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Discussion in 'Game Discussion: PlanetSide 2' started by binarycoder, Feb 26, 2014.

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  2. Damocles Member

    I tried something similar, got shot down...YMMV
  3. MaceMadunusus Member

    They have similar hubcaps in the game files that they aren't using atm. Likely because they haven't had the UVs reorganized to fit the updated and more efficient textures.

    I see yours was shot down for needing more creativity, but still be careful with some of the designs featuring faction logos.
  4. binarycoder Member

    Good to know. I'll keep working on these for now, but im not attached to them. Just fun messing with the harasser stuff. :) I'm trying something similar to the snowflakes, so the shape itself speaks to the faction as well.

    Anyway, VS:

  5. binarycoder Member

  6. BanthaFett New Member

    The TR and NC logos look a bit small in their respective hub caps. I think you're on the right track with the VS version. Try sizing up the logos a bit, even extending them slightly over the tire itself. The NC logo lends itself especially well to this.
  7. binarycoder Member

    I see what you mean. However, I don't want to logos to be the hubcaps, rather than a part of them. I did increase their size, and redid the VS one to match better.

  8. TramellRayIsaac Senior Art Director

    break out the creativity, I dont want the low hanging fruit.
  9. binarycoder Member

    Aye aye! These were a bit rough, just excited to get the resources.

    Trying to get them a bit more unique, starting with TR. I do think I'll stick with the logo designs, like they way the NC one turned out. ( And got some good feedback on reddit.)


    Better? Worse?
  10. Shockwave414 Active Member

    Remove the colors. Make it look like it was CNC milled .
  11. binarycoder Member

    I kinda prefer the colors, but I dunno.

    Can you clarify what you mean by CNC milled? I'm not familiar with the term, and a google search wasn't cohesive enough.
  12. Shockwave414 Active Member

    It means to make the rims look like it was cut out from one solid piece of aluminum. Right now, it looks like two separate pieces, the logo and the rim. So make the logo the same color as the rim.

    As for the TR rim, instead of changing the color red, cut it out completely. You can also put holes where the lug nuts go.

  13. binarycoder Member

    Joined the logo and the rim. Think it looks really plain without the colors, so I'd like to stick with those.
  14. TramellRayIsaac Senior Art Director

    i like how this is coming along. shrink the logo and inset it into the wheel hub
  15. binarycoder Member

    Like this?

  16. Shockwave414 Active Member

    Can you extrude it more, make it thicker? Widen the outer ring. Also, inset logo into the tire to give it some depth so it's not all on the same level.
  17. binarycoder Member

    How is this?
  18. Shockwave414 Active Member

    Push the center piece into the wheel so the spokes bend.

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  19. Giz Active Member

    Question how you make the TR logo imprinted into the rim? Looks good.
  20. TramellRayIsaac Senior Art Director

    EGGG actly

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