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Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Rivenly, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Rivenly Well-Known Member

    Can we please have Vampiric Mirrors this year- either the recipe or a vendor item? I would love to see some of the quests and such, but honestly I really just want lots of recipe books and the candy and such to make them with.
  2. Reynalda New Member

    I could not agree more with Rivenly. We really need the holiday recipes even if there is some reason not to offer the quests. I hoped that because Stormhold now has the Kunark expansion that we could have the seasonal events, particularly Nights of the Dead and Frostfell.

    I have enjoyed playing on Stormhold like someone new to the game, and the lower experience and lack of bonuses added to the journey. But just like in real life, the extra effort required becomes a grind that is offset by the live events, and those two seasonal events add spice and sparkle to the game. The maze in cauldron hollow is my favorite quest in the game. And as a decorator, I find it very difficult to accomplish imaginative designs without the wonderful holiday recipes, so even if we cannot have the events, could we at least buy the recipes?
  3. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

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