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  1. ARCHIVED-Terrogaunt Guest

    Hey guys! We got some fantastic feedback from SOE Live. One of the things brought up was to add filtering into the tradeskill recipe page.
    What would you guys like to see as filter checkboxes? So far, I was thinking of incorperating the "Hide Outleveled" that the merchant window has. Is there anything else that you guys think would be super useful?
  2. ARCHIVED-Hordolin Awanagin Guest

    How about something very similar to the Advanced search window on the broker?
    EDIT: If the data were available in the data feed...
  3. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Filter master crafted vs regular crafted
    Filter by a stat (wis, agi, str, int, etc)\
    Add tradeskill classes to the 'usable by' list for things like the tinkered tools
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Filter by main ingredient.
  5. ARCHIVED-Afista Guest

    I'm not sure if it's possible.. but a filter by holiday recipe option? Having all of the NoTD books pulled up easily, or all of the Frostfell or Erollissi day ones. (I know you can search for individual books to filter one at a time, but it's such a messy list : / Having the grouped would be lovely! )
  6. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    i'd like to see a set type checkboxes (weapon/armor/totem etc) It would also be nice if we could checkbox player made filters to 'show only for this charater/show only for X type tradeskiller' to make mutli charater filters easier to manage.
    Would also be cool if we could drag specific recipies to out hotbars open up a recipe filter and drag and drop the recipies from the hotbars like you can when making macros.
  7. ARCHIVED-Azlana Guest

    I'd like to see something to show
    stuff like that to make it easier to find recipies when I'm decorating. The same categories that are on EQ2 Decorators and EQ2 Traders categories.

    What the heck is Geomacy? Runecraft? Arcana? Is this even an Everquest 2 search box? Tried to clarify some of this to a guildy but I couldn't. Makes no sense to me either.
  9. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    ZUES wrote:
    they are basic skills all toons get they are used for non-specalization recipes (usually quest ones)
  10. ARCHIVED-Cakeny Guest

    Option for filtering by armor type or weapon type.
  11. ARCHIVED-NiteGazer Guest

    Azxira@Everfrost wrote:
    Yes, please.
  12. ARCHIVED-Puck Guest

    ZUES wrote:
    What he said. The current filter is just... archaic.
  13. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Terrogaunt wrote:
    Hide Outleveled would only be useful to someone who is only crafting for XP. Those who continue crafting after they've gained their levels (i.e. most of those who want better filters) don't do it for XP and craft for a variety of levels.
    One thing I -hate- in the current filters is that it's used for every character that is used on that computer.This causes all sorts of wonkiness.
    After I have set up a filter by books, if I use that filter on a character who is missing just one of those books it's completely changed for every other character and missing the book that character was missing forever more unless I actively redo the saved filter on a character that has all the books (and then it gets clobbered again..).
    Filters by level are about the only reliable saved filter right now and even that one is a PITA because there is no way to selectively hide anything without specifically selecting each book (which then gets clobbered when used by a different character with different books).
    There is no way to set up a filter by recipe names. You can do a search by names by each and every time typing in the name or a portion of it on the front of the book but nothing for it on the back with the filters.
    There is no way to do a search or filter on recipes by ingredients either the primary or any of the rest.
    The techinique and knowledge filters are semi-redundant. Each technique and knowledge match up as just the same thing by a different name. Both the technique and knowledge suffer for that, though, because most really don't relate well to the name of the class. As a few examples: Artificing, Artistry, and Arcana, which classes are those?
    There is no way to do a search on the crafting station used.
    There is no way to do a search on the type of item that's made.
    There is no way to 'hide' one time use books.
    There is no way to -easily- have a filter (that works consistantly every time no matter the character used) for holiday recipes.
    And so on..
  14. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Something else that would be nice, but probably wouldn't work as part of the interface...
    It would be nice if we could make filter files to put in the filter directory that contained only recipe names.. so when the filter was called only those recipes would show. This would be particularly useful for rush orders.
  15. ARCHIVED-Terrogaunt Guest

    It sounds like you guys want a full overhaul of the tradeskill filter system. I'll see what I can do, but that's no small task.
    I was mainly asking if there were any small additions that you'd like for the moment, but feel free to keep posting awesome ideas! :p
  16. ARCHIVED-Meidjum Guest

    How about a slot option: head, shoulder, leg etc. That would make finding the right adornment or appereance item much easier.
  17. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    When I played Istaria the thing i loved about that recipe set up was it worked like favorites in IE browser.
    I was able to drag and drop recipes into created folders which I found very useful.
  18. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Terrogaunt wrote:
    Sadly it's that bad that only a full overhaul would improve it.
    The last 'improvement' was the addition of a class filter. That doesn't work well for items which aren't specifically restricted to any class. If you use the class filter on a provisioner, for example, to try and find the best food/drink for a priest, since no food/drink is class restricted, all food/drink would show up, not just those with a +wis. Fluff recipes that are classless show up when doing a search on class, too, which makes certain level ranges for all classes a PITA (same for the broker filter, as well).
    But, small improvements.. for me, if it was possible to create a filter on a character with all of a certain type of book (i.e. holiday books) and use that filter on a character without all of that same book and not have it altered by that use, I would be marginally happier.
    If it was possible to selectively hide recipe books to hide the one-off books which were for specific completedquests it would help. But the exception there is I wouldn't want having done them on one character to hide them from all other characters using that computer whether they've done the quest or not.
    If it was possible to have a saved filter on recipe name, that would help bunches, too.
  19. ARCHIVED-Mysstie Guest

    Regarding Book filters for Holidays and Tradeskill Apprentice recipes, I have those setup. The Tradeskill Apprentice Filter has every possible recipe listed in it (I found a listing on Zam or some EQ2 site and manually edited the recipe file). When I click on it game, it lists all the recipes that particular toon has the recipe for and just doesn't show the ones that are missing for that toon. I also did the same thing for the Thurgadin Recipes. I manually edited the recipe file and combined all my separate listings for the different tradeskill classes into one large Thurgadin list. The key is, I don't edit those filters in game after I combined them. What I would like is a "List only the items the current Rush Order wants me to make" checkbox LOL.

    Rijacki wrote:
    LOL so true.

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