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  1. ARCHIVED-Crooks Guest

    Very nice maps. Hope to see some downloadable ones in the future of places that have no maps. :D
  2. ARCHIVED-KalebGrace Guest

    Great maps! Hey, I was working on a map of the Down Under. I already have the basic layout done, I'm just trying to make it more accurate by using global positioning and what not. If it's good enough for you, would you like to use it?
  3. ARCHIVED-Krypt Guest

    Hmmm. Color printer at the office is gonna get a beating at 7 am in the morning lol. Good work.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sens Guest

  5. ARCHIVED-Caleel Guest

    Indeed well job cant wait to see more. Keep it up please.
  6. ARCHIVED-xerty Guest

    Excellent site there Sens.
  7. ARCHIVED-MarroarMuffins Guest

    thanks you for this useful information :smileyhappy:
  8. ARCHIVED-Casparian Guest

    It'd be cool if you made an A4 sized PDF so we could print out a high quality version! ;) I do love the eq2-maps.com style, really hope you manage to add more soon.

    the ones at gry-online.pl are also fantastic, plenty of detail, list of where NPCs can be found and a list of quests including what to do.

    Do any sites have maps of Thundering Steppes yet? I'd like to go there and see what it's like but can't find any info anywhere.
  9. ARCHIVED-Zincmeek Guest

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