This expansion and its difficulty is not fun anymore

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Altho, Mar 16, 2023.

  1. Altho Active Member

    Maybe I'm alone in thinking this, maybe I'm not but I just don't enjoy fights that last 30+ minutes. I know this is how expansions usually start, but we are going on 4 months in, I am geared as well as my teamates and still everything takes forever. Trash mobs in H1 can't even be 1 shotted with my best ancient teir spells, its a joke. Everything takes so long to do, also did you guys forget there is a casual community that plays this still? Ones that likes to progress through all heroics. Game has been getting progressively less fun each year but this year the above reasons are why. Look at how many less guilds are on the progress site this year. Should tell you something.
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  2. RubyHOF Member

    i notice one difference about this expansion

    the fights were slow at the start but even with better gear, fights still slow. even with Raid T3 resolve.... still slow. We stopped running bards and instead run 2 dps in order for it to not be miserable.
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  3. Altho Active Member

    Another aspect of why this is crap, people love playing bards, and enchanters, but to make anything resemble normal, you have to pack in as much dps as you can, with doing groups with no utility or trying to go single heal which is difficult for many. Again we are about 4 months in, things "should" get easier with gear, but its not and its still taking forever. A lot of the player base are older people, we have jobs, lives, family, you used to be able to log in and get a lot done in a couple hours or even an hour of play time in EQ2, one of the reasons I loved this game. This is not the case now.
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  4. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I feel like this expac has given the middle figure to players , it’s just so grindy and l am finding it no fun .
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  5. Andric Member

    too many grinds now - and grinds to do grinds (e.g. overseers to get potions to level yet another effing familiar). That plus the above sucks a lot of enjoyment out of the game. It shouldn't feel like a chore
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  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I've given up on trying to intentionally collect Temp Adorns. I'll use what i get from the overseers, but that's it.

    This game will become more fun when -- honestly-- the Adornment system itself is removed. It's become too much of a metagaming grind to ALWAYS have the complete Red Rune sets, all the temp adorns ready for Crit Bonus Overcap, and all that stuff.
  7. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    You have to do old heroic and raid content to get the flawless buffs so you can fly through new heroic content. Instead of having to go back for blue fervor runes, now you need to go back for the flawless buffs. Another unnecessary add-on.

    Same as it ever was.
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  8. Igochan Active Member

    Developers should stop listening to top raiders who complain that everything is too easy and that they need challenges. They spend hundreds of eurodollars on each expansion and are permanently connected running zones. That is not the profile of the average player. The truth is that the difficulty and resolve requirements are a pain. It is impossible to dedicate yourself to alts because you need all your time to improve your main and you can't play with your main because you always need top players to run the instances. It is by far the most boring expansion of the last years.
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  9. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I don't think not listening to the player base that spends the most dollars on avg. is the solution. Though I do agree that the casual player should be catered to in some fashion. H1's and 2's have always been the bread and butter for the casual player. But the way this xpack is set up, I can definitely see the impact it is having on them. I raid three times a week and I can run the H1 weekly with friends who are what I consider good players in about an hour to hour and a half. This means the casual player is spending a couple hours at least to hopefully earn one upgrade if the RNG gods are gracious that run. Yea def not going to be fun...
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  10. Altho Active Member

    Well said!
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  11. RubyHOF Member

    >Developers should stop listening to top raiders who complain that everything is too easy and that they need challenges.

    Keep in mind that nobody thinks a resolve grind is a "challenge"

    When raiders are asking about wanting a challenge they mean scripts and such. Not time gates and P2W buffs/gear/etc
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  12. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    Consistent 30+min fights have been great for one thing... carpal tunnel surgery spikes.

    Can we please reduce these raid encounters. Many of us have had to swap mains simply because we are getting older and carpal tunnel is a real problems when clicking non stop for 30+ mins at a time for names.
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  13. Priority Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm confused here. There are 2 levels of solos and 3 levels of heroics for your casual pleasure. We dont even have all the raids yet. Casual players have content to progress yet, obviously or you wouldn't be in here complaining about it being too difficult.

    The H1 zones aren't"hard". Theyre fairly simple scripts considering this game is 18 years old with a plethora of knowledge available on your server, here on the forums, or on discord.

    The H1s don't even require full 8890 or w/e resolve to do. Neither did the H2s. I can confirm they were tanked 99 resolve below, because thats what I tanked them at. Its survivable if your tank knows their class.

    Playing this off as an "Us vs. Them" scenario is a lose lose.

    Raiders hate resolve. Lots of us despise the grindy nature of everything. We want to log in and have fun, same as you.
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  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Not just carpal tunnel. I had both wrists operated on years ago. But in the last year, I had to have my thumbs done separately (De Quervains tenosynovitis).

    I also suspect these tedious fights incentivize people finding cheats to automate some fighting, and if that's correct then DBG should definitely reconsider.

    ONE tedious fight in an expansion is one thing. EVERY fight shouldn't be that!
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  15. Kenn Well-Known Member

    I'm reading all the complaints about how grindy it is to get geared up. Remembering back to the good ole days, the game was an adventure. Now it sounds like a sweatshop. It would be nice to bring the adventure back.
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  16. Igochan Active Member

    I think many raiders don't realize how difficult it is to assemble a group and attempt heroics. The ease depends on the group you have. Maybe it's easy if your dps is a ranger instead of an assassin. Or if your healer is a fury instead of a templar. Or if your tank is a Berserker instead of a Guardian, etc. And that has nothing to do with knowing how your class works.

    I'm sorry but It seems very unfair to me to say "Hey, don't complain. H1 aren't hard" and not try to put yourself in the shoes of others.
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  17. Kenn Well-Known Member

    On the off chance, did anyone reset their aa line and see if that made any difference? I remember one expansion that I couldn't kill anything until I reset my aa, and I picked the same aa as I had, but I had to select it and save again. I would try it, but didn't buy this expansion yet.
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  18. Altho Active Member

    Nothing to do with AA, the expansion just kinda sucks.
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  19. Gninja Developer

    I will double check kill times in logs. Raid encounters shouldn't be 30min+ unless you are either failing mechanics and its healing or your raiders aren't at the needed resolve values. I will do a review and lower where needed. Its tough doing that at the beginning because there isn't much data from folks who are at the correct stats to balance against. They nearly always start a bit too high and get lowered as we see how fast folks are increasing in dps.
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  20. Zylara Well-Known Member

    Talking about not fun.. Eye of the Storm when you get to Pri'ki'ori'ki & Wa'la'kra'na the cures when you're down to the one is freaking ridiculous, solo healing and curing is almost impossible (I said almost) some days Im fine other days non stop deaths as I just cant keep up with over 200 damn cures during the fight, I rotate my 2 grp cures, my grp death prevent, my grp heals etc and anything else I can throw up and still I just want to throw a computer at whomever thought of a stupid mechanic like this.. Ive always been fast as hell on cures but this one has me wanting to say I will nvr solo heal again
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