The format will be:
    1 hour
    2-3 guests
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  2. variablez

    I thought this was cool stuff,
    highlighted most of the problems with MLG for planetside 2.
    keep me entertained listening to this at work for a few hours.
  3. AccelPrime

    Attack on Auraxis... for some reason I want to swap the "Auraxis" to a word befitting of large humanoid creatures.
  4. Lucidius134

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  5. dstock

    I don't actually understand, but anything w/ Jaeger is +1 territory, IMO.

    I'll have to check out the OPs stream, I guess.
  6. Lucidius134

    on topic: Is there a recording or has the show not happened yet? I'm kinda confused and twitch is pretty congested in layout.
  7. kidRiot

    Attack on Titan is pretty damn amazing. Highly recommend. I went with "Attack on Auraxis" because I couldn't think of a title befitting the show and I had already started a YouTube series with the same name. I probably got the name from Attack on Titan and I don't mind that one bit at all ;)
  8. kidRiot

    Ask and ye shall receive:

  9. Gheeta

    Good stuff, i hope this becomes a regular thing.
  10. kidRiot

    It will be. I'm aiming for each Sunday at 2pm PST. Next weeks show promises to be potentially more interesting as we'll have some new information to discuss from MLG Columbus.
  11. Lucidius134

    Thanks for the link. Found one thing labeled Episode 2 on the twitch channel but that was more of a presentation and has a completely different format. I'll watch this one now.
  12. MaxDamage

    Pella, eh? Maybe I'll watch then.
  13. Lucidius134

    I liked both of the video's i've seen so far but i've got some recommendations:

    This guest panel has the exact same problem that the FNO panel had. It works for interviews but for a good discussion I think you really need to give the guests on the panel the questions in advance. That way they can have their answers written down and so there's less thinking on their toes.

    Of course answers from guests might cause new questions for the panel but i'd help for the larger questions I think.

    It's not so much a problem problem but I don't like the format that's all.

    -Your big question about rule sets and the community reminds me of a thread Hoki made:

    -The discussion on weapon balance was pretty good. I'm not impartial to arbitrary rules in some circumstances. It'd be interesting seeing a scrim where faction specific weapons or faction trait emphatic weapons could be used. A list such as:
    Pulsar VS1

    (Well Rounded and Low Recoil high control).

    But only because i'm just sick and tired of everyone using H-V45/TAR/Whatever is high rate of fire and what every faction has access to. This would emphasize NC being better at long range of very close range because of shotguns and high damage lower ROF and the NC outfit strategies would have more range control, for example. I would write more but i'm already taking enough of your time.

    Thanks for the vids and discussion and such, it was fun to watch! I checked your twitch and youtube page + descriptions and didn't see a link to your twitter. Do you got one?
  14. kidRiot

    Yes it's @kidriotgun

    I created a google doc and handed it to the guests in advance. I prefer people to have answers beforehand as well so we can get down to the nitty gritty of why they feel that way. There'll be another show airing this Sunday at 2pm PST, but I'm gonna write up the google doc then announce it on Friday.