Which tank is in better shape?

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Boldac, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Estred Well-Known Member

    So do I get to be all gloaty that i did 4 mil on a named :D.

    Seriously though joking aside the "better shape" tank in all honesty depends on what playstyle and goal you have with tanking.
  2. Arclite Well-Known Member

    What others have said.

    Yes there is a disparity in the tank classes as far as the balancing of them goes. It is not normal for the game to have the balance because thats how things are. From expansion to expansion you can see which tank ruled as they were clearly favored by the devs for whatever reason (May be devs actually play this game and tank?).

    Keep that in mind and if you still want to play this game then you need to get digging and learn the tank you want to play well. With time and patience you will become outstanding and turn a tank class not favored currently in to something people will take a notice of. That said, not many playing the game right now have a clue how tanking is done unless they have played a tank class at the top tier for a considerable period of time (and no, having a maxed out tank alt to bring in on raids when needed does not qualify) so you will do just fine as long as you are willing to learn.

    Edit: by the way, It is sickening to see that this game has reduced the tanks to just numbers these days. Dps is the way to define how a tank class works now. Long gone are the days when you were a good tank at doing what was required of the class.
  3. Boli Active Member

    I had a good post with facts numbers and even at one point a spider chart but I just decided against it and I'll just say:

    All Tanks can MT - Berserkers and DPS speced SKs may suffer but a decent warden will allow them to do the job just fine.
    Pallys and Guard's do the least DPS whilst tanking singles - but at the same time they protect the MT group the best and have their own transfer.
    Brawlers and Warriors have the best snaps, crusader's suffer in this regard Paladins especially SKs make do a lot better due to more hate/DPS. But with skill a good coercer and a hot-swap ire bow you *can* make do (just).

    Aside from those issues tanks are more balanced now than they have been the last couple of expansions - people still swear by brawlers but they are not the be and end all they were 12 months ago; they just happen to be played by experienced raid tanks.

    Truthfully the biggest issue I have currently is Recklessness; which I'll have to continue in another topic.
  4. Lord Darrack New Member

    If your looking to Duo or solo SK is a great choice.

    I have been playing a SK since release and mainly solo or duo with a Merc.
    Once i hit 95 ive been soloing old raid zones such as Skyshrine and the newer DOV Districts for Claws of V faction.
    I only have average quested and crafted gear but unless its a group script there isnt much i cant take down.
    So if your not grouping all the time and want a Tank with shed loads of survivability and 2 'oh crap' buttons (FD + Evac) then a SK is defo the way forward.

    Happy hunting.
  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    I pretty much prefer SK in everything (Solo/Molo/Duo/Heroic/PVP/BG) except for raid tanking, in which case I enjoy Guard and Bruiser.

    The SK class has a ton of tools that can really make a difference when utilized correctly. The only thing they lack at is preventing regular predictable damage, thus is why I don't enjoy trying to MT a raid on one. Now, I'll rack up some deeps in reckless just fine though.
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  6. Erszebeth Active Member

    The best tank is the one that knows what they're doing and how to handle it with the tools they're class has at hand.
    That said, SK is fun, monk is fun, but I still prefer zerk, but I've been playing zerk since shortly after launch, good times and bad, and right now they are definitely in one of the best positions they have had in a long time. Play what you want, try different ones out, and stick with what you find the most enjoyable.
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  7. Boldac New Member

    Well, now it's decision time...my paladin and zerk are both 90. They are both in possession of their enervated. And for a stat comparison, both in the crafted L90 rhenium gear.

    Ones going to get the magic 280 potion...the other, will hope SOE adds the potion to the marketplace.

    I like them both for different reasons. Mostly I'll use them to do non-raid content. I know I don't want a brawler or a dirty, nasty SK. Which has me leaning more to the zerker, along with the flexibility of the zerk by being able to reforge away from the AE auto if I'm reading it right.
  8. Erszebeth Active Member

    reforging out of AE auto is nice for the items it comes on, which really aren't that many as far as I've found, but it reforges VERY nicely. As for AA, just hit 92 and run SS grind groups, you'll get your AA pretty quick, even if you just do it on down time when your bored.
  9. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    What should i say more, i do play my paladin since launch, but paladin didn´t get that much of attention from soe, so they stay in the middle doing somethings right, other not that great but can be used almost everywhere (at least as battlerezzer ^^)
  10. Jacck Active Member

    Pally's and SK's are only lacking in snaps, really. Right side prestige gives you pretty good dps and left side allows for some MT'ing. Really, unless you are wanting more snaps, you are doing fairly well right now as a Paladin.

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