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Discussion in 'Priests' started by SpineDoc, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. SpineDoc New Member

    Any love for Templars at fan faire?
  2. Arweena New Member

    Only if you count Templar DPS or more Templar DPS as Templar love ... no defensive choices for us this Xpack
  3. Mayble New Member

    Hmm, I don't want more DPS but its nice though, easier to solo, would like another cure though. But can't be too fussy.
  4. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Wouldnt mind seeing them look into the increasing array of obsolete and broken abilities
  5. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Like what?

    The only obsolete/broken ability that I can think of for Templars is Reverence. And I guess Divine Arbitration somewhat, due to heals being way more powerful now.
  6. EQAditu Member

    Ha, I forgot that Reverence existed.

    Divine Arbitration was never really any better than it is now... which is to say it's unintended effects are the only useful ones. I keep thinking they just needed to copy Divine Arbitration from EQ1 and they'd have a great spell; but they borked the mechanics and cast/recast.

    I guess the cleric instant-cast reactives are pretty obsolete. But they probably are for any priest.

    Daze and stun for raiders, I guess.

    If you want to include "increasingly" obsolete as they said, you could say maybe Sanctuary. When it came out, it protected you from everything except charm. Now encounters use no-xxx-spellcasting mechanics which it doesn't cover; nor forced target/clear target detriments.

    That's the best I can come up with.
  7. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Mana Cure is worthless...Smite Wrath should have its disabled when beneficial used should be removed, blessings has been nerfed again., overconfidence (has any templar even speced for this useless ability) those are our 4 initial endlines..did I leave anything out?
  8. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Mana Cure has never been useful for anything but PvP, where it is still useful.

    Smite Wrath is fine.

    Blessings is fine.

    Overconfidence has always been a deaggro for a dps. It would be better if it stayed on until it hit a non fighter, but sure, it's pretty non-useful (kind of like a lot of 4th endlines)
  9. Bolbir Active Member

    Nothing wrong with Reverence if you know on who and when to use it on, But some tweaks to divine arbitration/mana cure/smite wrath would be nice. Sadly Blessing didnt work on SS gear.
  10. EQAditu Member

    I don't have any hard facts about it, but it is a problem that there are rashes of items that ignore Blessings. I guess that does technically make it obsolete when practically an entire itemization run makes it do nothing. Is this still the case for recent items?

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Smite Wrath should keep the mechanic it has. +25% damage potency isn't what it used to be, but it's still sizeable. It makes you think about how to maximize DPS a bit. If we need a DPS increase as a class, removing this mechanic isn't really the right answer. Keep the mechanic, but change the 25% to scale better with content/levels/gear.

    Overconfidence is another thing I completely forgot was available. Every expansion I seemed to try using it and thinking it was a complete failure. I simply could not get any tangible effect from it because of the mechanics are not useful in practice. You'd pretty much want to use it on aggro wipes, but it just lowers 1-2 people's hate(after being physically attacked no less) while not significantly changing the number of players the tank has to get by to get on top. At best it seemed chaotic when aggro would just jump to another DPS. Instead of fighting past 12 people for top position, maybe it's 10? I was always sort of envious of Shout that the coercers got at the same time.

    The only thing they could do to Mana Cure at this point is make any ability that takes power cure any detriment. At that point, it'd only be as powerful as the shaman dog cure, I guess. You just can't rely on other people's casting for very random cures. I guess they could make it so the proc rate is 100% for the split detriment types, but that seems over powered and hard to ask for.

    The problem with Reverence is that heal procs do the job just as well for free. No recasting a single target spell every 15-20s. It doesn't work on power drains... I don't think it works on things like Mana Soul(coercer). They made it parsable at some point, right? Anyone have a specific tangible use for it that isn't overshadowed by normal spell casting?
  11. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Templars are not the only class that has some extremely outdated or broken abilities/aa's and fixing these key issues would go a long way to making this game and the classes more enjoyable.
  12. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Blessings/etc still work on pow/avatar/skyshrine crafted/war rune procs.
  13. PeterJohn New Member

    Where do we post feedback on the new prestige abilities? Has anyone tried out the new ones in the new raid zones yet?

    I have specced for left side of prestige tree. Here is what I see in raids:

    1) Seraph's Restoration is nearly useless. If I spam the spell every time it is up, it makes up about 1-2% of my heal parse between the direct heal and the reactive it generates. That is really bad for hitting the spell every time it comes up. Doing this almost never resets the reuse timer on True Faith. The proc rate for that at 4% is just too low. Theoretically I can hit Seraph's Restoration as many as 21 times before the reuse timer on True Faith expires naturally, and if I spam it every time it comes up, up to 21 times, there is still only a 57% chance that I will have reset the reuse timer during one of those 21 spams. (Yes I did the math.)

    2) Sanctify is cast with 5 increments. It was designed to last a long time by not having multiattacks and flurries count as individual hits that take away its increments. This is good, as otherwise the counters would just drop off almost instantly. However, most mobs still take away 2 increments every autoattack, apparently due to the mobs attacking with both main and offhand weapons? This means the counters on Sanctify still fly off quite fast, dropping 2 every hit, which is quite annoying. I was surprised to see how often I am recasting Sanctify as soon as the reuse timer is up and the previous one has already fallen off the tank.

    3) Holy Army is a blast. I love this spell as it gives me something to actively try to maintain in raids, and the group potency boost is significant enough to make a difference.

    4) Divine Protection is still limited by not being able to proc more than once every 60 seconds. Hard to judge this ability since you can't parse a damage reduction.

    5) Deific Reformation actually is better than I expected it to be. Average heal out of it is 21k on my zonewide parse, but a pretty good number of 50k heals if you save a few people after an aoe. Recast of 30 seconds is a bit long for a direct heal.

    6) Restoring Devotion is performing not as good as I had expected. My inquisitor still cures MUCH better than my templar, to the point where the shaman does not need to pay attention to cures hardly ever when I am on my inquisitor. Any notion that the devs had that templars would be able to cure just as fast as inquisitors can now be dispelled. But better than what we had before at least.
  14. PeterJohn New Member

    Here is how to fix Sanctify:

    You know how 2 of the 3 subabilites of Sanctify are limited in terms of how often they can proc, which limits their usefullness severely? Sanctify should be made to limit how often a hit will decrement the ability.

    For example, an increment will be removed any time the target is damaged, but not more frequently than once every 0.5 seconds. You will get the benefit of Sanctify for at least 2.5 seconds this way, but probably longer, and still be able to recast the spell after 5 seconds but more likely not to need to, as long as you're willing to monitor your maintained spells window.

    This would also fix the other problem with Sanctify which is that it only lasts like 1-1.5 seconds if the target is being attacked by multiple (as in 2-3) mobs.

    Downside to this change: Holy Army will not build up to 10 increments as quickly. However, you will more likely be able to maintain the increments of Holy Armor longer.

  15. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    I think it's a necromancer buff.
  16. Fleurs Active Member

    Reverence is "usefull" on necromancer and warlock, which tend to consume their own health, since it work on buff's mana-cost, a idle necromancer regenerate about 4-6k per tick, their own lich or blood pact actually heal them.

    Btw, is it a bug that Divinity's aid doesn't increase ward? Thought it would work on Repent and shaman ward, since it is their own way of healing.
  17. PeterJohn New Member

    If Divinity's Aid actually increased wards that landed on the target, which makes up the majority of heals on most raids, the +incoming heals would actually be useful.
  18. Bolbir Active Member

    Agree with PeterJohn here, the templar prestige defently needs a tweaking.

    Seraph Restoration - change it to 3 triggers and 12% chance to clear the reuse of True Faith

    Divine Protection - the proc needs to be changed to every 30 second and with a perhaps a lowered damage reduction in that case.

    Divinitys Aid - The way it currently works needs to be changed, the only good thing is the healing received part of it the rest needs to be worked around if you want something out of it, like cast it on your self or anyone else to increase the chance of "the spell to naturally expire" for the power/damage/ward procs as it most likely will never expire naturaly on the tank due to the spell will be used up or you are cast it again when its when its about to. And on though fights you defently not have the time to do the work around!
    Instead it would be better if it procs on the last trigger of the spell or it has a "%" chance to proc on any trigger of the spell " and can only trigger one time on the spell cast instead off like it works now "when its "naturally expires".
  19. Bolbir Active Member

    Sorry, to tired when i wrote the above. Healing received part of divinitys aid goes with the rest of what under in the prestige.
  20. amberlia New Member

    It saddens me how unwanted the Templar class is now. Back in 2005 or so when I last played a healing class, an Inq they were not wanted as much as a Templar so I come back 5-6 years later and make a Templar and now look.Wow they suck!!
    I am one of the few who have not betrayed to an Inq hoping for something to make us stand out, be wanted in a group/raid. What do we have to do??

    Yeah yeah I know if I don't like my class to play another, I do that too but like I started this post off saying, it saddens me...