The neverending typo hunt...

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Pixiewrath, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Terein Active Member

    Honestly I see just as many typos in Skyrim or any other AAA title as here, not a big issue for me, SoEs usually pretty good with fixing them if you use /typo.
  2. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Yeah, but at least I would have changed it after spotting it if the edit button hadn't been disabled. That's the difference.

    The devs have the tools to fix typos and I know I am not the only one submitting them, so it feels more than a little bit strange that I always seem to be the "first" who finds them and report them. That doesn't add up.
  3. Pixiewrath Active Member

    I have used several hundreds of /typos over the years. Yet, most of them return one year later when creating a new character. It seems like the only way to get them fixed is by being extremely lucky or posting them like this.

    If typos were fixed as they got reported I wouldn't have seen them in the first place for several months old content like the Qeynos quest.
  4. Cronyn Developer

    Pixiewrath has a point for sure - typos are a quality issue, and they bother me when I see them, too. It's something I would certainly like to correct.

    The good news is that right now, I have some time to look over those things. Please understand that we've been running straight for a while now, so going back and fixing older typos isn't something anyone has had a lot of time to do. If you know of some glaring ones, just send me a PM with those (the Qeynos one I thought I fixed a while ago, so I'm surprised it is still in there). I just went through and fixed a few things that were bugging me, and I'd be happy to clean up some of the typos - I can't really go back over months of reports, but I'll fix what I can find.

    I'm sorry you're frustrated, but I get where you're coming from. I'll help if I can, though.
  5. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Does that mean all my years of /typos has been for nothing? Aren't those saved? Just by going through mine alone you could fix tons of typos in the game and then people won't have to spam more about them.
  6. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Hey Cronyn! While you're busy answering us, could you ask around and see if we could get an email or a way to contact the localisation team for us on localised servers struggling with typos? Maybe somebody from the team having a forum red-name access and going over the localisation board?
    On Storms, we had a GM some years back who made a great job at badgering them until a whole lot of typos were fixed but since he left, /typo, /petition or posting on localisation board doesn't get anything fixed, even major game breaking typos and we have a lot of those on Storms and Valor (Akella being even worse for russians from what I once heard)..
  7. Kahonen Active Member

    I do raid and I also happen to think that this problem is indicative of the bigger problem SOE have with the quality of their products in general.

    I do Software QA for a living and the first thing that is checked is spelling and grammar. If that is correct it's a pretty good indication that the person producing the software has at least bothered to try to get it right.

    It's a simple statement of fact that if SOE can't even get the name of the boat the quest is on correct, how are they ever going to cope with the rest of it.
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  8. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Pixiewrath needs a "Destroyer of Typos" suffix title.
  9. R.J. MacReady Active Member

    I think it's fair to say that the op is not finding typos but avidly looking for them. This is less about wanting to fix a "so called" problem for the game and more about catering to a players OCD about typos.
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  10. Onorem Active Member

    What does raiding have to do with anything?
    It is embarrassing that they leave typos in as long as they do. I agree with that. It can't be difficult to fix typos once they've been pointed out.
    Poor spelling and grammar are not necessarily an indication of how much someone cares. Some people just aren't good with that. That doesn't mean they can't be very skilled programmers. Does EQ2 actually employ people whose only job is to write game text? If so, then they should be able to get it right. If it's a side job for those that make the game work, I'll give them a pass on the first run.
    I feel like what my argument here is has been taken out of context. I'm not saying it doesn't matter. I'm not saying it shouldn't be fixed. I'm just saying a typo in a quest description matters less than if the mobs required to complete the quest aren't attackable...or things like that. Typos are annoying, not gamebreaking.
  11. Zannah Active Member

    That's both unfair and inaccurate. I just looted a pair of bracers that were spelled "bracesr" and completed a quest in which "to" was misspelled as "ot". It's pretty hard to miss typos when they are on your equipment, broadcast in chat when you loot items, and displayed across the screen in giant blue letters.

    Correct spelling is a matter of polish, and should be as important to a writer as it is important for an itemizer to put tier-appropriate stats on the items he makes. It is an embarrassment when typos are flagrant and numerous. For me it is very off-putting. I don't blame the EQ2 devs though - I know that it's a matter of time and resources, and I realize that proofreading and editing is way down their list of priorities (as it should be, words don't need to be spelled right for the game to function). I think they do a great job, and thanks to Cronyn for responding in this thread.
  12. Cronyn Developer

    Well, like I said, I do think it is a valid issue, and I would be happy to help clear some of it up. I'll start running through the typo lists then and see if I can start squashing some here pretty soon.

    Whil: Yeah, I can check for you! I'll look into it first thing on Monday. :)

    Again, I understand where you're coming from here, and I'd like to help if I can.
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  13. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Yes, please! Someone give me that! I can imagine the attention it would get, lol.

    While I have your attention, can someone look into the tinkered item "Rebreather"? It makes you breathe underwater, but after the DoV-reitemization it turned into chain armor with stats. So cloth and leather classes can't use it anymore. We could before because I used it on my warlock in Veksar to avoid the bubble mobs before that. Should be fairly easy to remove the potency and re-cloth it?

    And thank you for replying. It's appreciated. It might look like bashing but it's just a general quality measure thing. Especially since the beta was open, I assumed most of those things would have been fixed.

    Why doesn't the Dev team take a "typo" day once all bugs are fixed before releasing new content? I think people could wait another day for that to get a good impression.
  14. GabenBison Active Member

    Majority of EQ2 lore is laughable at best. It's like watching the star wars prequels. You get so bored you want to fall asleep. It's not deep, technical, nor is it engaging. It's just a bunch of words strung together like it was rambled out of someones mouth without any humanity placed in it. Nothing in it is incredibly immersive, and the characters personalities and depth are as void as...well the void. The death of a bland and rudimentary character like Firiona Vie didn't make feel any sort of remorse, and despite the player dialogue being so forced ("NOOO FIRIONA") when she ragdolls to the floor in Antonica, the only thought going through my head was: "Oh, the bimbo booth babe mascot for EQ1 died. Ok whatever." I bet the Harrowing Horde's empty grayless environment is an embodiment of EQ's NPC's.

    If you want engaging stories maybe something like Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion might suit your taste.

    And to follow up on the accusation you're making. Well let me tell you that the EQ formula MMO's have been about raiding since Shadows Luclin in EQ, or if you want to go further back, Ruins Of Kunark. Raiding in EQ2 has been essential for a good chunk of players for the longest of time, so please don't act like you're the chosen customer amongst everyone else.
  15. Terein Active Member

    The Elder Scrolls games have a better story than EQ..? I'm sorry I love TES but those games are about as generic as you can get, and they're all the same one to another except Morrowind being the black sheep of the series. I think if you're looking for something with a great story, Dragon Age or Mass Effect would be a much better bet. :p

    I do think EQ2 had a great story shattered lands to TSO though. SF, DoV, and now CoE are largely just clones of what they did in TSO without the cool back story. :\

    (Just for the record I'm not blaming the dev writing the story, I'm assuming they're are pretty bogged down and just don't have the time anymore to do what they did before)

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