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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Sundered Ground has been activated on Test!

    The ground has been sundered from below, spilling forth unrecognizable elementals bringing chaos and destruction to the lands of Norrath! Help defend the world of these arcane threats and assist Lanxena T'Xith of Neriak's The Spurned, or Mathal Dewpetal of Kelethin's Order of Arcane, in their search for answers.

    Please post any feedback or bugs that you encounter to this thread.

    Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  2. Jasym Member

    I'm not getting an update on the fifth part on this quest (Sundred Ground and Investigation for the Order of Arcane). It's the part where we "must inform Queen Amree ... speak to Queen Amree in the Fae Royal Hall"

    I talk to Queen Amree, which involves a bit of dialog and at the end she says she must think on it and that's it. No update to the quest.
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  3. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I'm stuck on this as well. Have run two other characters up to that step and all are stuck on the Queen Amree update.
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  4. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I'm sure he'll post here shortly, but Jeehi was able to complete the event and spam our guild log with discoveries. We're wondering if the Queen decided to talk to one person and that was it. :O

    The house items from the recipe book cannot be previewed, and are invisible when placed.

    I'm going to try to run through the quest and see if I get stuck with the Queen like everyone else.
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  5. Irish Active Member

    This is Jeehi, yes i finished the Kelethin side on Hopitor. Crafted all the recipes but the items are invisible if i try to place. Also got a title the Undertok Dok, not sure what rewarded it wether it was the achievement for completing the first event and second event or if from completing this quest. Also since the recipes require a drop from the quest mobs, will there be a way to get that component later? Also was anything supposed to be new on merchant other than the conversion of gravel to primordials?
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  6. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    To make sure it is clear ... and correct ... since folks are still farming primordials due to the comment about them still having a use.

    The primordial baubles from the first event can only be used to buy the stuff that is already on the event merchant, and that merchant will be sticking around. They cannot be converted.

    The Arcane Umbra Gravel, which is used in the recipes, can also be converted to baubles if you'd rather buy furniture than craft the new building blocks. (i.e., the merchant will convert gravel to baubles, but not excess baubles to gravel.)
  7. Jasym Member

    I just did this quest on an alt successfully and when I got to the turn-in to talk to Queen Amree the dialog was totally different. There was much more of the lore than when I did it the first unsuccessful time.
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  8. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I am on the step to talk to Queen Amree, and:
    1) there is no quest book over her head
    2) When I hail her, my only option is "Your Grotesque Glorifiousness, I have come on behalf of The Spurned"
    Why is this an issue? Well, I'm a good high elf, so why on earth would I be representing The Spurned?
    That's the end of it ... she says she must think on it, the quest doesn't update ... stuck.

    So, I'm going to guess there's some askew city of origin check going on that sends good folks down the wrong conversational path.

    I used a high elf with a city of Qeynos residency

    Update: thinking on it, this is one of the alts that had odd results on the "A Call for Expertise" quest, too. (Some folks get a single update, some require three, and we never found a pattern. It was written off as a fluke and never sorted out.)
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  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Ack! I'll check into the Queen Amree confusion... it's so odd that you'd be getting Queen Cristanos' dialogue through her. Has anyone completed the Neriak side?

    Also, the house item art assets should be corrected automatically on Tuesday.

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I did the Neriak quest line. It updated fine.
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  11. Kaitheel Developer

    1) The title Undertok Doc is a reward from the quest "Sundered Ground, an Investigation for the Order of Arcane," there's a different title for the Neriak version of the quest, "Sundered Ground, an Investigation for The Spurned."

    2) We do intend for the component to be accessible going forward.

    3) Nothing new on the merchant other than the component -> Malice Bauble conversion.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  12. Kaitheel Developer

    Ha! Found the issue with Queen Amree. For players that are fae, highelf, halfelf, or woodelf she was giving you Queen Cristanos' dialog. (Seems they both shop at the same dialog store. How embarrassing!) So, of course that was not going to update your quest.

    This will be resolved with the next Test server update!

    ~ Kaitheel
  13. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Looks like i'll have to wait till next tuesday to test it on my woodelf ranger.
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  14. Wintir Active Member

    I do realize this is the test server and all, but...what IS "Sundered Ground"?

    I checked other threads, googled stuff and found nothing at all speaking to this. I am guessing it's new content of some kind? Or is it TLS stuff?
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  15. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    The next step in the prelude event that is on live right now.
  16. Kaitheel Developer

    Ah! It is the second prelude event leading to the next challenge that Norrath will face. It is time sensitive content, that is scheduled to activate on live (non-TLE) servers Sept 24 through Nov 3. The first prelude event, "Malicious Threat" is live currently.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  17. Lera Well-Known Member

    Will the merchants be sticking around permanently, especially if the gravel will continue to be farmable so we can craft the blocks, and sells baubles for gravel?

    It would be really nice to not have to hoard hundreds (thousands?) of items, since the merchant sells some really nice things.
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  18. Kaitheel Developer

    Nope. Get 'em while ya can! Or miss out and wait for those items to be offered again.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  19. Wintir Active Member

    Ah, thank you for replying, folks.
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  20. Wintir Active Member

    OK, you have me curious now :)

    The recipe book, the gravel, etc. What sort of goodies can we make, please? Fluff stuff? or combat gear? both? I'm good with fluff but my SK categorically refuses to wear those pretty pajamas my wife went goo-ga over :rolleyes: which you can buy with the baubles.

    Any "manly" fluff comin' ? :cool:


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