Loving Kael Drakkel !!

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    Hail and well met, folks.

    This is is exactly the type of server for a player like me.

    Some, (most), players may enjoy, what to me, is "the struggle."

    They enjoy developing a character from scratch, slowly but surely upgrading gear, either via crafting or loot, working on moving from weaker to stronger, (like upgrading spells/skills), in addition I'm sure to exploring, lore, etc.

    Me? Not so much. I just want my fully developed character so that I can go out and explore a world, learn the lore, and enjoy questing. That's what I play for, not the leveling process; to each their own. However, I still want content to be challenging... therein lies the rub, and why KD is perfect for me.

    In pretty much every game I simply buy a max level token, that provides decent enough gear, and let the game scale me down, or I specifically mentor down, whichever mechanism is in place.

    Now, the problem with that is that I don't want a cake walk of 1 or 2 shotting everything, with no danger to myself.

    Most games, EQ2 included, don't do this well. SWTOR, GW2, etc... you're still grossly overpowered for the content.

    Those games, much like Kael Drakkel, scale you to the highest level for that zone, but you're still way OP for the content.

    On Kael Drakkel for example Thundering Steppes scales you to lv 25, Enchanted Lands to 35, etc.

    But in doing that same type of thing in GW2 or SWTOR, you still just ROFL STOMP everything that is otherwise a challenge for a character that is truly that level.

    Rift actually lets you manually set your level at any time to anything, like 22 and such. Now while it has the same issues cited above where my scaled down 22 is way more powerful than a true 22, and I can still ROFL STOMP the area... I can bump myself down to, say, 17 and now the area is a challenge again.

    So, why do I love Kael Drakkel vs just mentoring down my lv 90+ characters, (that yes, I bought, and each can easily handle OJ ^^^ and Red ^^ content... BORING!!!)?

    I tested mentoring down my 112 Fury, my 92 SK, and my 91 Swash to 25, for Thundering Steppes, and 35 for Enchanted Lands, and compared them to my Kael Drakkel characters, (lv 90 and geared as such on creation), in the same zones, (so the game auto scales them to 25 & 35 respectively).

    Now, I had bought each of those characters when the token was 85, with 85 heroic gear, and nothing has been upgraded. On KD you start at 90, so theoretically the KD characters start off better, and probably have a bit better gear.

    On Live, Skyfire server, when purposefully mentored down to 25 & 35 respectively, my characters absolutely DESTROY the same mobs and content, still with 1 or 2 shots.

    This same content and mobs are orders of magnitude more difficult, even resulting in some deaths, to my KD characters of the same scaled level.

    THIS is what I wanted from EQ2 nowadays. Let me just have my stuff, Adept 1 spells/skills is fine, gear is fine, etc. Let me go back through the game, lore, etc without worrying about gearing just enjoying exploring, and it's still a challenge rather than snoozefest.

    I wish my purposefully mentored down characters from Skyfire weren't still so grossly overpowered for the content, nor do I understand why the Devs can't, or won't, do this, but they have it spot on for KD. I'd rather just use my Skyfire, mentored down characters, but the content is too boring and not fun.

    So, props to KD. I'm enjoying it immensely.
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    Not sure if that's my cup of tea, but as you said, to each their own.

    I have to admit, I'm intrigued enough by your reports that they handle level scaling much better than SWTOR, that I'll probably look into the server at some point though. :D