Scars of the Awakened is LIVE!

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    Ever vigilant, Norrathians march united under the banner of the New Combine army, deeper into the perilous continent of Velious.

    Finally, the army breaches the borders of a region known as Cobalt Scar - a majestic, lush, but tormented region. And from within dark passages in the surrounding mountains, the inhabitants of Sirens Grotto beckon to all.

    The first news heard from Cobalt Scar concerns tribes of Othmir that succumbed to an unfortunate fate that now threatens everyone. Further examination into the area will reveal a foreboding presence of the Awakened Legion, a force of evil that decimated dragonkind in the legendary city ofSkyshrine.

    Nearby, in the watery depths of Sirens Grotto - unseen by landwalkers for the ages – it is said that the caverns hold secrets of their own. And the beguiling siren coven known as the Darkwater Sisters will not give up those secrets easily.

    All the while, the Ages End Prophecy looms with its promise to see Kerafyrm - Norrath's most evil, powerful dragon - bring a violent end to the world. Heroes from every corner of Norrath are called to explore this new land in Velious and fight for a future for all.

    • New overland zone, Cobalt Scar: Includes a new story quest line and new collections
    • New dungeon, Siren's Grotto: Includes Solo, Group, and Raid challenges
    • New Tradeskill quest line
    • New Tradeskill Apprentice daily tasks
    • Class updates based on feedback
    • PvP reward updates

    To reach Cobalt Scar, hail either the Combine griffin tamer located on the docks in Great Divide or the tamer near the entrance of The Withered Lands!

    For the full update notes, visit this forum post.
  2. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    NOTE: Currently (11:00 am PDT), four servers remained locked - Guk, Everfrost, Butcherblock, and Unrest. We will keep you updated on the status of these servers.
  3. Bangyu New Member

    Jaded (Guk) Looking for people wanting to advance in this update contact Bangyur,Edda,Neaux,Krazee,Entune,Masssacre,Leenoth,Zeppboy,Krusader in game for more info
  4. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    All servers are unlocked! Enjoy! :)

  5. Keerplunk New Member

    LIES!! I was on Crushbone long enough to get Disco on the PoW Scout wrist then Booted and now Crushbone cannot be found NNnoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  6. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Just tried to login, Crushbone showing locked/offline
  7. Natakat New Member

    Crushbone still down
  8. Natakat New Member

    someone spill coffee on the keyboard? :p
  9. Keerplunk New Member

    I think someone tripped over the power cable
  10. Natakat New Member

    Dang interns.
    Probably tripped over the cable trying to deliver coffee and shrugged and walked off
  11. Keerplunk New Member

    I just hope i still have credit for the disco since that's all I really wanted hehehe. If not I will be filing a petition dangit!
  12. Natakat New Member

    Lol Im sure you will. im trying to do the questline. Whered u get the disco at?
  13. Poppinbandz New Member

    <sigh> talk about a tease
  14. Keerplunk New Member

    Fortress of drunder! It was the PoW Wrist that became fighter only so they put in a trade in merchant, there are merchants in 3 locations to trade in items that are no longer usable by your class (assuming you had one such item) I logged out there last night and have been spamming my log in so I could get disco.
  15. crazysuite New Member

    Why do they say it will only take 3 hours when clearly it takes 4 almost 5 hours to do update....
    SOE why don't you say it will take at least 6hrs to complete this update.. Just incase your interns screw something up.
  16. Poppinbandz New Member

    and make sure u get it right the first time so the server doesn't crash 5 mins
  17. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Hey everyone,

    We're looking into the issues with Crushbone.

  18. Natakat New Member

    Lol the server was up 45 minutes late after update. Then server went back down after 30 minutes of run time. still waiting
  19. Natakat New Member

    Thank you Dexella!!!
  20. Poppinbandz New Member

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