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    I payed up the full duration for all houses, but they're bound to remain unpaid in 80 days or so (but prestige).

    If you ever need to visit in person one of those houses, several players have trustee access to all of them (but the commissions obviously).
    Commissions are : Noctal, Ubiohe, Sopranou, Sinergy and Santory houses.
    Players with access to the houses with one of their alts/mains are: Cloudrat, Pickett (tkia on the boards) and Opusbelli (Eldann on the boards, Danockh on Test)

    I hope leaderboard houses will, one day, exempt houses in it from needing to get a rent paid, or allow random players to pay the rent. That would be perfect.

    Farewell Norrath.

    Have fun.
    It was a nice journey together.
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    We'll be sorry to see you go, and will miss you! You've got a great talent there! Hope to see you back again someday (perhaps lured back for EQ3?)! :)

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    I decorated a lot, then stopped playing for 4 and a half years. Then I came back and my live server had merged and the building blocks were on a separated item count. So I thought "hey, I'll put a hold on publishing everything back and go back to my houses to update them".
    Who was I kidding. I wasn't able to finish a single house since I came back, so I finally went back and republished everything (after adding treasure chests for rent ^^).
    Keep in mind that the last of those houses was finished in 2012 (and on some, it shows, especially the Thurgadin Grand Hall which was maxed item-wise at the time and could benefit from a massive overhaul)

    Here is the updated list of every house I have with their current address:

    Blanchette - Blanchette's Burrow - Freeport - Jade Tiger's Den Basic Room 03 EFP (duplicated on Thurgadin)
    Blanchette - Haunted House - Torture Room! - Freeport - Jade Tiger's Den Comfort Suite 10 EFP (duplicated on Thurgadin)

    Leucosia - Leucosia's House - Qeynos - 2 Lucie Street SQ
    Leucosia - How to cook a Gnomish Dev - Qeynos Maj'Dul Vacation Suite
    Leucosia - Cheese and Cupcakes Storage Room - Qeynos - Dojo
    Leucosia - Dungeon maker - Crushbone 5 - Frostfell in Crushbone
    Leucosia - Dungeon maker - Lair of Scale 2 - Domino's Sanctuary is under attack

    Ludahnya - House of Events - Kelethin - Aerie Kolmas (duplicated on Thurgadin)

    Aradunakhor - Maison de l'Artisanat - Freeport - Everfrost Portal

    Hamfastzz - Kingdom of Candies - Qeynos - 2 Lucie Street

    Ixilian - Fae's House - Kelethin

    Lugorey - Lugorey's Loft - Gorowyn - Gorowyn Standards

    Odeane - Tinkering Hiding a Druid's lair - Gorowyn - Timorous Heights

    Shilah - Fire and Ice - Neriak - 2 Walk of the Dead

    Sylunia - Willow Wood Inn - Qeynos - Lion's Mane Vestige Room - The Willow Wood
    Sylunia - Tile Elemental - Qeynos - Everfrost Portal
    (Just for the fun, that house was created for the Silly Elementile Challenge and the archived thread is here. And I found 4 videos from the challenge here.)

    Whilhelmina - Glory to Innoruuk - Freeport - 3 Compassion Road
    Whilhelmina - Glory to Innoruuk #2 - Freeport - 7 Integrity Road
    Whilhelmina - Haunted House #1 - Neriak - 1 Walk of the Dead
    Whilhelmina - Haunted House #2 - Qeynos - 8 Lucie Street
    Whilhelmina - Haunted House #3 - Freeport - Jade Tiger's Den Comfort Suite 10 (duplicated on Test)
    Whilhelmina - House of Events - Kelethin - Aerie Kolmas (duplicated on Test)
    Whilhelmina - Blanchette's Burrow - Freeport - Jade Tiger's Den Basic Room 03 (duplicated on Test)
    Whilhelmina - Orange and Gold - Halas - Valor Homesteads
    Whilhelmina - Thurgadin Market - Thurgadin - Thurgadin Grand Hall

    Les Furies D'Innoruuk - North Freeport (T2) - Guild Hall

    Not published from other chars who do not belong to me (but I payed the rent so you can visit for a while)
    Ubiohe - South Freeport - Mistmoore Crag Estate
    Santory - North Freeport - 2 Integrity Road
    Sinergy - South Qeynos - 2 Bayle Court
    Sopranou - South Qeynos - Freeblood Portal
    Noctal - Kelethin - Aerie Kolmas
    There was a Mistmoore Crag Estate for Cloudrat too, but I'm unsure as to where it ended up, I think she had moved the character somewhere else.
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    Welcome back! :D

    Just out of curiosity, which Gnomish Dev were you referring to in Leucosia's "How to cook a Gnomish Dev - Qeynos Maj'Dul Vacation Suite"? ;->

    who wonders if it was Ttobey... o_O
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  5. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Tsss, Ttobey is a ratonga!

    Nah, it's Gninja obviously! It all came down from him being a massive pain during the testing stage of the Druid Rings event. We were all making Voodoo dolls of him and sticking rusty pins in them, and I decided to make a house just for him *grins*
    We had a blast touring it with him and Cronyn (and I sent invites, either for the trap or for the restaurant, to all the devs at the time, it was a lot of fun).

    You have the full house and the text downloads on this page. Including all the recipes for sentient beings (recipes made from Gninja, Ttobey [Honey-glazed Ttobey] and so on), various signs and epitaphs. It's from that house that came the idea of calling the house item in the Anchorage "Leucosia's Humanoid Recipes".
    You can read the books on EQ2 Furniture too by searching for "Leucosia" and clicking on the book at the bottom of each item.
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    Good grief - I have a lot of your homes to visit :D
  7. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    They're far from being as good as yours!
  8. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Oh - as if! /hug
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    And does Feb have a house item named after her? :D

    (She really should; something to do with gardening... "Febrith's Miracle-Gro Plant Booster" or something... :D)

  10. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    It was just an unexpected perk of helping Gninja test the Anchorage (but we were all very very happy as expected)
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    There are 6 new recipe books in the house! All my thanks to Dreamweaver for volunteering!
    And all my thanks to Gninja for naming an item "Leucosia's Humanoid Recipes" (from anchorage, \aITEM -2072162478 414800868:Leucosia's Humanoid Recipes\/a )!


    On top of the recipe books, I added tombstones for all the devs and community managers I had the pleasure of eating:
    RIP Frizznik. Tasted better with apples than with garlic
    Here lies Zoltaroth. Was know as the best flavor thenceforth
    RIP Omougi. His spicy steak would please even a veggie!
    Here lies Cronyn. Sure was the guest star of the inn!
    R.I.P. Silius. Was cooked at 220 ° Celsius
    RIP Fyreflyte. That elf always tasted just right
    Here lies Rothgar. Spit-roasted, he was a star
    R.I.P. Piestro. Of all pies the maestro
    RIP Dreamweaver. Always the best piece in the freezer
    R.I.P Ttobey. Tasted way better than a turkey

    The other devs mentioned in the house (Kaitheel, Domino, Gnobrin, Lyndro and Haohmaru) don't have epitaphs as they were only guests in the restaurant and not dishes. Well, except for Cronyn as, being a dwarf, the best way to catch him was to make him eat and drink then bonk him on the head so he was guest and food at the same time!


    Previous books can be found on EQ2 Furniture (click bottom-left book icon to read them)

    - Gnome recipes, vol 1
    - Gnome recipes, vol 2
    - High Elf recipes
    - Dark Elf recipes
    - Froglok recipes
    - Halfling recipes
    - Dwarf recipes
    - Cronyn's Dwarf Tamales
    - Barbarian recipes
    - Ratonga recipes
    - Dev's leftovers recipes
    - Epiphany cake, the Galette des Rois with frangipane
    - Cookies Recipes

    New additions are: (.txt files)
    - Christmas-elf Jello *hides*
    - Dreamweaver's Recipes (part I)
    - Dreamweaver's Recipes (part II)
    - Dreamweaver's Smörgåsbord (part I)
    - Dreamweaver's Smörgåsbord (part II)
    - Kimchi'd Gnome (sorry Gninja, it wasn't my idea I SWEAR!)

    Bon appét it!
  12. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Slight update:
    I made the Dreamweaver's gravlax (Smörgåsbord (part I)) and it was perfect. You really need to love dill or you'll have to forget all about this recipe, it's really... well... dilly

    I also made the Jannsson's temptation (Smörgåsbord (part II)). For that one, I didn't have the box of canned "anshovis" (didn't feal like running to IKEA and spend at least one 1h to do that on the off chance they had those). I found smoked sprats and put them in a marinade using the sugar/salt mix from the gravlax. I measured spices with a small teaspoon (1/2 to 2/3 of a real teaspoon) and used 1ts cinnamon, 1ts cloves, 1ts white pepper, 1/2 ts laurel 1/2 ts ginger, 1 drop of sandalwood essence. It didn't brine well because they were smoked (not smoke-dry but not all that mois either). Spicy effect was nice, it was too salty. I think I should have washed the fish before putting them in the dish. The fact that it wasn't a liquid brine probably didn't help either. So yeah, might want to check the salt level there, or add oil to the marinade. But taste was quite good albeit salty.
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    Thanks for the real recipes as well! They look yummy! :D

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  14. Lera Well-Known Member

    The new books have now been added to EQ2Furniture.
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    Toured your house the other day and left a pair of likes... so much fun!
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