Uber Summoner DPS

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Vogie, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    I read it as the reduction was 30%.
    Now they've re-added 12%

    So you are at 82% sharing now.
  2. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Dumbfire nerf affected more than summoners...yes..they were the most impacted but it nerfed any class that used dumbfires....even Brigand thugs were hit with the nerf - correct?

    As for utility....you're trying to use the argument that summoners are utility classes which is simply NOT true....they bring dps not utility....good grief....CoH is pretty much worthless...so is stoneskin.....and shards are nothing but a joke.

    Yes...they are fun to play but that doesn't mean they should do less dps than classes presumed un-fun or harder to play.
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  3. Daray Well-Known Member

    Perhaps if you didn't sabotage my FBs with your swarm pet lag.

    Caith, Veta asked me to ask you to move his hammer over to my toon.
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  4. Yards Well-Known Member

    And Daray asked me to ask you to move all of his RTT gear to my toon, so we can all be balanced.
  5. Veta Well-Known Member

    It probably is at 82%, I might just be overthinking it.

    Are you saying you don't enjoy the lag I bring you?
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  6. Ratitz Active Member

    Caith, the general population came together to vote and decided that all of the rev mages' gear should come to me. The only way things will be balanced is if the master class is the most powerful, because in order to bring balance, there must first be unbalance. I accept this noble, but daunting responsibility.
    One class to rule them all.
    One class to find them.
    One class to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them.
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  8. Genghes Active Member

    ...... Who did I invite to guild.......
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  9. Caith Developer

  10. Entropy Well-Known Member

    So, uh, shaman and beastlord are not "pet classes". Shaman get a dog that has a tiny bit of utility. BL get a warder that procs an ability (Weakness) that is required for their class mechanic to function, has a tiny bit of utility otherwise, and that's about it.

    Summoners are the only true "pet class" in EQ2; they are the only ones that have pets that do any kind of real DPS. I'd be happy to get rid of my warder if the Weakness proc just happened randomly from my own casting - I would only lose ~0.5% of my total DPS (yes, I know this is thematically different from what the class was intended to be, I'm just making a point that my pet is pretty much useless when it comes to contributing to my parse.)

    Can I rephrase that and insert "Defails" (or myself, but trying to be humble here) and "beastlord" in the same argument?

    ...warlocks aren't getting nerfed because Mogrim/Faceroller are crazy geared and can play the class well.
    ...wizards aren't getting nerfed because Daray is crazy geared and can play the class well.
    ...beastlords aren't getting nerfed because Defails is crazy geared and can play the class well.

    Summoners got rebalanced because they didn't need to be crazy geared or exceptionally skilled in order to lay down awesome parses in heroic or raid content. They were performing well above their intended level, relative to gear.

    But hey, back to your original premise: yeah, I agree with you 100%, sorcerers are kind of a let down. They're the highest skill-cap class in game and the rewards for having to really work for that parse have been slightly disappointing in the last year or so. I switched mains because I got tired of waiting for FC to become unmarginalized, and the wizard just wasn't doing it for me.
  11. Yards Well-Known Member

    But warlocks did get nerfed...
  12. Genghes Active Member

    Nothing was taken away from them. There was just a lid placed on the bottle
  13. Yards Well-Known Member

    A bottle that shrinks as time goes by?
  14. Genghes Active Member

    Probably right
  15. Twisty Well-Known Member

  16. Caith Developer

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  17. Rondo9 Active Member

    Please make Fiery Blast use all out going damage and 100% of it!
  18. Twisty Well-Known Member

    Ah. well played, sir. Looks like somewhere in that convo chain i swapped stat% for dmg% in my mind
  19. Lethnurae New Member

    I thought they were just fine where they were.
    Maybe scouts can b***h their way into some attention to their prestige conversions too?
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  20. Stimps Member

    Um, The pets are lasting half duration for me and doing next to squat. Im gonna test again but my 6 sec pets are parsing dmg and staying up for 2-3 sec.