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  1. Gninja Developer

    Like I also said previously, we are watching it closely and gathering data. This is why the stat (for raids at least) are only on this one zone's creatures. Its something that will take some iteration and if it needs changed we will make changes sooner rather than later.
  2. wazul Active Member

    some etheral and belt disti & cloack fabled aom for exemple still best slot item, some of us need operate downgrade for the resolve stats.
  3. Gninja Developer

    You can get better belts and cloaks in the Zek content.
  4. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    Like melee priest class cloaks with flurry? ;)
  5. Gninja Developer

    The resolve stat was expected to be something we would likely have to adapt after we saw it in action. That is the reason we put it in with this update and not with an expansion full of raid bosses. The Siege raid zone is expected to be a little more difficult than previous ToT content but as long as you have the gear from the previous content you should be within range to give them an honest try. Will you be below the optimum amount of resolve? Maybe. But remember that resolve does not work the same way Crit Mit did. You aren't going to get one shot for being a couple resolve under optimum. The outgoing damage of the bosses and the dps requirements are not so strict whereas these numbers will wipe out your raid force.

    This is going to be an evolving thing. As we see problems we are going to be addressing them and in fact we are already doing that. Values across all bosses are getting adjusted to be a little more liberal with having duplicate classes. Another problem we have seen is that its fairly difficult and requires a lot of time investment to gear up with the higher tier gear in ToT so we are looking at increasing the number of items that drop in those ToT raids.

    We very much hear the feedback and we are reacting to it. Even if it isn't immediately apparent.
  6. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    As already many said there is fundamental problem in how resolve works
    Correct me if wrong - each point BELOW mob resolve in the essence decrease raid DPS by 1% and increase incoming damage by 1%. To be flat honest I do not see MUCH problem in raid DPS over all decrease given fact that Zek gear give YUGE Potency and AMOD boost (I bet some nice damage procs as well and new adorns ...) so that do offsets (huge increase in DPS via gear and softening this effect with lack of resolve). Where I see bigger problem is incoming damage increase so say you have 290s (T2 raid level of gear with healthy amount of relic/mythical) with boss of 315 you could probably push through but if boss say 325? or 350?
    Another problem is disparity of resolve buff - drop this, it been bad idea from beginning - this stupid buff force any raid have "a must classes" and in this incarnation a must classes are not healers or DPSs or tanks - nope this is classes that give +15 resolve - you can't afford miss inquisitor over having second fury on raid - or face -15 resolve penalty
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Resolve is a per toon thing.
    If toon A's resolve is lower then the mobs, toon A takes more damage and does less damage to the mob. If toon B has as much or more resolve then the mob, toon B does full damage and takes no extra damage.
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Since the raid buffs don't stack, could we at least be able to CAST it on multiple classes so if one dies we still have that class resolve boost?
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  9. Xper Well-Known Member

    Caith confirmed earlier today that this will be fixed on Tuesday.
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  10. Adaac Member

    Could someone enlighten me on why the disparity between a Shaman and a Templar on the resolve buff? our Templar has 15 resolve buff my Defiler has 5
  11. Chiffon Active Member

    Why do the different healer classes have different amounts of resolve? My mystic and defiler have 5 resolve and my warden has 10, and from reading above it looks as though clerics have 15. What the heck??? Can someone please explain why its this way, especially if it doesn't stack?
  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Our best guess is to 'encourage' us to play the weaker classes.. though anybody who thinks a templar is weaker then a druid in current top end content hasn't played a healer recently....
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  13. Lithinor Member

    i'm glad the weather outside is looking good here
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  14. semisus Does not play this game

    would certainly be nice if we could get a figure on how it works , like how much resolve is recommended for heroics and raids?
  15. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Scouts with detect weakness can use it on mobs and see how much resolve they have. It varies from mob to mob.
  16. Kubriggy New Member

    lol at resolve. just how many people are going to be buying the expansion if its still in the game?
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  17. Xyno Member

    It was mentioned that there would be better belts and cloaks in the ZEK content. Well - if I check the resolve stat of the merged belts of the solo instance, I don´t understand why it has just 1% resolve.
    [IMG] [IMG]
  18. Lea Plath Active Member

    Is that solo or heroic belt and how many of them do you have to fuse togther to get it?
  19. Kaarkula Active Member

    Were a few people short tonight in raid... so had to box some alts for "Resolve" to increase our dps.

    I respect you guys... and I get the idea, but it's just no fun.

    If someone would have logged in on a duplicate class... I'm not sure we would have dropped the person's alt auto following.

    The ebb and flow of which classes are powerful has gone on since the games inception - I don't understand the neccesity of this. What am I missing?
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  20. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Yeah was near a group shy last night when we went in to new raid zone...starting to have hallucinations like I was back in drunder hm again dam if I didn't see elements of those scripts there...or was that the magic mushrooms the zek raid gave first glance in raid of resolve not a happy camper....

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