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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    It was called a drop last time too, but yes. It only comes from the daily or heritage chests. They aren't suddenly appearing in a new place.
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  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Two thumbs up.
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  3. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    How sweet Skrapa! Whoa my cat Wakasasha really likes you! She head butted the keyboard and now your answer is gigantic!! Gotta figure how to get it back to normal print now.

    It is the CTRL key in case anyone else wants to show cat love to Skrapa. LOL I was going to say that I hope for both your sakes that your girl friend has an EQ2 account too. Fun weekend and Double Gratitude Bonuses all around!
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  4. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    FaderMD you guys who STILL can't Log In will probably get Triple or wait ~ Quadruple Bonus XP = 1. Regular XP 2. Membership 3. Bonus XP 4. Waiting Time XP ~ or at least I shall hope so for you. Wow dude, this is a long time to jones for EQ2. Did you try the 2 different solutions people talked about? Did you Uninstall, Reinstall? I think I'd Reformat my computer by this point if it were me. Hope ya get in real soon!!
  5. Beee Well-Known Member

    Damn i forgot ;)

    But the bad thing: 10 are very rare for some players :)

    But every bonus is better than nothing
  6. Strings Well-Known Member

    Mount drops and familiar drops? What does that mean exactly? Where and when?
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  7. Melkior Well-Known Member

    They are talking about the Mount training reduction and familiar experience baubles. They are awarded randomly when you complete missions.
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  8. Strings Well-Known Member

    Okay, thank you :)
  9. Ragnars New Member

    DBL exp is kind of worthless when I can't log on. 3 days now.
    This time, was about the same last week.
  10. BerserkerRush New Member

    Okay, that is great and all. How about fixing the zone in problem so those still affected by this "quick fix" that didn't work can partake? Maybe, a refund for the month, due to the 16 of 20 days of not being able to play so far? Hmmm....... but it's cool to award the people not affected. Salty much? VERY. Switch from a 10 year old computer to a new one and can't play the game any more.
  11. Miauler Member

    Cheers all at DB! Coming from an ops background, I get that these things arise (so I tend to be a bit blase about it, and wander off and do something else), but a huge thumbs up for giving a little back. :)
    Hopefully you're all getting time to breathe and get a little joy, what with "The Dreaded Lurgi" being on the prowl, and the cold claws of winter starting to get a nice manicure. Lots of us players are cheering you all on from the sidelines and wishing you well. :)
  12. Pulse New Member

    Will this Double XP bonus be available to all levels?
  13. dreamweaver Community Relations

    It should be
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  14. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    There are still players that can't log in. Could this not of waited until the issue was fixed properly?
  15. Zinj Active Member

    There's some truth to that. I'm at a catch-22 point on my server where the only way to gear up, spell up is raiding, yet actually getting into raids with those is, difficult. The Sol Eye heroic is probably the right approach for single groups to ease their way into raid inclusion capability.
  16. Siren Well-Known Member

    OMG I have lots of collectibles jamming my bank on Kaladim. Thanks for the reminder! :D Going going gone!
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  17. Lorica New Member

    When does this start again?? I just did a Luclin Weekly, with a new quest and didn't get any extra Medallions. LOL WTH!!
  18. The Golden ShadowKnight New Member

    I did not receive any double ethereal on my characters. Maybe because I did the BBs before the big announcement came out. I was so happy to see it and waited till it started but to my sad surprise I was only getting 24 coins per mission on my SK, and my other toon. Waiting on the ticket reply on this issue.
  19. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    It's because you picked up the quests before the event started. This was changed in a patch a while back. It seems like the bonus event was a spur of the moment thing and they didn't consider that by having the event from friday to monday, a lot of people would have already started or even finished their weeklies before the event was announced. It's not the end of the world, there's still time and I'm sure we'll get another double or triple ethereal event.
  20. Valens New Member

    Thank you and to all DB peeps...

    Happy Thanksgiving :D
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