What Tank to play on the TL Server?!?!

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Ruublix, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Dixa Active Member

    they still get 4 blue aoe's, evac, fd on tle. with no mana sieve though any power draining encounters are tough without a bard/enchanter/spirit of the bat buff.
  2. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I had a big break from RoK to ToV, before I quit SKs were ridiculously strong especially before reaver nerf. When I came back at ToV they were still strong, hence why I assumed they always were.
    On the TLE they are strong however, I am only lvl 15 so I don't know how they compare to zerk temps+blood rage in the 20s and up tho. My taunts are hitting for high numbers and my dmgoutput is very good, without the tank gear seperation I doubt that aggro will ever be an issue on a Sk.
  3. ratzin New Member

    Shadowknight = Good solo, aoe trash, self heals, without AA's
    Paladin = Good solo, (a lot like the sk I guess)
    Guardian: = SLOW solo, good tank i grp, not good AOE deeps..
    Zerker = Like the guardian but good AOE. Better solo.
    Bruiser/Monk = Good solo, Awesome for questing. Not a lot of aoe dps/hate. A bit broken without AA's.

    Easiest tank will probably be SK, Paladin or Zerker. But I prefer my Bruiser because of the "questability" that comes with a short recast FD. It's just more fun to play.
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  4. Kindread Active Member

    It means a HELL of a lot when getting hit for 4k/swing.

    If you heal for 300 every time you take 4k damage that is an additional 7.5% mitigation! That's huge!
  5. Kindread Active Member

    I have not seen if the OP is going to be on the PvP or PvE server .. that also changes things.
  6. Eridion Member

    Since you guys are really bad at math, 0.3% of 10,000 is 30, not 300.
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  7. Kindread Active Member

    You sir are correct! I should have done the math before my comment ...

    So it is actually less than 1% mitigation in most cases .. rather lackluster.
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  8. Ilovecows Active Member

    I chose to roll with the Guardian on the TLE server (I'm doing at least 1 of each archetype) mostly because I am a pvper at heart and the Guardian is by far the best tank for pvp (although pally is useful because of all their group heals). We will have on TLE 3 aoe taunts, 3 single target taunts and our group taunt is on a 10 second recast as compared with the 20 seconds of other tanks. That basically means I have the ability to keep the enemy team completely locked down for about 12.5 seconds straight and can generally keep the strongest dps or two on near constant lock down for around 22.5-25 seconds. After that I can only keep them locked about half the time, but either way it is very powerful in pvp. Many fights can be decided in 25 seconds. Keeping my healer up while my dps go to town on theirs will pretty much mean a win for us. I also have a lot of nice group buffs that proc stoneskins and allow my group mates to use my survivability. I sacrifice a little bit of aoe dps that the SK and zerker have, but I would definitely rather keep my group mates alive and let then dps for me.

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