The Year of Darkpaw Crafter!

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  1. Denmum Developer

    Word salad ahead! Skip at your own risk as it is import information to crafters!

    In case you missed it, the Year of Darkpaw has begun! On top of wanting to highlight a few things from the official announcement, I want to note the crafting aspect, which wasn't called out in it.

    • Check the marketplace to claim your free white lacquer furniture set before the end of January!
    • Claim your free fluff pet baby dragon from the marketplace before the end of January!
    • There is a daily mission for level 5+ adventurers which will be one of the main ways a non-adventurer ("pure crafter" or rp'er) will earn Darkpaw Doubloons. While there is a book in the avatar mission camps (1st one is in Mystic Lake), we are working on a more "squishie friendly" location from which to obtain this daily. The mission will be something doable at your level. It may include crafting or harvesting for an easy finish, since, like the daily objectives for loyalty tokens, you only have to complete one of the objectives to complete the mission.
    • There are collections that will appear each month (and will last only for the month in each case) that will award Darkpaw Doubloons. Check around with the community and find out where they are appearing this month!
    • These Doubloons can be spent in North Qeynos and South Freeport on Darkpaw Celebrator Katrynn. Each month more items will unlock on this vendor that will be available from unlock point until the end of the year. Take note, though, that some of the new mirage items will only be available while the live event where the original backpack is available.
    • Ballads of Zimara tradeskill dailies will also offer Darkpaw Doubloons.
    Mirage items? There is a new category of item that is a back appearance slot item that has the same look as a specific appearance backpack or quiver. No longer will you have to hold on to a treasured backpack look by sacrificing bag space. An example, which is one of the ones that is event-only, is the adorable little cub carrier from Santa Glug. It will only be available while Frostfell is active. This means that it will only be available until Frostfell ends on January 9, and then will not be available again until Frostfell 2024 begins in December.Other packs that were more generally available will have a mirage version that, once released on the vendor, will be available until the end of the year.

    Year of the Darkpaw Crafter achievement!
    There is a monthly tradeskill achievement in 2024. This means that every month a new achievement will be revealed. For each achievement, you have from when it is released until the end of the year to complete it. For January, it is to craft 1000 items during 2024 (earlier crafting does not count), but remember, you will have the entire year to complete the achievement.

    Some achievements, like the item crafting one, will be things that you have to complete once the year has started (old crafting counts don't count). Other achievements will recognize crafting quest completions that you have already completed. At least one of the achievements will require that you be a level 130 crafter, but remember that you have all of 2024 to reach that point.

    At the end of the year, there will be a master achievement, requiring completion of all of the monthly tradeskill achievements, Completion of this will award two special rewards available only in 2024 for crafters that will be revealed soon! Trust me, if you're at the pinnacle of your crafting career, you don't want to miss this 2024 chance to show off your skilled wielding of your class.
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    But, but, but...Kaitheel said Frostfell ends this year on the 9th of January? The 6th is on a Saturday? :-/

    (Please reassure me; I have lots of Hordelings to provide for...)

    And just to straighten out my fuzzy, post-New Year's Eve brain (Gin and Triple-Ginger Ginger Beer instead of Tonic, or other fizzy possibilities...mmm!): the mirage items are on the Darkpaw Celebrator merchant? :)

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  3. Juull Member

    On the Mission Timers tab of your journal, you can check your timers with the following filter terms:
    Tarew (water letters) for Tarew Marr Researching Requisitions - ~3 hour timer
    Year for Year of Darkpaw Celebration Contribution - ~16 hours
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  4. Denmum Developer

    Yes, sorry, it ends when Frostfell does, so the 9th. Brain scrambling numbers today. And yes, the mirage items will trickle onto the vendor throughout the year along with house items and such.
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Woot! Thanks! :D

    who completely understands about brain-scrambling today... ;)
  6. Mischievouspuma OLD returning player

    the lacquer bedroom set is black even though it says white in the title
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    When placed in a house, or in the Dressing Room? There are times when the Dressing Room isn't entirely accurate, at least at first. :-/

  8. Evilary Well-Known Member

    Both. It shows in the preview as black so I placed the set in my home on my test server alt. They are black when placed. The armoire(?) that shows having shelves is so black you cannot see the shelves when placed. I have tried every level of setting all the way up to max and nothing changes the color on these or helps make those shelves visible.
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  9. Evilary Well-Known Member

    Call me crazy but if it's a daily mission available for low levels starting at 5, shouldn't it be in an area a low level can get to? My 49 Beastlord which is what I'm currently playing on Test server could not make it past the tomb guardians as they see through his invisible.
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  10. Denmum Developer

    A few things:

    The furniture set is white, like the picture in the official announcement. There seem to be some art issues currently and it will be looked into.

    I forgot to mention that Ballads of Zimara daily tradeskill missions will also earn Darkpaw Doubloons.

    I will be asking about the accessibility of the daily mission from avatar camps for squishies and seeing what can be done.
  11. Dgkelly38 Active Member

    Aside from that, will a page for this event be made for the official wiki? All we have so far is a page for it's collectibles.
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  12. Denmum Developer

    The "official wiki" is all content created by players, so that is all up to the players who are willing/able to create a login and make a wiki page.
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  13. Denmum Developer

    It won't go in until the patch on the 9th, but we're looking at getting the level 5+ daily mission giver placed in Qeynos/Freeport so that squishies don't have to get a guild flag/vet call/etc to Mystic Lake to pick up the daily for their Doubloons.
  14. Dgkelly38 Active Member

    One thing i forgot from what we all went through the first appearance of gods in this game is if the quest giver(s) will be at the temple(s) of life, and of war, or will they be in Antonica/The Commonlands?
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  15. Rattophaxe Well-Known Member

    There is no "official" wiki, and hasn't been since... forever?. Just pages created by whoever wants to and has the time.
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  16. Rattophaxe Well-Known Member

    Where do these "Doubloons" come from, and where are they used? I did the mission requested by the only questgiver I could find and got "Minted Celebration" tokens, which seem to be accepted by the merchant nearby.
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  17. Evilary Well-Known Member

    There is a clickable book near the questgiver that gives out a daily for the doubloons.
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  18. Denmum Developer

    Doubloons are spent in North Qeynos and South Freeport at Darkpaw Celebrator Katrynn, and her offerings will increase each month. Several bullet points in the original post tell you where they are earned and used.
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  19. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    If you guys add a mission giver to Q/FP PLEASE do not take the book from current camp, it is very convenient for those of us who can get there to pick up both missions in same place.
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  20. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    They are BLACK as Pitch for me too. . . not even any shading. . . just BLACK (save for the marble top on the tables and the pilllows and blanket on the bed)
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