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  1. Carynn New Member

    Is there a guide event that awards some sort of coffin or NotD-like items? If so, please, please, please! ;) ;)
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  2. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Is this you? ;)


    While we can make no guarantees about rewards offered by our friends in need of assistance, I think I might know a few people you may be interested in meeting. Is there a particular day/time period in which they might be most likely to run into you? (Please include time zone and keep an eye here for future info about the creepy, the kooky, and the altogether ooky in need of help soon!)
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  3. Carynn New Member

    It was requested by our roleplay guild on Kaladim - Freebloods need decor, too!

    Weekends, mid-day (around noonish, PST) are the best, as it'll nab nearly all the timezones and standard workers. Thank you so much!
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  4. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    *jots down some notes in her calendar* I see! Well, I'll pass this along to a few friends of mine and we'll see what can be arranged. Stay tuned for further spooky developments! ;)
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  5. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Coming this weekend:
    • Saturday, June 22nd around 7 pm PDT (10 pm EDT / 2 am [23 Jun] UTC / Noon AEST) - A representative of the Qeynos Guard will be seeking recruits of any alignment for a mission in Antonica. The only good gnoll is a dead gnoll, or so they say.
    • Sunday, June 23rd around Noon PDT (3 pm EDT / 7 pm UTC / 5 am [24 Jun] AEST) - A decorator with a penchant for the macabre is seeking some needful things in Darklight Wood.
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  6. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Sorry for the late notice, but tonight's event will need to be cancelled and run at another time due to family illness. Tomorrow's quest is currently still on but will keep you updated in the event of any changes.
  7. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Last night's cancelled quest is being rescheduled for next Saturday, June 29th around 7 pm PDT (10 pm EDT / 2 am [23 Jun] UTC / Noon AEST). I again apologize for the last minute cancellation.
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  8. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Greetings Kaladim!

    There is a Ratonga looking for your help with a new purchase she just made! It is big, but it is empty and she needs help to make it beautiful! Stop by Halas on Sunday 7/7 around 11am PDT to see how you can lend a hand :)

    Note : All times shown are in PDT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice
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  9. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    This evening around 4:00 PM PST there will be a baby dragon seeking some help for his horde. Look for him at the Lighthouse in Antonica
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  10. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    07-16-19 at 4:00 PM PST there will be a troll at the lighthouse in Antonica needing some help. She promises no bashing