What the @#$&% happened to Kael Drakkel?

Discussion in 'Lore and Legend Discussion' started by Rhaegor, May 25, 2023.

  1. Rhaegor Member

    I made the following linked post back in June 2022...


    ... so about a year ago... I'm back now, and in that time KD has been destroyed IMHO.

    Now those very same characters who were challenged, and could even die... who took an attack rotation or two and took damage while fighting a mob, are one shotting yellow ^^^ ?!?!

    This is NOT fun, (for me)!!

    I hate the level slog, as mentioned in my post linked above, I want my fully developed character who can explore everything in the world, (mostly), whether it's "higher" or "lower" level, while still having an element of danger and challenge, and not having to do the weak, no skills/spells, gear, etc yet grind... which I hate.

    Apparently that can't happen anywhere anymore :(

    My regular Skyfire characters can mentor, but as mentioned in my post linked above, steamroll everything... and now so too do my KD characters.

    I guess my only option is to slog through levels normally, hope to get good gear and spell/CA upgrades... and pretty much not enjoy the game... wish I'd only resubbed for 1 month vs 3 :(

    This is now no longer a fun game, (for me and my play style, YMMV)... unless there's something I'm missing?

    Anyway, just wanted to vent my frustration and maybe hope there's a viable alternative.
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  2. Magdaddy Active Member

    If they're going to force people to play on KD to get BiS items on other servers, I hope the stuff is always really soloable. I'd wager most people logged into a toon on KD aren't there because they enjoy the idea of the server's rule set.
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  3. Rhaegor Member

    Yeah, I've since read about this server-wide buff... that may make the game more enjoyable for most... maybe everyone but me, lol... but it's ripped the fun out of playing for me.

    Ah well... majority rules.
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  4. Feara Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain. We have hopes for an uber god buff that can be toggled on and off.

    I rolled on Kael Drakkel a month or so before The Adorn rolled out. I went over there for the challenge. My goal was to be unguilded and to test how far I could go before death. I rolled a class I have never played before. I love the Server except Live has spoiled me when harvesting pest free.

    Then the Storm for The Adorn came. I stayed long enough to witness the Storm but the lag was a force to be reckoned with.
    So, I went back to Live and rolled a Pally and figured I would return when the Storm was over.
    But I fell in love with the Paladin (I have never played one).
    Needless to say, I haven't went back, I didn't even get The Adorn. But I need to.
    Man, am I a slacker!
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  5. Rhaegor Member

    I don't see why they couldn't have just taken a page from LOTRO... if you're solo, and going to do a group/epic quest, you can activate a TEMPORARY buff.

    If they'd done it that way KD would still be as it was when I wrote the post linked above, and those wanting to solo raid, or whatever the reason was for this server-wide buff, could do so... a win win for everyone, or like you say make it "toggleable," or just maybe an item that you can take on or off.

    There are SOOOOOOO many ways they could have done this to make EVERYONE happy.
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  6. Kenn Well-Known Member

    @Feara I second the god mode toggle. I really enjoy the easy mode, but there is no reason to ruin someone else's fun. Some people like grinding several minutes for each trash mob. I can't see why that would be fun, but they can't see why it is fun for me on easy mode, so good compromise.
  7. Arandar Well-Known Member

    They could have made the buff so you can turn it on/off, just like they have on live with the grace buff for solos; maybe even some extra rewards if you disable it. I guess in the grand scheme they feel it's not worth the effort.
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  8. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Strangely...the whole premise of the server's zone stat caps/auto-mentoring is to avoid the thing the buff does. To be clear, I support the buff, there was way too much content people could not do due to low population and the stat cap issues, especially in DoV content. It did cause some sacrifices, such as making pets and mercs completely worthless since it does not apply to them, but it's a net gain.

    Please put the God Buff in our knowledge book so we can toggle it, it's the best compromise position.

    If they have time give us a couple of versions, one for heroic, one for raids that would even be better.
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  9. Buggabug Active Member

    I agree a toggle would be nice, but there are other things I'd like to see them make a priority first (broken achievements *cough, cough*) I spent this entire past year being super challenged because there was only about 5 or so of us that played consistently this buff was a huge perk for me even if it did make my pet pretty useless.
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  10. Templar_ New Member

    I find the thought of being able to do all the quests intriguing and seeing parts of the game most haven't due to group/raid size. Are max AA's magically granted with the max level 90 as well? Or are those "earned"?
  11. Pauly Well-Known Member

    new characters are lvl 90 with 320aa. You can also immediately choose which tradeskill to boost to 90. Adorn, Tinker, Transmuting is maxed.
  12. Rhaegor Member

    Did they ever fix this garbage buff... make it a toggle or kill it?
  13. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    Nope it's still there. It makes solo and most heroic content pretty easy, depending on the class (my swashy will still die on some raid mobs and some heroic fights depending on the script). And my merc gets some of the buff now but not much, so he's pretty squishy and if I have Kenny out it's because I need him and want him around lol.