Summer Jubilee '22 - Bugs and Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, May 20, 2022.

  1. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kaitheel!

    So rare chance from same nodes as cogs? I dind't see any other collectibles in Qey
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  2. Kaitheel Developer

    Caith found a bug that was stopping the Copper Jubilation Medals from dropping on Varsoon. It worked internally! *Sigh*

    Glad he did. They are now being looted on Varsoon!

    ~ Kaitheel
  3. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    they are dropping now! thank you
  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks for mixing the jubilation tokens in with the cogs for Varsoon Kaitheel.
    This is one happy adventurer :D
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    House items heck; I'm going for the incredibly expensive RECIPE BOOKS...thank goodness I get 2x the amount. ;->

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  6. Gelenor Active Member

    Kaith. Chrol

    Can I make the following suggestions (and I understand if it is a flat no)
    1. Make the achievement for each live event (6 clears of the live event zone) unlock the ability to buy the Golden F'Aestival Bracers from the Jubilation Merchant for all the alts on the same account (with the same cost.. 200 medals etc). The way it is set now that each alt has to make the achievement. I am of the view that this will reduce player engagement.
    2. You have added to the Jubilee Festival merchants 30 day potions for a substantial cost (200 medals) to reduce mercenary and mount training by 30 days or 100k familiar experience. The merc and mount training do not benefit really from anything over 20 days. Please consider adding a 30 day ability/spell training reduction [30 Day] potion. This would increase player involvement in the combined event substantially
    3. And finally a plea.. Please Chrol, I have died several hundred times gliding, floating and jumping all over the zone. I have managed to get to places I do not think you intended. Is there any hint for the last update I need for the Exploration achievement point of Interest "Searing Ledge". It is a doosey to find and I have already been impressed with the work required to get to many of the other of the points of interest
    I have a feeling this zone will generate complaints about its difficulty, compared to the last tinker zone. However, solo players will and should find it challenge, which for solo players is a good thing. Unless you are up for it, do not mass pull. Take your time and watch the zone wide emotes. It is a long time since I have been so engaged in a solo zone, but for players considering it, the 305 resolve loot all fabled and mutable should make it attractive.
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  7. Chrol Developer

    Because the zone is only up for a limited time, here's a hint: There are searing scourges there.

    Although that might not be much of a hint cause they're everywhere!
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  8. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    I know it's not exactly related to Jubilee, but can devs pls consider increasing the sizes for Season 9 familiars? Something definitely feels off...
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  9. Denmum Developer

    Normally I'd be pointing you to the Bug forum to open up a separate thread instead of tacking it onto an unrelated thread like this, complete with a gentle knuckle-rap. In this case, I know it has been commented on internally, so the appropriate people are aware.
  10. Gelenor Active Member

    The real advantage of the Golden F'Aestival Bracers is the completion of the Oceanfell achievement. It will help any player except those already at T14 crate purchase with a 60.6 resolve bonus when buying crates.

    For example, solo players could not previously achieve T7. Now a solo player can effectively, but not immediately, achieve T10 crates (including the fact you can pay heavily to choose the T10 jewelry you want for your character from the merchant). Now with higher tiers available, a solo player can be more powerful and has more scope in the nature of their play, such as grouping.

    I would still like to point out many of the combat abilities from the first unlock, do not match and cannot give any advantage to the player involved. Several have been mentioned... in my case as a Monk I get an increase in effectiveness of Overpower by 100 (Monks do not have that combat ability).
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  11. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I wanted, belatedly, to THANK YOU for bringing back the music instruments. I talked to... Gninja I think? or Ttobey? about those some time ago, while I was in Shar vahl in beta, how I loved the recipes we had in the day.
    They appeared briefly on a merchant on Test during Neriak testing and they were recipes for woodworker (that's why my original Test char, Nyarro, was a woodworker, but I didn't get them all back then) giving "emotes" for a drum, a flute and a lute. I still have the flute in my bank.
    And yes, it's the exact same emote (and you also fixed it at the same time for the old item as I can move while playing the flute now)

    This is awesome!

    I hope it wasn't too troublesome to fix the emote for all races (at least at the time it was thought that it was a race problem for some combinations)

    (and I LOVE the duck piper of Hamlin Qeynos!)
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  12. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Have you been to Halas lately? Baaaa!
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    there is a piper in Freeport who actually controls rats like in the old story.
    The Rat catcher of Hameln, in the end he lured away the children of the town, because he did not get paid for his services of pest control.
    I just find it funny, because I have seen lots of rats running around in Qeynos, they got a rodent problem, not Freeport
    My guess would be that the population of trolls takes care of the vermin in Freeport.
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