Elven Battle Axe

Discussion in 'Game Discussion: EverQuest and EverQuest II' started by CoffeeOutlaw, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    concept for my next model, a silver elvish battle axe with some forged leafs, I will prob incorporate some gold in the actual model, and maybe some fancier wraps. the scribbles on the blade will be an acid etched design of swirls or something.
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  2. MasterMagnus Active Member

    Very cool design!
  3. Syrah Administrator

  4. CakvalaSC Member

    Cant wait to see it modeled out!
  5. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    this is going to test my polygon limit, especially for the eq1 version!
  6. CakvalaSC Member

    less than 400 triangles, good luck!
  7. Beatles Member

  8. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    high poly is complete, start on the low in the morning.
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  9. CakvalaSC Member

    Very regal looking!
  10. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    ok heres the low poly (984 tris) with just the normal map and ao bake on it.
    and here is the low unshaded also
    i got a lil bit of manual cleanup on the normal on the blade, and leaves, then i'll start actualy making a color texture for it
  11. CakvalaSC Member

    I like the normal map! So in your process you do the normal map first before anything else? Your going to lose a lot of detail to get that to less then 400 triangles for EQ?
  12. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    theres a chance this wep wont make it to eq1, i may try some modifications, like filling in the neg space between the leaves,, but i'm not sure if that will swing. my workflow is
    concept>make a high poly in max>if the model needs it take it to zbrush to rough it up and add details> create a low poly to fit the high>use xnormal to bake normal maps, color map, ao map> do any manual tweaking of those maps in photoshop> plug those maps into ddo to get some base textures> finish up texture in photoshop
  13. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    pretty close to done, just some cleanup
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  14. Rawl Active Member

    Very nice, how about making a round shield and a scimitar that matches this design?
  15. CakvalaSC Member

    I think a matching shield would be great.

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