Sleepers Tomb

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    I considered the banshees and such to be the remenants of those that had tried, and failed, to breach/plunder the Tomb.
    Kerafyrm I think is bigger then Tarinax....and I liked his look. he's got a mean, cruel, vicious look to him, even though he's not 'glass' like, like he was in EQ1. he's got red/blue markings. and who knows what he might look like without the 4 Warder's powers working to contain him. (he might have a more 'prismatic' look. liek the warder's powers give his skin a 'darker/cooler' look..akin to lava cooling?)
    as to the chronoportal in the back. seeing as how Skyshrine has chronomancers, and Dracur was nearly overrun, it's not a far stretch to think that some of the Malignant Droag have learned about it and decided to try and aid Kerafyrm, or make his break from the Tomb come quicker.
    maybe they think getting him out sooner would mean he'd be that much stronger when they assault Skyshrine. Remember Yalniak even speaks of it saying that while Kera was still alot stronger then any dragon (save maybe the combined might of the Crusaders) he was considerably weaker then he was due to his long slumber.
    so...'waking' Kera earlier in his slumber = stronger Kera against Skyshrine, which would mean a quicker fall or the complete sacking of Skyshrine before the Crusaders coudl be mustered.
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    Rivald@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Just about every mob and NPC in that zone is a direct copy over from EQ1, including the erudite and the banshees. I have no idea what their original story was though.
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    Meaghan@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Ah, so it does make sense then. I've never been in Sleepers Tomb in EQ1 :(
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    Rivald@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    That's too bad. I never got to explore the dungeon proper itself. Everytime I was always just summoned by a mage to fight the warders and then let them respawn.
    I was there when the Rallos Zek server killed Kerafyrm though.

    Anyway, Meaghan is right. Those mobs do exist in Kerafyrm's Lair. Banshee, Erudites (two of them (from what I looked on the bestiary)

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