Varsoon Launching Next Week!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, May 17, 2022.

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  1. Accendo Guest

    The excitement has been palpable, and we're almost there! With May 24 just around the corner, we're super excited to unleash our latest TLE, Varsoon, to the masses and watch it flourish. If you're a new player, a returning player, or just someone wanting to mix up your EverQuest II experience a bit, we welcome all of you and hope you enjoy the server.

    We put together this key art for Varsoon which we hope you'll check out and enjoy.

    (Click to enlarge.)

    Also releasing once Varsoon goes live is the new Undying Crate! These crates contain a new mount, appearance armor set, 66-slot backpack, an Overseer adventure, and much, much more. The Undying Crate will be available once Varsoon launches right alongside the Destiny of Velious Crate.

    Thank you to all of you for your passion and feedback. And now we're going to grab some popcorn and watch the race to level cap to see who gets there first!
  2. Kotter Legendary Member

    i hope it has a 100% merchant crate.
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  3. Malachy Well-Known Member

    I assume this means Overseer quests will be available on Varsoon, being that if we /claim it and unpack the crate on Varsoon we'd be losing the Overseer quest otherwise?

    Or maybe it can be broken down into individual pieces in the /claim so we could choose items in the crate for multiple servers?
  4. Dayyanum New Member

    Given they've already stated no mercs, familiars, loyalty etc as its out of progression with the server Im pretty sure that means there will be no Overseer quests as they'd also break progession with the rewards.
  5. Rhoks Active Member

    Is that a challenge!?
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  6. Leibnitz Member

    Wondering why the full contents of the crate aren't being revealed today.

    Nice artwork :) Could the artist get a shout out?
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  7. Beneeto Member

    Overseer quests were on Kaladim, they just gave different rewards than what they do on Live servers (current-tier harvests and collectibles if I remember).
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  8. Kotter Legendary Member

  9. Dreamphaser New Member

    Is the mount included in the bundle going to have superior stats to any mount obtainable by simply playing the game? I will boycot playing this game/TLE if it's going to be the same old money grab of selling stats for USD.
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  10. Ayodi Active Member

    As a Big Wheel with the group of individuals running EQ2 how can you encourage participation with Varsoon with such a gaff? Popcorn.... Race to level cap...... Honestly how in the name of professionalism can you miss state the purpose of the server? Do you even understand the purpose of the game?
    - A Y O D I
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  11. Zenji Well-Known Member

    To have fun playing with your friends? Which for at least some players, includes racing to 50.
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  12. Jadefox2 Active Member

    There are generally four groups of players on Progression servers.

    You have those that are here to race for 'firsts' in an unclaimed environment. They will be the ones to level to max in mere hours, and get to doing what they enjoy - raiding - mixing some measure of competition with cooperation. This is a viable playstyle.

    Next you have those that are here for the nostalgia and want to try and recreate the original feelings from yesteryear as much as possible. They will generally take much longer to get to max level - and may not even do so before the next xpac rolls in. It's more like a guided - or unguded for a few - tour of Norrath and beyond. This is also a viable playstyle.

    Most players fit into one of these two groups (a few might even have characters that fill both niches) - but not all. The following two general groups may not start as racers or tourists, but will likely gravitate to one or the other.

    There will be players who are new to EQ2 or started on a much later expansion and haven't played in the the original and first few expansions. They have no nostalgia to recreate.
    They might be part of a racer's or tourist's group or have decided to try out EQ2 on their own in a supposedly less complicated period. They will generally gravitate to the racing or tourist style once they decide what their prefered playstyle is.

    Lastly there are those who are usng EQ2 for personal profit.
    Some streamers will be found here. They have a vested interest in molding the server to match their product.
    They are going to be the loudest, but also the smallest group.

    Four general groups, with two main playstyles. And this isn't even counting play-TIME, but that's a whole different consideration :)
    There's pleny of room in a progression server for everyone to have fun their way.
  13. Riverbear Active Member

    Nice and polite defense of Popcorn.
    It is what threads should be about.
    Well couched with a civil tone opinions,
    Well played,
    However (Cracks knuckles) Leveling to 50 in 2 . 25 hours so one can then turn and go back to do previous content is nothing short of an affirmation that one was not equipped to handle proceeding through contests at level.
    Zoomies are afraid to take on challenges at level. They strive for the safety of advantage before going back to do business, if in fact they ever go back at all.
    That bit about having fun with friends was a good shot. No arguing that from here. Nice one.
    And you are so right - room for everyone!

    Except maybe for game officials who favor one style over another.
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  14. Pharone Active Member

    Accendo please verify the following:
    1. Destiny of Velious crate will still be purchasable AFTER the The Undying crate goes live
    2. Can purchase the Destiny of Velious crate again even if you have already bought and claimed it on another server
    3. Can purchase both Destiny of Velious crate and The Undying crate
    4. Can claim both Destiny of Velious crate and The Undying crate on the Varsoon server
    I plan to buy both crates and claim them on my main on the Varsoon server.

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  15. Beneeto Member

    best bait I've seen in a while, level 30 heritage quests are harder than contested Vox, you heard it here first
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  16. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    Will the mount have stats?
  17. Jovie Well-Known Member

    You know what would be nice? A chance to go in and premake our characters, not sending them past the character select screen.
    Would be amazing to just be able to log on with your character already done and your name picked out and start having fun.
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  18. Rhoks Active Member

    How dare my boss schedule me to work on the 24th :( Imma need someone whose a doctor in this read to write me a doctors note to miss work please and thank you
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  19. Gohast New Member

    Can we please get answers to these questions please?
  20. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    no head starts... come on over to beta server
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