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  1. Ratitz Active Member

    Just want to input something, if I may.

    If you are a tier one dps (or bard, chanter, or anyone else that can do damage to a mob) and you are NOT using the pre-clicks, diety abilities, or other items that enable you to do the most dps that you can. Guess what...

    You aren't doing your job.
    They are free damage abilities that anyone in the game can access. The excuse " I wasn't trying that fight" or "i didn't use searing passion during my spike on that fight that is perfect for it" or "i didn't use my preclickies on the dps fights because in the end it doesn't really matter" you should probably main change to an inquisitor so you can be the embodiment of your dreams and only have to hit one button at the very end of the fight, because that's all anyone expects out of you.

    The argument of "preclickies and diety use is skewing parses, and therefore those parses are not useable" is not a valid one, because if you do not use them, you are bad, and should feel bad.
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  2. Entropy Well-Known Member

    I wish this was Facebook so I could hit "Love" instead of "Like".

    You can add infusing and temp adorns to that short list as well. Are all of these things technically optional? Yes. Wearing a helm is optional too, but we all do it because it's not that much of a PITA and the alternative is we do less DPS. We could just do bare minimum DPS and heal all mobs to death, but that's not the warrior spirit.

    Too many lazy whiners that would rather complain instead of trying. I'd blame the millennials, but it's not a generational thing in this case.
  3. Veta Well-Known Member

    For sake of example, lets say you use the pot charm and you are at a state in stats to where it doubles your dps for 10seconds. In a short fight that lasts 20seconds everything you used to burst for that first 10 seconds is doubled in damage output, meanwhile, what you are using for the rest of the 10second sustain does not receive the gains making it look a lot less attractive to what was doubled.

    So Undead Horde, without hammer, has a 5minute recast. You double its output for 3/4ths (just going to use a round number) its duration (1sec cast time + 12second duration + .25 recovery = 13.25seconds with a max of 10second double damage) which makes it look a lot stronger than what it should be over a 5minute fight. If you have hammer then Undead Horde can be up at at least every 30seconds. Now let's add charm to it. For the first 3/4ths the duration you would double damage output, with charm example, then if you get a reset while the swarm is up (100% fervor) you would double its damage again for the 6 second duration. You don't have to recast swarms while up to receive the benefits of the hammer. So during this duration it would look as if it is doing 4x the damage in such a small time frame compared to everything else.

    If you didn't use those items, do you think your parse spread would look a lot different?

    No, if I remember correctly, our main tank did a super fast pre-count and I was still in negative charm potency mode when mobs were on top of us delaying my output for captains.


    Scouts are Neiloch - Ranger with Hammer and Deathfrom - Assassin without hammer but has runes

    Clickies/Extras used: Double pot and Eth 25.2 fervor + hot swapping passive charms for the extra stats during the fight while stuff was on cooldown. Judication was used but not Trickster's Mockery. I stood out as far as possible to maximize unda damage (the 908mil was not the fabled crit, it was legendary crit with hammer reset), the 0 min hit means it tried to hit Tallon also. Only direct buff I received was EV.
  4. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    </3 Now there's a class that deserves a 19 page whine thread. #MakeInquisitorsGreatAgain!
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  5. Ratitz Active Member

    Of course it would.
    But for the sake of the argument that's at hand, which is "can summoners compete with other tier 1 dps", every player can use these items. Every player with a hammer (or fervor proc) can witness the effects of 4x the damage output on a short fight. The swarm pet mechanics with the hammer are unique, but its not that much different on the short fights like this for another sorcerer to simply recast their hard hitting abilities (warlock more than wizard on this one). The same goes for predator (ranger more than assassin) and beastlord.
  6. Genghes Active Member

    Oh to have a hammer and reset pummel /dream
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  7. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    After reading today's patch notes just wanted to say thank you to the devs for listening :)
  8. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Thank you devs for not listening to Rat and agreeing that swarm pets probably should be doing more than weapon procs (depending on the pet of course, not all were misbehaving as badly as that)
  9. Ratitz Active Member

    Hey. We were fine where we were, but I'm not complaining about more dps.
  10. Stimps Member

    Thanks Walmart for the increase to 15/hour!
  11. Stimps Member

    Just to keep up,

    They now share 62% of player stats? Including fervor?
  12. Rondo9 Active Member

    Like always the summoners cry and get love!!!!!!! way to go DB
  13. sycla Active Member

    Its not like only summoner swarms are being readjusted..
  14. Rondo9 Active Member

    I know that, majority of people in this thread crying are summoners. I could of cried about Protoflames but there are greater issues for wizard then that. It been the same for years now, summoners always get what they want.
  15. sycla Active Member

    62% where did you get that number? did they post the actual nerf was 50% %?
    just curious as the drop in swarms dps was like 80% so i guess the number should be at 32% sharing now.
    sure our threads resident expert conj/scout poster boy will have more to add on that
  16. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    But it's a thread about summoners .....
  17. Ratitz Active Member

    Me and another person got confirmation that it was a 50% decrease in stats.
  18. Caith Developer

    Someone lied to you.
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  19. Ratitz Active Member

    That's unfortunate.
    Care to shed some light on what the % actually was?
  20. Brightlyz Active Member