When will they make the other (Non-Fiery Magician) Conjuror pets more useful?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Pantz, May 8, 2014.

  1. Pantz Active Member

    Including the active from the lvl 80 Mythical weapon (it's worse than Fiery Magician too).

    EQOA had way nicer Conjuror pets! I played in groups where the tank pet was the tank for the group and the water pet was the healer for the group. the scout and mage pets were both on par for what you wanted to use them for.

    How hard would it be to give the other 3 a boost?
  2. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    Pretty hard it seems. In fact, bloody nearly impossible. This has been requested ad nauseam since RoK era, probably even before that. It's never even been a topic of conversation for developers to my knowledge.
  3. Ucala Well-Known Member

    why would there be a reason to would be my question.
  4. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    Well, in theory the reasoning would be:

    1. Fighter Pet - Make it actually capable of being useful at higher levels. It's not really capable of tanking anything of note, which is sort of wrong.

    2. Scout Pet - The running hope for a long, long time was that they'd take the Scout pet and turn it into a "single target" Mage pet and enhance the current Mage pet to be more suited to AE fights.

    3. Healer Pet - It's never really worked from the day it was released. Shouldn't it be at least as effective as a Merc healer? It's costing you 75% of the DPS from your Conjuror / Necromancer . . . shouldn't the trade-off be an actual trade-off and not a give up?

    Now, seriously, as I indicated above, I have no expectation that this will ever get fixed. It hasn't so far (years upon years), and frankly there are things that *should* be higher up the "fix" list than this.
  5. VeilShard Active Member

    I have a conj and a necro both sitting on ice because I find the playstyle lacks what it should, the reason I made those classes was to have pet/playstyle options and versatility.. and sure enough I realized there's no point of using any but the mages. It's about time (waayyy past time?) this gets put on the priority list
  6. Pantz Active Member

    I don't play much 95 content so I am really in the minority here asking for a change I guess. It could make things interesting in duo zones though if you grouped with a healer and used an actual good tank pet or group with a tank and a healer pet that can actually make a difference. Stuff like that besides just brute forcing things. Maybe for scout pet make it completely immune to aoes so on raids it almost never dies.

    If they didn't want to do anything hard they could give the other pets % boosts in hp and or potency to be a considerable option to the mage pet. Even I could do that! just type in /codeprogram earth pet +30% hp%&+30%&+20%potency. more or less...not that hard
  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    sure, in theory
    but if 1 per (fire) does all the tanking, dps you could need. what is the point in fixing the tank pet really, except for of course, making it do what it's role is.
  8. Wulwyrlyn Active Member

    The scout and tank are bugged and don't use their abilities (except the ones they get from AA) so they don't do what they should. They've been broken a very long time.
  9. Pantz Active Member

    they say they are updating things every week now so maybe there is a chance
  10. Ritten Member

    Pets need to get shared autoattack modifiers too. A scout pet autoattacking for 10k dps is quite useless even if it would cast CA's.
  11. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    Haha, yea. It's a tough line to figure out. When you're raiding, the fire pet needs so many hit points just to survive that it's capable of serving as a tank in solo situations. You've also got to balance against the fact that over time, the DPS of the Summoner has dropped off relative to the pet. It used to be a lot closer to a 50/50 split of damage between the Summoner and his pet, and now the pet is the large bulk of Summoner damage.

    I can appreciate the desire to see all the pets become useful, I share it. However, there are so many balancing obstacles that with the size of the current development team I think the effort and time are better focused elsewhere. Working out a way for pets to be able to participate fully in certain raid encounters where mechanics currently create problems for instance.
  12. Pantz Active Member

    how about rename the class to Pyromancer and remove the other 3 pets from the game all together
  13. Ucala Well-Known Member

    no real reason to do that. I always liked that eq2 has so many abilities, so many choices, even with some being useless to use.
    it's like a detector without the work, if I see a conj using say, a scout pet. I know now that conj has no idea what they are doing.
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  14. Pantz Active Member

    i was being sarcastic about the pyromancer. why be so against making the useless abilities not useless? conjuror is master of the elements not master of the fire element and sucky with the others
  15. Ucala Well-Known Member

    not everything a conj does is just fire. Communcation (or whatever the spell is called) summons all the pets to fight, you have water pets. etc. conj is still master of the elements even if they only choose to summon 1 main pet (fire).
    and really, but element terms, fire should be the most powerful.

    also really, if Every spell did something, there would still be "useless" spells. that's the thing alot of people fail to grasp, you have like 30-40 abilities, no matter what you won't use them all.
  16. Pantz Active Member

    why be so against something that could be cool and fun? are you scared or what? it's like saying i'll give you $10 for free and you're like nahhh i like the money i have i don't need your $10
  17. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Nothing is free. Any change made to the game requires an allocation of development resources, at the cost of some other feature or content for which they could have been used. I'm sure everybody would like all our spells to be good and useful, but it isn't really breaking the class, and there are just more important things for the dev team to spend their time on.
  18. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Fixing the BUG that has been around for literally years and continues to go unacknowledged and unfixed is far from a waste of dev time. Supposedly the melee pets have began to use some of their abilities (tank pets using taunts) but they're still broken by not actually doing what they're supposed to be doing. Having our pets also share our melee stats would go a long way to making the other two pets viable alternatives for certain situations.
  19. Thand Well-Known Member

    The summoned temp pets from communion actualy use there abilities ) it is just the Regular summoned air and earth pets that do not wok
  20. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    1. In fact, very little of the Conjuror's damage is actually fire. Think about it. Crystal Blast - Magic. Earthquake - Magic. Vampire Bats - Piercing. Petrify - Magic. Winds of Velious - Cold. Ice Storm - Cold. Shattered Earth - Magic. Fiery Annihilation - Fire. Really, a Conjuror only has one source of personal damage that is fire. Yes, his pet produces almost exclusively fire damage - even the non Mage pets produce a lot of Fire damage just because of things like Blazing Avatar, Blazing Conjuration and Elemental Unity.

    It's not being against something which is the problem. I've been around here since EQ2 opened, and this discussion has happened countless times before. I've lead this crusade a number of times. There were a number of really, really good ideas on how to fix this problem and none were even acknowledged. When the dev team was huge and had proportionally large resources of time to work with, this problem was not fixed, despite many many requests. What on earth makes anyone think that this time will be different?

    If development time is going to be spent on Summoners I think everyone would prefer to see it spent on issues that are truly hurting Summoners.