What Tank to play on the TL Server?!?!

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Ruublix, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Ruublix New Member

    Ok so I've come back to EQ2 for this TLS and I can't wait! Now all I need is to pick a Tank class and for the life of me all I find are nothing but contradictions on what class is good and what's bad. Someone says how good Zerkers are the very next thread will tell you how bad they are and so on.
    I wanted to play Guardian so I logged in and asked in chat and was shot down being told how bad they are and Zerkers are the best for end game content. So I log in later ask the same question and told the opposite *sigh*

    So I ask,can you folks help me clear things up a little. Is there a definitive Tank class that stands out for end game content? Are they well balanced yes or...
    I want to raid and group end game content but I don't want to choose Guardian and find at end game folks ONLY want Zerkers coz their "the best" that may not happen it's just a fear of mine lol. At the end of the day does it even matter? are the differences that big? Not in play style but ability.

    Either way any up to date info will be highly appreciated thank you :)
  2. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Just to add to your confusion, and if beta is any thing to go by, Mage with Earth Pet ;)
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  3. Ruublix New Member

    Cheers mate I fear my brain is now going to fail on me before the servers even go live lol
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  4. Malleria Well-Known Member

    They're balanced well enough, and the flavor of the month will change with every expansion unlock anyway, so you may as well choose one you enjoy playing.
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  5. Padrepyro Member

    Brawlers are the best tanks in beta due to mitigation drama, but that can change at any moment. Might as well try them all out. If you want flavor of the month on TLP, I'd go with Monk, I recall them being very strong until Sentinel's Fate, then pretty bad from then on out; Guardians are always near the top, so if that's what you want to play, go for it!
  6. Zythus Active Member

    Guardian or Monk in my view, they are both great tanks.
  7. Eridion Member

    How is it possible to get everything this backwards lol? Monks were ****** early on and kept improving slowly with every xpac, they were great in SF, and amazing in Dov.

    Also to the OP, pick whatever you think is fun, warriors will probably be the best tanks for a while, crusaders are probably gonna be so-so without aa, and so will brawlers most likely. This is for tanking endgame raid content btw, and only if the content will actually be challenging, otherwise it probably won't matter who tanks.
    If you're just gonna play casual style group content and stuff, just roll whatever you like, it won't matter much.
  8. Corydonn Active Member

    Monks are nothing without AAs and they won't even have Tsunami. Bruisers may be a good choice because even in vanilla they have a metric ton of stuns and if they go back to how long they were in vanilla with the ability to stun epics too! Hooray!
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  9. Ruublix New Member

    Yes this is what I'm talking about, one person says, in this case Monks are one of the best and the next thread says what are you talking about? lol I'm looking to play the very end game still though it looks to me it's either Guardian or Zerker. So If I'm having this much trouble getting a clear answer it can't really matter that much. I'll flip a coin on the day :p
  10. Padrepyro Member

    In case you don't know this, there was a reitemization a couple of months before Age of Discovery xpac was released and combat mechanics have changed drastically. He was asking about the game NOW for TLP. If you have been in a progression guild in the last couple of years and in beta you would know how much things have changed since the original progression of the game and those changes are in live and will carry on in the TLP servers. Brawlers will own until level 90, then go to the bottom of the barrell.

    Anyway, good choice Ruublix, you can switch back and forth between Guardian and Zerker whenever you want on that same character and they're amazing end game.
  11. Eridion Member

    I played before and after revamps, monks didnt get that good until later with aa, they were probably one of the best if not the best tanks in dov after revamps, they got nerfed afterwards (brawlers in general got nerfed after coe).
    There is almost nothing that they have to make them competitive with warriors on tle, until aa come out at least, bruisers might kinda be ok, and even then everyone will probably just use warriors.
  12. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

  13. Dixa Active Member

    TLE is not live. Sk's have amazing aoe threat with 4 aoe's - two 30 second one 2 minute one 2:30. They give up nothing in the mitigation department to berserkers, and actually have the better self healing even without reaver. All due to the lack of AA's while still allowing class focuses - sk's heal 0.3% of their health pool when hit which makes it scale and is not a "chance", it always goes off, whereas the berserker equivalent is a flat amount returned. This will be the tank to choose for aoe grinding. The class still has succor for TLE.

    Regardless of what they do with mitigation, the higher avoidance on bruisers/monks is going to make them the better tank for tough single target bosses assuming they end up with the same mitigation numbers as the plate tanks like they do right now on TLE.

    any tank group will want a conjuror for geotic rune and a fury/warden for class focused thorn skin, as these will be the only outside sources of additional physical mitigation available which are not flagged as !fighter.

    and lastly unless you have the unlimited resources of a large guild throwing things at you, you are going to want to take it slow and make sure you keep your gear up to date and look closely at those quest rewards. that level 18 chestpiece with 3 more str and 2 more stamina may very wel have 30 less mitigation than the level 14 you are wearing now even though both are plate. there does not appear to be any consistency with this.
  14. Genghes Active Member

    Bruiser all the way
  15. Kahleem Active Member

    I've been wondering this too!

    SK or Berserker?

    I've always played Zerk since I "could" MT during a raid if need be (and if i had the gear). SK's couldn't really do this except in some spotty expansions.

    The question also becomes "whom can PL faster in TLE class?

    SK or Berserker?

    I thought SK's didn't get their 0.3% of their total hp healing when hit until AA's?

    Also, Berserkers don't get their 100% AOE auto-attack chance until their mythical so does that mean they're poopy until Kunark for pling?

    TLDR; Whom is better for my goals?
    -Able to tank extremely well for all content (group/raid)
    -Able to PL effectively at level cap
    Zerk or SK?
  16. Droll Active Member

    Zerks still get the ability to 100% ae while the buff is active at level 50 i think....

    Screw sks, tanking and spells are a PITA. Nothing worse than chain interupts.
  17. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    Brawlers owned on beta and still owning as MT on live, anyone that says different doesn't know what they are talking about.
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  18. Leprosea New Member

    Monk because we have the most HP out of every tank class, survivability. and we can output dps too.
  19. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    I have a Monk I started on the TLS when they went live and it's painful.....so not sure how good they are yet. I'm also going to try a SK. I'm really loving my necro and illusionist though.
  20. Dixa Active Member

    sk will level the fastest as they get 4 blue aoes and have the most self healing. all plate tanks have the same mitigation on this server in the same gear. brawlers have the same mitigation of plate tanks right now while having almost double the avoidance. are you looking for a faceroll farming/xp machine for solo and group? go sk. looking for a raid tank? go brawler. others are going to continue to say guardian are best because they cant seperate live performance with the no aa reality here.

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