Varsoon Launching Next Week!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, May 17, 2022.

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  1. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    @Jovie Unless it changed you can at least make and save the look of your character. Then load it later and pick your starting class/race/city and name and you are good to go. Since designing the look of my character takes awhile it's a good way to get a head start. I know it's not 100% what you are asking for but it might save you some time.
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  2. Ramblon Member

    Lol eq2 players crack me up:

    "As a Big Wheel with the group of individuals running EQ2 how can you encourage participation with Varsoon with such a gaff? Popcorn.... Race to level cap...... Honestly how in the name of professionalism can you miss state the purpose of the server? Do you even understand the purpose of the game?"

    Last time I checked, the purpose of any game was to get people to buy or subscribe and to play and have fun.

    "Lastly there are those who are usng EQ2 for personal profit.
    Some streamers will be found here. They have a vested interest in molding the server to match their product.
    They are going to be the loudest, but also the smallest group."

    lol - thinking that anyone is streaming EQ2 for profit and that the 3 people attempting to do so are somehow molding the server.

    "However (Cracks knuckles) Leveling to 50 in 2 . 25 hours so one can then turn and go back to do previous content is nothing short of an affirmation that one was not equipped to handle proceeding through contests at level.
    Zoomies are afraid to take on challenges at level. They strive for the safety of advantage before going back to do business, if in fact they ever go back at all."

    this one takes the cake - omg you're racing to 50 so you can go back and clear Blackburrow because you couldn't when you were 15. As if people didn't do zones at level while they were leveling.....

    Accendo was right - I should have made popcorn while reading these. Always good for a laugh.
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  3. Jovie Well-Known Member

    Would be awesome if it meant the character was ready to go at level 1 but all dolled up and named :)
  4. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    I do wonder how many people stream and watch EQ2 streams. It would be free advertising. Guessing not too many but who knows. Then would the watchers like what they see enough to subscribe? Again not sure. Guessing not as well.

    I think the should have done some type of advertising for the Lore server and also this new one. Would be a good time to do it. Get the word out more. I was hoping the Lore server was going to be popular and catch on. It was such a cool idea. Doesn't seem like that will happen.

    I did read at some point they were not trying to get new players only ones that played before and trying to get them back. Maybe that and the cost for the advertising is why they didn't. It's been forever since I have seen EQ2 in the gaming news or seen any advertising for it.

    Will people really rush to max level and then go back and do older content? Curious if that will happen. Why would you want to go and do that? I see rushing to max level because some people want to be first at things. Doing older content when you are higher level seems pretty boring.

    For me I like the older expansions better. When we got lots of quests and lore and heritage and lots of content. Not just a short sig line and running the same reused assets pretending to be dungeons. I found the last few expansion really boring. There is very little content. Will be interesting to see how people play.

    I think the TLE servers could be fun I just can't bring myself at start again at level 1!
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  5. Jadefox2 Active Member

    Ah, how to make a fanfiction out of someone's post.

    Glad you can entertain yourself so well.
  6. Ramblon Member

    Botting? yes Selling Krono? yes - but nobody is going to make money streaming EQ2 lol.
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  7. Jadefox2 Active Member

    Agreed on the first two (and what the whole point of the category was), but even if it's only the three you say, someone is going to try to use streaming to make a few bucks...
    I just acknowledged that if there were any, they would fit in the category.
  8. Taled Well-Known Member

    I'm not Accendo, but FWIW -
    1) Up til now, the packs have always replaced previous versions. It would be a first for them to offer multiple options. [EDIT: Accendo posted in the FAQ that both will be available and claimable on Varsoon, but I posted asking for clarification if both will remain purchasable *after* the 24th.]
    2) You have always been able to purchase multiple packs, so far.
    3) I *highly* doubt they'd prevent this, as they seem highly averse to not taking our money.
    4) I'm not entirely sure but I believe I saw mention of this on discord positively - though some items may/may not work the same/etc, as usual for TLE.

    Also, FWIW, you would almost certainly want to buy the DOV crate before the 24th so that you have it available, rather than waiting - It will more than likely be gone on the 24th, but you will still have it in your /claim as long as you don't take it out before then.
  9. Jadefox2 Active Member

    Reposting Accendo's response to this thread.
  10. Raphielle New Member

    Since there is questions regarding bundle crates, can there be answers about these other crates?
    If I have purchased these crates and still have them in my /claim window will I be able to redeem them on the Varsoon server?
    >> Everquest II Celebration Bundle
    >> Everquest II Great Escape Crate
    >> lastly, the bag of Dirty Tricks (88 slots)
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I'd like to have specifics on what exactly will be included in the new Pack.
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  12. Zamza New Member

    Making the PvE actually difficult, and slowing the EXP Rate, would be extremely preferable to an easy-mode server. I am praying this is fine-tuned. This isn't most player's first rodeo. Please give us all the opportunity to play a challenging game. Thanks.
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  13. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    In my opinion, none of that will matter as long as they sell experience/vitality potions on the marketplace and crates that contain mounts with stats on them. Remove those things and it would be more of a challenge across the board. That won't happen of course /shrug.
  14. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Taking longer to level doesn't make things more challenging.

    It is very unlikely the mounts from the crates give stats. At least not until later expansions.
  15. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    I know. I just meant that having a slow xp rate is irrelevant in and of itself as long as potions, etc. are sold.
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  16. Karioki Active Member

    I don't see a time of day when Varsoon goes live, just a day. Is it 12:01am? EQ is clear about the start time as noon for its new TLE's. I have been unable to find a start time for EQ2.

    What time?
  17. Venser Active Member

    just join the EQ2 official discord...

    noon pacific is the estimated launch time on Tuesday.
  18. Karioki Active Member

    Estimated Start Time! Geesh. That's two days away and they have an estimated start time. How professional.

    Forums have been the way I got data for what 18 years. Whether Discord is available or not the data should be here..
  19. Beneeto Member

    they don't announce a definite launch time, because then they would be beholden to it and people would get mad when the launch inevitably gets delayed by 2+ hours
  20. Beneeto Member

    they don't regularly respond to people on the TLE forums, this kind of info only gets known by people spam-pinging the devs in the Discord. hence why Discord gets a bit more info, there are ways to "force" the devs to acknowledge and respond
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