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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. FaderMD New Member

    What about for those of us who STILL can't log in? It's been a week or more since I was able to log in to any servers with any of my toons on my account. I get stuck at 99% "Loading Zone Resources". Uninstalled, reinstalled, no luck. Wife has the same issue on her account. A bonus would be nice, if we could actually log in..
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  2. Pippsqueaks New Member

    Hi, it's me...Fuzzy, again. I'm really happy and glad you are taking positive actions to help out the people who were not able to play by getting double exp, mounts, loot, and all of that. Alas, I can still not get in the game. I just got home from work, when i left this afternoon, i was waiting for the pre assets to load, well they were loaded when i got home, but the dino , that dreaded dino is still there teasing me at 99%.

    Ive done everything offered as suggestions even if it sounded crazy, like unplug my modem, rub my belly, pat my head, nothing works. I will once again redownload the entire game while i sleep, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I dont play lvl 120+ i dont have the last expansion, I lead lowby quests for my guild and newcomers. so I wont get those cool items, thats OK! Id just like to play and relax. although im still holding on for a new Pownie. *winks*

    Please helps me Obee Juan Knowbee, yus my only hopes
    pass the cheese please
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  3. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Switch to using full download (click Advanced Tools) and when you're no longer using the streaming client, you shouldn't see the small dragon any longer. The streaming client made sense 10 years ago for people with DSL for internet access and whatnot. These days, unless you're running on a very limited internet connection, it's better to just download everything in one shot. It's a better experience overall.
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  4. Rebelde Active Member

    I think that is not a good excuse. Planning! And you won't get any complain.
    Yesterday I did part of my weeklies, and that is the only interesting thing I see in that list, so I won't get any compensation for the problems we had and I suffered as many other players.
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  5. Arcos Active Member

    I run 8 of my alts through the 5 named overland quest every week. I ran 2 through yesterday so lost the extra 24 ethereal coins I would have received, receiving the 12 + 12 as usual. Just now I ran my SK through his last named and he received 12+12 coins - not the double as was promised. Could you check that the bonus is working as intended before I waste any more runs through for the other 5.

    Oh and I choose not to run the heroic groups as my play style is mainly solo so suggesting there are other means to get the ethereal coins is not helpful.
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  6. dreamweaver Community Relations

    yes, there are other upcoming bonuses these would conflict with.
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  7. Beee Well-Known Member

    Jadeite Medailion DROP ?

    I guess on opening a daily chest or a heritage chest you will get 3 istead of 2 Jadeite Medailions

    This means it's much chaper to get 7000 Jadeite medailions.. you need only 780 chests or 1500 USD in DBC to get one Mercenary or Ergott :p
  8. Celan Member

    It does not seem the double Ethereal Coin bonus is turned on, though according to the announcement it should have been for a couple hours already.
    Time: 1pm GMT+1 (4am PST/7amEST)
    Server: MajDul
    1. Big Baddies --> 12 coins + 12 coins for membership, this the normal amount, no bonus given
    2. Ethereal Ahoy --> 12 coins + 12 coins for membership, this is the normal amount, no bonus given

    Can you please check into this and also let me know, how I can get the coins I missed out on?
    Thank you in advance.
  9. Rael Member

    I ran the 3 of mine who needed the coins the most yesterday before the announcement was made. Extremely annoying since I am also just solo so have missed out. Thankfully I saw it before I ran the rest through. The ethereal coins was also the only thing there that really interested me. As much as it's nice that you are trying to make things up to players it does seem to have been timed badly and not benefited quite a few people.
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  10. Ragnars New Member

  11. Sucreblu Member

    same thing here :( I had already ran all my toons through, really disappointed.
  12. Ragnars New Member

    DBL Exp is great, but I can't log on to use it. Using advanced settings and full download and still nothing but 99%. Been 3 days now. Would really like to be able to log on.
    Would someone PLEASE fix this problem !
  13. dreamweaver Community Relations

    That means at some point it switched back to streaming assets.
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  14. Chris Thompson Active Member

    Thank you- it's appreciated.
    One question- is the double exp for members only, or also FTP types? I have both :)

    Thanks again

  15. Lorica New Member

    This is ridiculous.... Just did the weekly AC quest and DID NOT get double coins... Thanks for Nothing... WTF!!
  16. Perciful Member

    I just bought a blood ember heritage crate bundle from marketplace and tried to mail it to a character on different account. Message popped up that the item is heirloom and cannot be mailed. I have been mailing these crates between accounts for a while - why the change? I noted that the description of the ember crate has the following “Trade Restricted: 2020-11-25 08:46:23 AM”. Is this a temporary thing due to this special bonus? Will the crate revert to tradable on 25 Nov?
  17. Jiggamann Member

    Yep itll become tradeable
  18. Jiggamann Member

    did you forget that you CAN get 10 coins from a chest :)
  19. dreamweaver Community Relations

  20. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Members only.

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