Fixed Internally Silver Acct can't use Broker Since Update

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Spritely, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. Forestchild Active Member

    So "Fixed Internally" means what??? It will be fixed on the next server lauch/patch? or Fixed as no more Silver/Grandfathered Accts???

    Please a little more elaboration. Thanks again.
  2. Tkia Well-Known Member

    It means exactly what it says - it is fixed on the internal dev system and is waiting to be patched to live.
  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    SOON ™️
  4. Denmum Developer

    "Fixed internally" means we acknowledge that the bug report is valid and that we've fixed the issue that suddenly caused silver accounts to be unable to purchase from the broker. It means that the fix so you can all shop again is currently waiting on the next patch.

    (If the change to silver accounts had been intentional, which it wasn't, we'd have tagged the post as "not a bug" and explained why.)
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  5. Forestchild Active Member

    That's awesome. thanks Denmum. As a former paid player, and not unemployed, the Grandfathered Acct I have allows me to kill time and also enjoy this wonderful game. when I do have extra cash I also get things from Marketplace, (mainly decoration items, hehe).

    Thanks again.
  6. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Uhm, scratch all that. Someone already said it and I just didn't see at first. LOL
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  7. Agee Member

    issue persists - did the fix not get rolled out is this mornings patch ?
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  8. Cerah New Member

    Still not fixed as Agee stated. Still unable to use broker.
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  9. Caith Developer

    You are unable to purchase from the broker on a silver account since the patch?
    Silver accounts still require a token to sell an item.
    Free accounts need tokens for both purchasing and selling.
  10. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    That's not how it's ever been. Silver accounts have always been able to buy and sell using the broker, without requiring the purchase of tokens from the marketplace.

    I hope you are not saying that tokens will be required now to sell items via a Silver account....
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  11. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I have logged on all four of my silver accounts and did some testing. I tested with character I know was for sure broken before patch and was part of testing I just did to confirm I can buy from broker and vote. All four accounts have "Subscription Level" on character window showing "Silver". All four of the accounts I was able to make a purchase from Broker. All four of the accounts were able to vote on a house.

    All four can NOT send mail. I could have sworn I could do this before but haven't needed to send mail with them for a long time and I do have bad memory. Was sending someone mail allowed on Silver accounts? I can get attachments and stuff just not able to send mail.

    I cannot sell with all four accounts but I have never been able to do that so I could not use broker boxes as storage. I purchased the Silver account status from Marketplace so not sure if that is why they would have needed to buy tokens to sell on broker. Several times they had membership for a month so I could grind Frostfell tokens faster. I never checked since I have two memberships accounts that I sell with so cannot say if I was supposed to have access to sell or not.
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  12. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Sending mail was never part of Silver, unfortunately. :(
    It is possible to open mail (by clicking the icon in effects window), but cannot take any attachments unless using an actual mailbox.
  13. Forestchild Active Member

    I was Silver and this was what I could do:

    1) Buy/Sell on Broker, without tokens
    2) Receive mail, but not send mail. (don't care about this, because I solo)
    3) Could wear any armor, WITH exception of some Red/Blue, and the Orange adornments. (that's find, because I solo and just mess around) I don't raid.
    4) Was able to vote on houses
    5) Couldn't use the Map teleport thingy. to port to the location that I wanted to go. (thats ok, I would just use my guildhall or the local bell and take the long way around)

    So if I understand Caith correctly "Silver accounts still require a token to sell an item." Then there must of been something broken and they fixed it, but taken that part away.

    Being unemployed and living with relatives, being a caregiver to them. I guess I must be done then. because not being about to sell on the broker is BASICALLY making Grandfathered (Silver) Accounts, like F2P.

    So it's either F2P or Subbed. Well it's been fun.

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  14. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Don't decide to quit just yet - I presume with all the feedback flying around they'll fix it correctly. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
    If they stick to the line that Silver can no longer sell on the broker, I think they'll quickly see a LOT of people walk away from the game, permanently. Like you, I'd be one of those. The only thing that will make silver worth having at that point will be chat channels. For those of us who solo, they're not all that important tbh.
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  15. elflover Well-Known Member

    I thought silver could buy and sell on the broker. Its fixed for the buying part, Id like to support my hoarding issue with selling things I don't want anymore like before. If its not its honestly going to hard to want to play or buy kronos or db cash when I feel like I need something special from a panda vendor or what not.
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  16. Cerah New Member

    So you are saying Silver accounts are NO LONGER able to sell on the broker? Because for the last 2 years, silver accounts have been able to sell on the broker without the use of a token. Please enlighten us. I rarely use the broker to purchase items. I have always been able to sell excess/unneeded items on the broker without the use of a token. (Atleast thats the way it has been for the last couple of years.)
  17. Inist New Member

    Yes, although silver accounts were able to sell items on broker without the use of a token, it’s no longer possible. It seems like for whatever reason it is intensional change and not a bug. In a process of doing that, they disabled all broker access for silver accounts, which they admitted it wasn’t intentional and hence purchasing from broker is now allowed again. Selling requires tokens.
  18. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Not that it would surprise anyone who's been around the last 18yrs, but to make such a drastic change, with NO notice or even a mention in Update Notes is beyond even SOE/DBG shady. I can possibly agree, but the only real reason I can think of right now for this kind of change is to keep otherwise non-subscribing accounts that don't do much raiding or other farming activities from accumulating enough in-game plat to buy kronos off the broker (mostly crafting & decorating players I presume). ie, "Sure, you can spend all your plat, but you cannot earn diddly unless you pay a sub." Added to that, in just a couple days the price of a krono (on Halls of Fate at least) DOUBLED, from around 300mil to 600mil. Without the ability to sell dropped stuff at the inflation do to duped plat flooding the economy, who can afford that and do anything other than play EQ2 their entire waking life??

    Realistically, this change, if intentional, is no different in my opinion than when they tried to take away the 500DBC that comes with a recurring subscription. We know how that played out. They'll either fix this, or they'll see a pretty sizeable exodus. Kill the game? Maybe not, but they'll lose a lot of paid accounts from people who have more than one but rely on the Silver for some of their alt accounts.
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  19. Mythical House Item Well-Known Member

    If you were able to access features you should not have as Silver, unfortunately you won't be able to any longer. Here is what the tier breakdown has always been:
    Membership Matrix (EQ2)

    EverQuest II announced its move to Free-to-Play on November 10, 2011. EverQuest II Extended (and the Freeport server) became unified with the other EQII servers as part of the EverQuest II brand with this change.
    With the transition to All Access silver membership is no longer available for sale on the marketplace. Existing players with silver will still retain the benefits of silver membership.
    For more information about All-Access, see
    For more information about the differences between free and All-access benefits, see

    Free [1]
    No purchase required Silver
    N/A [IMG] (N/A) [2] Gold (All Access)
    $14.99 USD/month [3]
    Content Access
    EverQuest II Altar of Malice
    Full Access [4]
    Full Access [5][6]
    (excluding Freeblood&Aerakyn)
    Full Access [7][8]
    (Beastlord included with AoD). Channeler Available for purchase on marketplace.
    Full access to all primary and secondary tradeskill classes.
    Player Character Levels
    Can play through level 100 in Adventuring and Tradeskilling who have at least 280 AAs.
    Character Slots [9]
    Ability (Spell) Tiers [10]
    Full Access
    Equipment Upgrades
    Full Access
    (including Mastercrafted Legendary & Mastercrafted Fabled)
    Bonus 5 Ascension Scrolls (Weekly) [11]
    Prestige Equipment Upgrades
    Full access to all housing types and all six house vault slots.
    Full access to using their guild hall and all amenities not restricted by membership. [12]
    Feature Access
    Inventory Bag Slots
    (per character)
    Membership Benefits Buff [13]
    Double Alternate Currency [14]
    Saveable Equipment Sets [15]
    Map UI Fast Travel [16]
    In-Game Mail [17]
    Can only receive in-game mail.
    Send & Receive
    Full Access
    Full Access
    Full Access
    Shared Bank Space
    Full Access
    Full Access
    Full Access
    Guild Bank Space
    Full access to available space if character is in a guild. [18]
    No Buying or Selling [19]
    No Selling [20]
    Full Access
    Active Quest Journal
    Full Access
    Full Access
    Full Access
    In-Game Chat
    Can only use /say, /tell,
    /group and /guild
    Full Access
    Voice Chat
    Guild Join/Create
    Join Only
    Join and Create
    Account Services
    Customer Service
    Knowledge Base Only [21]
    (full support for transaction based issues)
    Full Support
    Purchasable via any available methods.
    Purchasable via any available methods.
    Bonus 500 [IMG] per month given to recurring Gold.
    Pop-Up Advertisement
    In-game pop-up reminders to upgrade to Gold.
    EverQuest II Free-to-Play Membership Matrix
    Account Membership & Price
    1. ^ The "Free" membership tier was formerly known as Bronze when the EverQuest II Extended service existed. Former Bronze members will be converted to the Free tier.
    2. ^ Silver Membership was a one-time fee of 500 Station Cash (SC or [IMG]).
    3. ^ Gold membership can be purchased as recurring or non-recurring plans in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month increments.
    4. ^ The Terrors of Thalumbra and Age of Discovery expansion packs can be purchased separately for more content.
    5. ^ The Freeblood character race is available on the Station Cash Marketplace
    6. ^ The Aerakyn character race is available on the Station Cash Marketplace
    7. ^ .The Beastlord class is only available with the purchase of the Age of Discovery expansion.
    8. ^ The Channeler Class is available on the Station Cash Marketplace
    9. ^ Unlimited additional character slots can be purchased by any tier on the Station Cash Marketplace.
    10. ^ Free and Silver members can receive further upgrades on individual abilities by purchasing Spell Unlocker Packs from the Station Cash Marketplace.
    11. ^ 5 ascension scrolls obtainable (per charater) from ascension trainers every 6 days, 20 hours.
    12. ^ Some membership tiers may find themselves restricted from using guild hall amenities such as the Broker.
    13. ^ gives buff +10% ground mount speed, +10% air mount speed, +15% coin looted
    14. ^ When you get currencies that go into your currency tab as loot, you get double.
    15. ^ Allows you to save multiple equipment loadouts and swap them at the click of a button
    16. ^ Allows you to click a button from your main map and travel directly to another open overland/city zone without having to visit a bell, wiz spire or druid ring.
    17. ^ Players on PvP servers cannot send mail to players of opposing alignment to their own.
    18. ^ Guild bank access can be restricted based on a character's guild rank by guild leaders and officers. Guild bank space available is dependent upon a guild's level.
    19. ^ Free members can make purchases or sales on the Broker System by using Marketplace broker credits.
    20. ^ Silver members can make sales on the Broker System by using Marketplace broker credits.
    21. ^ Free and Silver Membership accounts will receive customer service to resolve real money transaction based issues only. Support for other gameplay and performance issues is available at the online knowledge base.

    Categories: EverQuest II | EQ2 Guides
  20. Inist New Member

    I only wish there would be more transparency. I came back to EQ2 after about 8 years. My main toon was 90 and I was relatively wealthy with 7,000 platinum before taking a break. Once I came back I knew I had long way to go to level 125 before I can even start thinking about high end content. So I was happy with top end limitations for some foreseeable future. Since I could buy and sell items on broker, I decided to purchase premium versions of latest expansion for my wife and myself, since I didn’t really need all access right away. I wanted to take time to enjoy all the content I missed. A few weeks later I suddenly realized, I need all access account in addition to that, if I want to make any money in the game. Another $200 after just spending $300. $500 a year for a game is insane by any standards! If I knew this was coming I would stick with basic expansion and all access subscription. It feels like “bait & switch” tactic to me. If I stay with the game I will never buy anything above basic expansion tier. Why do you have to be so greedy DB?!
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