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Discussion in 'Priests' started by SpineDoc, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    It's a cycle. At game launch till DoF, Templar was THE healer to be. Up until the last expansion, there was always a place for them. The only way around it if you like the healing role is to just have one of every kind of healer and roll with the punches...devs don't really care if you can't play your <fill in the blank healer type> this expansion, but after awhile it will come around again and you can play it - if you are still here.

    I agree with you, it's sad.
  2. Balbasur Active Member

    templars should get 4 death saves and 3 group stones skins
  3. Balbasur Active Member

    also devs please take the wisdom of elite guild members with a grain of salt they are the 1% of the community and do not reflect the opinion of the majority thanks
  4. Bolbir Active Member

    Wasnt divine mana suppose to crit?
  5. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Thats the smartest thing you said Balb....
  6. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    It does but its kinda meh at times....heck still waiting for them to fix our prestiges 30% boost to heals recieved on target which is not great since its neglects wards/repent.
  7. Bolbir Active Member

    Hm, went trough act for my last 3 raids and its not criting for me.
  8. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Went through my logs and your right its procing for garbage...when this was still on beta that was one of my key concerns...the % was too low even maxed out and its tied to the subproc mechanics off right side which I was concerned about as well....still spec'd right side but yeah still too many issues with the prestige that made it through.
  9. PeterJohn New Member

    Are you all really speccing right tree for raids? Everything on that side seems broken, and your single target reactive cannot be spammed if you want the right side to be active.

    Taking the left side tree, my Supplicant's Prayer is usually in the top 1-2 heals on my heal parse. At least 2 raid tanks have an almost permanent +30% health, and with the recent change to Holy Army, I can keep an almost permanent +15% group potency on 3 raid groups in a lot of fights which increases raidwide dps way more than the puny personal damage output of the right tree. The only thing I miss from the right side is Divine Fate of Healing, but meh oh well.

    If they fixed the horrendously low proc rate of the Seraph's Restoration clearing the reuse timer of True Faith, I'll be dancing on stage at next year's Fan Faire.
  10. Bolbir Active Member

    Left side realy dont cut it for HM but works fine for em/heroic, well atleast for me. You still can have 3 points in reactives (left side) when going down the right side.
  11. PeterJohn New Member

    Hmmm I must really be missing something. I've already explained why I think left side is far better than right. Bolbir, what is it about the right side that you think makes it better for hard mode?

    The Divinity Aid ward does not seem worth it to me. The extra personal dps does not seem worth it considering how much raidwide dps the left side gives you.

    Is it just the Divine Fate of Healing giving you more Repent casts?
  12. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Personally I'm trying the right side out initally and then will try out the left side probably in a week or 2...but as always there is still way too much borked on our new prestiges and many of our concerns which me, you and others brought up were ignored.

    Right side issues:
    Power regen from the subproc needs to be doubled and/or allowed to crit currently the regen is way too small.
    The ward subproc needs to be heck of alot more than it currently is...maybe increase it by 20-25%
    The damage subprocs need a bump as well.
    And the biggest major issues Divinity's Aid's 30% to heals NEED TO APPLY TO WARDS AS WELL.

    Left Side Issues:
    I'll withhold judgment until I can spec it and play around with its abilities...however the endline needed a change in beta and still does...a reduction to DG base reuse is not impressive....should have been coulped with an additional boost to group hp at the very least.
  13. Bolbir Active Member

    Cant more then agree with Daalilama. But to Peterjohn, the way i se it is all the extra potency gain "self" from right side and the max health/potency debuff + the healing fate proc for Repent i value more then anything else in the new prestige tree. The potency from critbonus is a huge difference for your heals, for me going right side i lose around 50 potency self buffed. The problem with holy armour is the way it work and how you need to do it for keeping it up on more then your group, and there is defently no time for that when its HM.
  14. PeterJohn New Member


    1. You can still spec for the max health/potency debuff while going down the left side of the tree. I agree that ability is nice, but I include that on my left side spec, just like you include the + double triggers to reactives proc on your right side spec.

    2. Also on going down the left side of the prestige tree, yes you lose the +self potency, but you gain +self crit bonus. So changing nothing but my prestige tree, using left side I have potency 274, cb 284, and repent lands for 48314; using right side I have potency 296, cb 261, and repent lands for 48365. Um not that much of a difference, the extra crit bonus makes up for the lost potency, and this does not even take into account that I am going to get an extra +15% potency from Holy Army during the raids.

    3. And it is NOT hard at all to keep Holy Army up on two groups at all. Especially since they increased the duration of Holy Army to 30 seconds, meaning you only have to cast Sanctify twice every 30 seconds to maintain the potency on 2 groups. That is 2 entire groups with +potency buffs, which further makes up for the loss of +self potency you got from the right side. It also means your wards AND your group's shaman's wards are bigger and better. Keeping Sactify up on 2 groups is easier IMO than monitoring your single target reactives for the exact moment they expire in order to proc Divinity Aid, especially in hard mode where you just work Sanctify into your normal rotation.

    I was looking at my prestige tree to get some exact numbers for this post, and just realized that Holy Army was apparently ninja buffed. Holy Army now applies the +potency to the entire raid. You only have to maintain Sanctify on ONE target now, not 2 or 3 targets. Well worth your effort, and still to me a lot easier than trying to watch for the exact moment my single target reactives expire in order to proc Divinity Aid.
  15. EQAditu Member

    Hmm, if true... that is a significant boost. I'm about satisfied with testing the right side anyways.

    Might as well share my thoughts so far from the right side.

    Divine Fate(of Healing): I'm going to miss this one. Cast it on a bunch of trash and the entire raid of healers has almost nothing to heal. Though I don't know if that means they're going to DPS, but it's the thought that counts. It's useful on some boss fights with adds. Just as with trash, adds go down so fast that it's like a druid in every group.

    Divine Repentance: Hard to believe, but you only want to cast Repent so often. But conversely, this enables you to cast it on one target more than you'd ever like to. With the requirement that the fight has adds. If you try to micromanage and cast Repent on other tanks, you'll probably be able to cover several. The problem is that the refresh trigger is erratic, so it really does require micromanaging to cover more than one tank... because you have to stare at the icon to see when it's refreshed.

    Critical Invoker: No comments necessary.

    Divinity's Aid: Even on paper, I'm not sure what they were thinking. I forgot that this did anything until I looked at the AA list again. As many have said, it doesn't use the spell effects flag that allows wards to be included. To be honest if they made this effect, and by extension all of the sub-effects, trigger when overwritten it'd be huge. Requiring 5 triggers expended or 30s is what kills this and makes the sub-effects more lack-luster.

    Divinity's Punishment: A proc chance on a short duration buff that you cannot control is a big problem. Sometimes you get absolutely nothing out of it. The damage numbers are good, but the problems in triggering that damage are troublesome. Still, it's like adding an extra nuke to your rotation by casting a heal on someone.

    Divinity's Mana: A complete disappointment. I simply could not get it to generate any respectable numbers no matter what I did. Even on power drain fights where the entire group was always below 100% power. Again... a chance to proc the effect, a meager effect. I'd rather it pseudo use Deific Reformation's code and give all 9% to one person.

    Barrier of Divinity: Probably the least disappointing. It's a ward that occurs after getting hit. Chances are there will be another hit within the buff period. I'm not sure if it follows FIFO methodology of warding. If it does, it's possible other wards will block it from being used before it's duration. What was the duration again? I don't understand why people are complaining about the warding amount though. Did they want it to be as good as Repent? It parses at 60% of Repent's max absorption for me.

    Wrath of Divinity: A fair increase to personal damage when DPSing. When not compared to anything else, at least. Very easy to maintain the max increments.

    --Technically center--
    Deific Reformation: I actually quite like this after I realized that it would heal the lowest two raid members. An easy patch heal for anyone in the raid with a respectable recast time. Too bad most AEs happen a bit faster.

    Restoring Devotion: I surprised myself by being disappointed in this. Not disappointed in the recast reduction... being disappointed that they decided to make virtually all raid encounters have only 1 curable AE... making this and everyone with more cures wonder why they had them. I guess adds with AEs make this useful... but I'm still disappointed.
  16. EQAditu Member

    I can't really confirm this. The Holy Army icon in effects may mention raid and group members, but when I cast it on others... I never see the icon in my effects. And when the "Other Group" maintained icon disappears, I don't seem to lose any potency.

    I admit that testing while on normal raids isn't very reliable... but there's more evidence against it.
  17. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Many of the same issues everyone is bringing up were brought up repeatedly in the beta feedback...not shocked our concerns including the subproc mechanics of right side seem bit dry...especially considering what our clerical counterparts got...toyed around on my farming inquis...not going there tbh...just bitter we dont have a single dev that understands this classlet alone plays one which is why we constantly get the proverbial shaft.
  18. Bolbir Active Member

    I tryed both sides but im slightly more leaning to the rights side. Yes Divinitys aid its like playing the lotto "its fun when winning" if something triggers, but the first half left side covers up for that same as the first half of the right side is meh with exception for the reactives.
  19. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Agreed currently the right side all bugs and probs work good enough for me but as I said I will be playing around with a left side spec to get a feel for it myself.....but regardless even on beta I was not overly impressed with what we were given considering what other healer classes got....but its kinda meh atm.
  20. PeterJohn New Member

    Will test left side Holy Armor tonight to see if it is working correctly... pfft done already:

    ...Holy Army only affects the group not the entire raid. The text on the spell is wrong. When you examine the Sanctify ability, it states that if affects potency on group and raid, but it really only affects potency on group. Please change the text on the Sanctify Ability to reflect that Holy Army only affects target group.