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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Adoninilol, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Hi all, lets form a cohesive list of things that need to be changed for TSO on the server.
    1. Fix AA's like Dexterous Sonata, the Troub Focus for crit bonus on jester's cap, moving the prestige endline of brawler's BACK to the shadows tree.
    2. Up the HP on every raid mob by roughly 500%, the best choice here would be to honestly make a "challenge" version of every single mob so the guilds without high raid wides could clear the easier mobs, or just make a few specific key mobs actually difficult. As it currently stands, mobs have so little HP we will be killing bosses before scripts even matter on a lot of mobs.
    3. Fix itemization, the best scenario here would be to put the t1/t2 gear back where it was and just tweak a few items here and there, it's actually pretty solid at the moment with the exception of how overpowered you made the blue stats on RoK raid gear versus TSO gear at the moment. A thought would be to go back and nerf the RoK raid gear instead of buffing the TSO gear. Certain items from the instances also need to be buffed like they were back in the day so we have a reason to run them.
    4. Class balance, summoner's are useless, rogue's aren't parsing enough.
    5. Respond to these threads on the official forums.
    6. Change the daily offhand items to ranged slot items, it's kinda silly we are gonna lose out on an entire xpac of iconic items like the roundshield, the flour power item, munzok's orb, glaceus, umbra, etc. all because of the daily offhand.
  2. Ratface Member

    Imagine the challenge version would take too many resources. Would the challenge version require better loot, or for fun? Could see requiring 2 sets of itemization being a problem.
  3. fencedin New Member

    Double loot on hard mode would be pretty easy
  4. Atan Well-Known Member

    1) Customer Service phone number
  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Probably many AAs should be fixed, i don' t know if crit bonus will appear in TSO.. I was really happy when they changed rebirth (long ago) and when the cure tree was sort of removed (long ago). Many AAs giving a bit of haste/dps are really weak due to the amount of dps/haste on items. Indeed we are already facing the blue stat inflation problem which led to the modification of some AAS somewhere post-velious (as example peaceful link). There was no need to inflate blue stats, progression could have been enforced using saves, or crit chance (now they use some unified progression stats called fervor).

    This may be quite too much, our first nexona kill took probably at least 5mn, going back to 30mn fights would be wrong given the server progression speed. But x2 would be ok for VP and x3 for SoH.

    Yes obviously, especially non raid items which are in a state of total chaos.I have not been yet in Veksar or Runny 2 (it is summer so i just log for raids) i hope that items are better than in the initial ROK.

    Obviously, i would even classify it as emergncy in the case of conjurers.
    Well they use discord and ban anyone expressing constructive critics.
    I would rather either change the price to 25 but ask for a full zone clear. Or may be i would ask Kotis or chardok queen + some random instance clear in a weekly quest giving 8-12 tokens.
  6. Peredhel New Member

    Add Guild Halls. They came just before TSO and need to be unlocked.
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  7. Khun New Member

    On Point 2) If they could implement a Hard Mode (HM) for all the raid zones, it would dramatically increase the fun of Fallen Gate.

    Even if it was a cheap upgrade. For example, tune all your raid zones exactly how you want it. Then make a Hard Mode where mob HP and damage are 50% more, and the gear that drops is like +20 attributes and 2% potency more than the basic gear, but set bonuses don't need to change. Something that will keep players excited about the raid content through the whole 3 month period.

    or.... Have a self-debuff option, where everyone in the raid force can cast a debilitating debuff on themselves - it triggers a bonus chance for an extra loot item to drop or something.

    7) Fix manaburn so it scales with something. Perhaps consider making it scale with potency, but only 1/4 of potency so it's not broken, but still scales with gear increases.
  8. Dimek Member

    1. Agree. ( Since I main a bard and all)

    2. Disagree on the raising of HP by 500%. Not every guild can kill raid bosses in 30 seconds. Hell our average kill in VP atm I believe is probaly at least a few minutes, same with SoH, which allows us to , or forces us to follow mechanics on most fights. Not every raid force has experienced raiders that have done the content many time over in years past ( like our raid force for example). Just because the top 2 or 3 guilds blow through content super fast does not mean it needs to be changed to impair other players, but to please them. I do however like the idea of a hardmode for each mob, maybe like a hardmode instance.

    On points 3 to 6 I totally agree with, exspecialy 6. See weapons drop in VP and SoH and no one wants them because they have mythicals and hunter offhand/shield, but hey its free Mute mats I guess.
  9. Kalika Well-Known Member

    The idea of hardmode is good, with more items o slightly stronger ones.

    But note that this raise issues, if the gear is 20% better this means even more inflation ..

    I would rather have a hardmode version (with dmg time X and mob hp time Y to be determined) but 2 gear chests and some extra chest with 2 or more masters.
  10. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    The solution will most likely be to up the difficulty of the two later zones (munzok/miragul, buff that gear) and the final nameds throughout the original four instances.

    Just looking at heroic gear they have two blue stats on a lot of pieces, and the raid gear isn't really better than a lot of heroic pieces because of the fact that procs like disposition, and increased casting speed effects on gear count as a blue stat.

    It feels great to be able to kill gynok and get a ring with potency and casting speed and spell skills, then run a heroic instance and get five blue stats for a loss of disposition and 13 intelligence.
  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    If they were to have hardmode fro now on it should be implemented in the next expac, i never raided during that era, i know that paineel expac had hard modes not sure about the incoming one.
  12. Greene Active Member

    First,when I say 'We're paying customers!11!1' I don't mean that in the same way someone yells at a cop that they pay their salary.

    What I mean is, can we get some slack cut on research time?

    1) We pay for access to the server already, so it's a good $$$ draw
    2) With expansions coming out as scheduled, we literally have time for 2 spells to be upgraded one whole tier
    3) The server is isolated, so no transferring in/out to take advantage of research time being cut in half :p
  13. Fistpower Well-Known Member


    RE: Gynok, Anashti, Zarrakon, Ykesha
  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    No, they ban people who are rude and disrespectful. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism doesn't include threats (I'mma gonna quit the game if you don't fix this), name-calling the devs, or demanding they obey your dictates.
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  15. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you gotta think what these white knights gets out of defending a company like DBG the way they do... Its beyond belief.

    As the rest of ur post ur absolutely correct. DBG have banned people left and right just because they didnt like what they typed on discord, not because it was against the rules.
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  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You don't get that this is insulting and confrontational and not constructive? Constructive would have been "I'd really suggest that instead of the one-shot training dummies on the Marketplace, DBG should consider implementing Guild Halls".

    If your language isn't respectful, ban-stick incoming. /shrug
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  17. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Sorry you are wrong, i mostly posted honnest feedback about summoner (esp. conjurer) dps and about itemisation , in about 10 years i got may be 4 of my messages moderated on this forum, 1 was deleted because it compared the management to a popular seinfeld character nicknamed the Soup N....

    Anyway i m thankful to Kander for coming in live to unlock our VP instance which was bugued. Indeed some aspects of live communication are welcome but for for longterm issues discord is nota proper tool.

    BTW : we now at the end rof Rise of Kunark and itemisation is still totally out of order, order of rime items, max ally faction reward have carry 57/57 stat and 1.7% potency which is worst that what you get in Kylong. Rewards for completing Karmor questline are just crap like almost anything but 10-20% of the heroic gear which happen to be decent.
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  18. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry for implying that something that is in game for free, that is not in the game right now just because of a developers opinion on the matter is a bit ridiculous.

    It's an opinion, there is no rule at all that says that I can't display my opinion to developers, and state things such as how bonkers it is to pay for something, that is once again, free and should be~

    Countless people have asked for training dummies/guild halls to be added, myself included. The fact of the matter is kander doesn't want them because he "feels they were a mistake", then continues to gate mechanics from them to the marketplace and sell things like the highkeep guild hall on the marketplace.
  19. Kalika Well-Known Member

    They added a training dummie that last 1 hour only for 1 hunter coin. Make it permanent and raise price to 4 coins and i may get it.
  20. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    As far as I am aware, if you're on FG, you can buy the guildhall, but you can't zone in.

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