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  1. Lissandra SWAT EQ2

    And the last bit of good news to share with my fellow Norrathians is that someone might be found in Obol Plains on Friday, 3/12/21 at approximately 7:00 pm Pacific Time to ask for assistance for a "newsworthy ghostly" task for those brave enough to visit The Phantom Sea!

    *Note: This is a Non-Repeatable Quest. Please keep pets and Mercs put away until after you get the Quest. Thank you!
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  2. Soara New Member

    /emote happy dance and huge thank you )
  3. Carynn New Member

    :( No good news about Beer Hunter?
  4. Lissandra SWAT EQ2

    Ahh, well as to that. I did hear that a certain dwarf has been seen wandering around and rumor says he might stop by The Enchanted Lands on Monday, 3/15/21 around 7 pm PST. Maybe you could help him out?
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  5. Carynn New Member

    Nope. Right during raid time. Thanks for trying.
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  6. Carynn New Member

    Lucked out. Took a break right when the guide showed up, so I got it. Thanks.
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  7. Spyrit New Member

    Hi, just wondering if the Guides Guides quests still exist in the game? If so, can I get a hint on how to find them?

    I asked around in game and was told some times might be posted here. That right? Happy to dig around if someone can point me in the right direction.

    I am looking for;

    Guides Guide to the Celestial Realms
    Guide's Guide to Luclin
    The Guide's Guide to Thalumbra

    Cheers, Spyrit
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  8. Spyrit New Member

    Ok, I think I have worked it out. I just have wait for a guide event for these quests in my Time Zone (Australia). I was on earlier today and actually found an event happening (Story telling, was great). I don't like my chances but I guess I just have to get lucky one day. :)
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  9. Dalharill Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Greetings and salutations!
    Be on the lookout on the 1st day of April (Thursday) around 10pm PST, for a visitor that has a task for intrepid adventurers that wish to explore the celestial realms.
    You will find this visitor in the Kylong Planes close to the Ulteran Spires.

    *Note: This is a Non-Repeatable Quest. Please keep pets and Mercs put away until after you get the Quest. Thank you!
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  10. Lissandra SWAT EQ2

    Good news my fellow Norrathians!

    I've been told by a reliable source that there could some visitors arriving in Kylong Plains at the Teran's Grasp spire requesting your assistance in exploring the dark side of Luclin's moon! How exciting!

    > Friday, April 2, 2021 at 9 a.m. Pacific time
    > Saturday, April 3, 2021 at 7 p.m. Pacific time

    *Please help by dismounting and putting away all pets, familiars and mercenaries until after you get the quest
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  11. Spyrit New Member

    Tried to get this one today but the guide said I had it. Wasnt it Guides to Guide to Luclin?
  12. Dalharill Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate


    As rumors and stories fly through the halls of our Hold, it seems there is to be another visitor to Teren's Grasp Spire in Kylong Planes looking for those with the fortitude to explore the dark side of Luclin!

    The visitor will be there on the 8th day of April at 10pm PST.

    As one stellar traveler was wont to say... "Be there or be square..."
  13. Dalharill Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate


    If you are a connoisseur of Norrathian Lore, then be sure to head to the Enchanted Lands on Thursday, the 15th day of April at 10pm Pacific Time. I heard a rumor a bard will be there at that time willing to share.
  14. Penthesilea New Member

    Any chance at bringing back Newsies during the Double Status this week after the 24hr downtime?
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  15. Mumstheword Member

    Liking Penthesilea's request!
    Yes please bring in the big Guide's Guide quests in addition to Newsies!
  16. Lissandra SWAT EQ2

    I have heard from a passing scholar that on Thursday, April 22, 2021 one visitor will be in the Obol Plains at approximately 9:00 am Pacific time to gather those wanting to assist the spirts.

    And another visitor will be in Stonebrunt Highlands at the Ulterean spire at approximately 7:00 pm Pacific time For those hoping to visit the Celestial Realms anytime soon.

    Stay tuned in case more scholars are sent out to the realms!