The neverending typo hunt...

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Pixiewrath, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Again all my dreams of a perfect expansion or GU launch has been crushed by an enormous amount of typos. I haven't even started the signature line yet, but I've found at least one typo (often more) in each of the non-signature quests I've done so far in Eidolon Jungle...

    This is another quest where the devs didn't even bother reading their own writing...

    I am only asking you, SoE... Why???

  2. Salavar Active Member

    You actually read all of these AND look for typos, seriously?
  3. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Here is another example, this one from the Qeynos Rises update. I haven't done those quests yet due to time restrictions so I am catching up with them. But this GU has been in-game so long so things like this should have been fixed by now.

    Can anyone spot what's wrong here even if it's more of a miswording than a typo?

  4. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Give me a reason to not read lore and story in a lore and story based game. Even small details in side quests can sometimes, and mostly, be related to the picture as a whole. Just killing all you see and be content with that... Not my (and many others') style...
  5. Salavar Active Member

  6. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Well, at least your trolling is bumpin the thread so I have something to thank for :)
  7. Pariel Active Member

    Okay, I give up.. where is it
  8. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Check the name of the boat compared to the name of the zone. And the name of the boat in difference places of the quest journal. Finding typos is almost a minigame without a reward :p
  9. Pariel Active Member

    Oh yeah.. lol

    You know what they'll say though.. the zone is called Blue Sunrise, the boat is called Blue Sunset.

    but lol!
  10. Kane Hart Active Member

    I think the worst part of this thread is not the op trying correct spelling mistakes but that people don't even play the game as intended. Makes me worried about EQ Next. Clearly their going get rid of most the lore, books, collections, etc and just make it end game raiding 7 days a week to suit people like Salavar
  11. Onorem Active Member

    I think the worst part is that anyone thinks that their version of 'intended' is better. Typos should be an easy fix. It's sad that they can't be patched within days of being pointed out. The idea that it ruins the game if there is a typo or poor grammar just seems silly to me. In real life, people make mistakes in text and spoken word. Get over it. Make it part of your RP game.
  12. Kane Hart Active Member

    I agree, I would have in the past argued at such things but running large scale Minecraft servers and other Emulators in the past and dealing with code and compiling and even lang files and translations I really find it a bit odd.

    Oh well sometimes we can't always have what we want but at least overtime they will fix them. Maybe its better have a proper organized thread even via the WIKI, where you can edit it and point to ongoing mistakes and that way the devs have something to refer to. I feel that a lot of times the problems is things get lost more then anything.
  13. Salavar Active Member

    Sorry dude, I don't raid, nor do I slaughter things non stop, I quest, group and sometimes raid, I have a 2 person guild with about 15 characters in it, we do things at a leisurely pace, what I don't do is read all of the quest text and look for typos. I think that is a bit much and maybe even a little OCD.

    As for lore aren't FAE the only race that can fly? I don't know how lore explains everyone flying?
  14. Pixiewrath Active Member

    We are paying for a game, made by professionals. Not a private person made test game. Imagine bying a Final Fantasy game and seeing the characters say "Hi Serra! Ar you gong to play teh bechboll with uss todday?"

    Does that make a serious impression? No. Maybe it's a swedish thing wanting everything to be well done, but in that case I am proud to be swede. Because from what I hear, swedes and polish people are really good workers and employees.

    Then again, there is a difference between "do something" and "do something well". It's like the Irate Gamer vs Angry Video Game Nerd.

    Irate pump out stuff without doing research, AVGN does a lot of research before making a video. And the quality shows.
  15. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    /agreed with Pixiewrath.

    Well, at least submitting a typo in English has a chance of the typo getting fixed. I'm still trying to get the rhenium arrows renamed from titanium tu rhenium on the french server.

    Who is making typos? the overloaded devs who write the questlines. Soresja always made sure to check every step of the quests and catched a lot of typos. I try to look a bit but I only go for the most obvious ones.

    What I would like to know is "who are reading the /typo reports?". From US and localised servers.
  16. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Someone does, as they DID actually even mention some typos I reported in the patch notes being fixed once. I was in chock for several days afterwards.

    Reading and acting upon them is the difference. I don't see how hard it could be to fix a typo. Could be as easy as changing the text server-side if the text is loaded from the server. Which it seems to be since dialogues stop if you get disconnected.

    Just by reading through all the typo reports I have sent alone could fix almost half of the game or more. And if they do fix those, they don't have to go through even more typos of the same issue posted by even more people.
  17. Spindle Well-Known Member

    "Someone does, as they DID actually even mention some typos I reported in the patch notes being fixed once. I was in chock for several days afterwards."

    So, Pixiewrath, how was it for you living inside a small block behind a wheel for days?

    I figure that the word cannot be a typo ))
  18. Jalek Active Member

    I see as many typos in AP news wire or network news.. nobody hires proofreaders these days.

    That's not justification, but expecting polish from SOE will only end in disappointment. It's that way in nearly every part of the game, website, billing... it seems a large studio to run like an indie developer.
  19. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    While coming across typos is always sad to see, you're really not pointing them out in a constructive manner here. Instead you are being ambiguous and just saying "oh goodness can you spot what's wrong in this huge screenshot of a journal that has one "i" missing in a single word?!". Either be concise and to the point or use the /typo command, please. Bashing the developers and testers for being human and missing some typos here and there does no one any good.
  20. Onorem Active Member

    A typo here or there. A missed (or extra) comma. These are not "Hi Serra! Ar you gong to play teh bechboll with uss todday?"
    level issues. Do you know of anything that is actually that bad in the game, or are you just creating a strawman?

    I'm in favor of things being done well. I just think that typos are low on the list compared to pretty much any gameplay issue unless they can be easily fixed. Quick fixes should just be done so they're done.

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