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  1. buhbanana New Member

    You have to Log off then back on again for the free button to show up now i couuld be wrong but i think it locks at level 86 but I think it locks the same way level 90 does so it wont probably lock u out completely but will just keep barking about having to upgrade to allow u to upgrade to level Probably the same as level 10 crafting . Also it will Not Upgrade the Harvesting level You are at It wont show the Free icon untilll you close the program then relog on again then the Free mini green icon shows up allowing u to effectively get the 3500 sc cash option free SO after oct 15 the free button must dissipaire I hope U can still stay at youre current level after oct 15 otherwise im going to be mad I cant play ...
  2. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    On free accounts that where created after Sept 22 the restriction is one per household, so if another account created after the 22nd got the free heroic before you created your account you will not be eligible for it. Have no idea how they determine same household
  3. Mae- Well-Known Member

    If you are using a custom UI, you may not see the option. On the character select screen, before you fully log into the game, there is a button next to the character that gives the upgrade option. Make sure you read carefully before you commit to anything, and make sure you click the arrow next to the character you want to upgrade.
  4. JestersTM New Member

    I wish you didn't lose the AA's you earned from 85-86 if you decide to keep the character after trying it for 1 level. It almost means you SHOULDN'T complete certain things in that first zone (gnoll/undead language/collections) and that seems counter-intuitive. A fresh 85 who takes the upgrade right away will have an advantage of ~6 AA's by the time they get to 86, but that person didn't get to TRY anything.
  5. bayliss New Member

    Sorry if this was already asked... my husband and I both have accounts from several years ago. We've already claimed our free heroic chars. We were thinking of creating a new account for our son to get him an 85 level char, but I'm not sure how that works with the one per household limit. Is it one per household *in addition* to any old accounts?
  6. Leylie New Member

    I've been playing this game since it came out, but off and on. I have little time to dedicate in my busy life (sewing business and full time job!) to grinding out levels and tradeskilling, even though I used to have. I came back after awhile away and noticed that literally everything had passed me by! Nobody in my guild was anywhere near my level any more, and grouping at the level range my main and my alts were was nigh on impossible. The only reason I came back to this game was this feature. I think it is excellent. Thanks, Devs!

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