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  1. ARCHIVED-miramis82 Guest

    I would like to see the ability to right-click/examine the recipe that is in the filter window without having to click accept on the recipe just to look at the recipes in the book and then having to go back and scroll all the way to that recipe again if it's not what I want.
    I would like to see tick boxes next to recipe books that I can tick to hide that recipe, with another button that I can click to view hidden recipes so I can untick if necessary, this is useful for recipes I rarely use.
    I would like to see the quested recipes that don't produce usuable items (furniture/armour ect..) removed altogether. For the repeatable faction quests the recipes could be deleted once the quest is finished and the recipe book reissued when you pick up the quest again, so when you are done gaining faction you aren't left with unused recipes to scroll through.
    Note, not all quest related recipes become unusable once the quest is finished, such as Clurg's Family Stein Recipe, Compendium of Mineral Refining Techniques for example.
    These are some recipes I would like to see hidden, some I would like removed altogether. Technically they could all be removed if the faction recipe books are reissued with the quest being picked up, and the recipes removed on quest completion. (not all the faction recipes here are marked as such)
    Armaments of Paineel (Paineel faction)
    Berts Big Book of Health
    Camp Supplies: Revision II
    Capru's Insect Trap
    Elemental Resonance Device
    Emergency Shelter For Dummies
    Far Seas Essential Supply Manual Vol 2 (Far seas Faction)
    Far Seas Shipbuilding Manual (Far seas faction)
    How To: Cure Mammoth Meat
    Makin Stuf Da Grobb Way (Grobb Faction)
    Observatory Supply List
    Observatory Supply Manifest, page 3
    Othmir Shell Armour
    Secrets of the Danak Craftsmen (Danak Faction)
    Shroud of the Manastone
    Sootfoot Boom Rock
    Strong Brew Root Beer Recipe
    The Finer points of Rituals
    Theoretical Notes on Portal Repair
    Thurgadin Supply Manifesto (Thurgadin crafters faction)
    Totemic Mastercrafting and You
    Traditional Warding Spells
    Tupta Traditional Artisanry (Tupta Faction)
    Wagon Wheel Repairs
    Yellowfang Mantle Recipe
    a tattered scrap of paper

    It's just my personal take on what I would like to see and others may feel differently about some aspecs suggested.
  2. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Terrogaunt wrote:
    No, basically we have been stuck with the same archaric search since launch, with just a couple things added. The whole thing needs to be thrown out.
    Here's my request: Allow seperate characters to have their own set of filters. Right now all characters share one.
  3. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    The top request I would have is to be able (optionally) to store filters by character. The next request would be a way to eliminate all the blessed/imbued recipes when I'm doing weaponsmith or woodworker writs. (or just allow regular expressions and I'll do it myself.)
    While it needs an overhaul, a few small changes could significantly improve the current state. Remove some of the options that are no longer relevant, maybe change the "crafting skill" selecton to "type of workstation" and add a few checkboxes.
    I use the current filter by recipe book and by class, and rarely by level. A mastercrafted/handcrafted switch would be very handy. I'm not sure how useful "outleveled" would be as someone leveling would be doing a specific level range for their current writs, but a "current writ level" checkbox would be very handy, if you get the levels right. I suppose a quest item checkbox would require info not in the recipe database.
    Thank you for looking at it.
    edit - actually, I wonder if fixing the UI components would be a bigger upgrade. We have multiple different overlapping scrollbars which are tempermental. But either-or.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ambeco Guest

    My requests would be
    1. A complete overhaul similar to what was discribed on the last page. If not that then the quick ones would be:
    2. A "current writ/rush order" Checkbox
    3. A search by slot.
    4. search by atribute, str, sta etc
    5. Handcrafted/mastercrafted checkbox.
  5. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    My only interest would be sorting out my apprentice recipes without having to make filters for every toon, which would continue to need updates. Even something as simple as having the recipes start with the words "Ancient Knowledge" and "Draconic Knowledge" would be great and make searching easier.
  6. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    I'd love to be able to search by recipe ingredient. I was able to do this in another game, and it was actually very useful. There's been many a time I've had a particular item (usually a rare or special item) and wished I could bring up a list of all the recipes that used that ingredient.
  7. ARCHIVED-OberonThunderfire Guest

    Ability to sort by type: (armor types, weapon types, furniture, holiday, food, drink,potions/poisons, essences, jewerly, runes, scrolls, quest, researched, etc) sub groups in these would be fantastic but I know coding all the recipes in game would be a bear.

    In parallel it would be nice to have an omit (type) too. Ex pull a list of all holiday recipes that are not furniture.

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