Producer Letter: About Heroic Characters...

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  1. Airos Active Member

    If you're using a custom UI such as Drums or Profit, you may have to disable that UI until they have been updated.

    If you're using Drums specifically, I posted a quick guide on how to find the button.
  2. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Derp, I should've figured that out on my own, but half the time I forget I'm running Profit. Been using it so long, it's become standard for me.

    Heh, thanks for the answer. I'll just wait until Profit rolls out an update :)
  3. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    Nm - asked and answered
  4. Vegentius New Member

    It's called trying to gain back a lot of players, bashers and whiners. I quit playing EQII in 2008, but I'm downloading now to see whether I want to get back into playing EQII. Would I be back if I still had my old character, or started from lvl1? No. So, I see no disadvantages to the existing player base. However, I do see this as a way for an influx of new and old members to start playing EQII once again. If adding to the player base, because this is the bottom line, is such a huge problem for you I must ask. What planet are you living on and, or do you start your day on drugs?
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  5. Patchkit Member

    I got the same problem on mine rebooted my computer came back and found no new toon and the free heroic opt gone
  6. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    petition in game or at
  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    All the same, love taking heroic with freezing traps and pet heals in between ;-) But this was vaniila WOW.

    And well i never actually got a corpse camped since i played classes that did solo well.

    BUT : i felt into the hole at level 14 after crossing half the world with my dear sow, i also died deep in kithicor forest
    but some firendly necor dragged it for me. I hencefore rolled a necro too, and i enjoyed pulling newbie corspes out of tree trunks near orc hill ;-)
  8. Chatele New Member

    That's the thing I don't like, did my lvl 85 hero.... but to grind crafting from 19-85 I am not looking forward to
  9. Finora Well-Known Member

    Then why do it? It's not like you can't get the crafted items any other way.
  10. Drallidor New Member

    Ok, so here is a question I have not seen asked yet. I upgraded my necro to 85. And realized I had wanted to remake him, not just upgrade him (he was low enough level that it didn't matter). Wanted to change his appearance, and a couple other minor things. So here is the big question: If I delete an upgraded Heroic, can I remake one from scratch, or am I already hosed? Thanks in advance!
  11. Bashem Well-Known Member

    From what I read if you delete your free heroic char you need to buy a new one to get another one
  12. daicia Well-Known Member

    I've been playing since Kingdom of Sky with very few major breaks from subbing and I am -glad- to see these added. I am one of four leaders in a multi-game guild and only a small % stuck with EQ2 over the years consistently. The main thing I hear when I ask my friends who haven't kept up with the game, is that they don't look forward to coming back and trying to catch up to guild mates that are at max. Those we know from other games have qualms about starting out at 1 and getting all the way to 90. In a perfect world, there would be no levels anyway. That said, I am personally not interested in "end game" and like to level slowly, but IMHO, that's no reason to rain on the parade of players that are returning after so long. I'll be glad to have them back. Why wouldn't I?

    Nor is it a reason to poo-poo new players that are trying EQ2 for the first time and buying this feature. I can't recall trying a new MMO that and meeting someone I didn't know prior, that was playing their very first MMO without a veteran MMO player bringing them in. In fact, F2P EQ2 is the only way I was able to get a couple of friends to try their hand at a MMO at all. Most people I've met in numerous games have played at least one MMO and if you've been able to play one class archetype well (and they are all pretty much the same in all games when you boil it down, if we're honest) there is nothing major to learn. So why is everyone panicked about people "not knowing" how to play? There a million and one things in life that are far more difficult to learn to do than figuring out a rotation of combat arts/spells, learning to gear up, and learning the ins and outs of a playing any class. If anything, people either want to play and try or they don't care--and they can get to 95 by being power leveled in a day prior to this and have will that attitude anyway.

    No way do I think of all the levels I've gained over the years as some weird sort of "work". I play because its fun. For some people it's a drag to level--and that doesn't make those players "bad". Their play style is different. It's not like a Heroic character is a ten dollar purchase after this promo, so I don't foresee tons of people dropping that cash if they don't actually want to try to play well. Will they be there? Sure, a few, but they are already there anyway if you look hard enough.

    To the dev team and programmers, thanks for adding this. Thanks for giving existing players a chance to snag a heroic character for free. I'd buy you a jum jum pie if I could. :)
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  13. Drallidor New Member

    Ugh. I was afraid of that. Can't believe I made the mistake... :(

    Thanks, mac for the info.
  14. Finora Well-Known Member

    You can change your appearance for 1g 20 silver or so at the barber in most cities. If you decided you didn't like the race you can buy a race change potion, which is much cheaper than buying another herioc character. Same for sex and name. Everything else is pretty easy to change.
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  15. MyQuay New Member

    I have the same issue as apparently many have. Logged in at work, tried to create, couldn't find a name I liked so canceled and when I got home no Free option. I petitioned in and out of game but haven't heard back so much as a crickets peep... Could someone tell me what the typical petition experience is? No response till it's resolved or notification that someone heard you followed up by a resolution?

  16. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Is computer at work same as home as far as using a UI like Drums or Profit? You wont see option until you go in game and set default UI using /loadui and choose default UI.
  17. Drallidor New Member

    Thanks, Finora. Was hoping to just start with a fresh one (might have even made him something other than a necro). Guess I am stuck with him for now. :/

    Thanks again! :D
  18. Jokirr Member

    My only issue is when will a vendor be in game to sell me the cool looking armor....its kind of lame i would have to waste a heroic character just for armor :(
  19. Vegentius New Member

    I had a post that was removed by a moderator earlier this morning, with good reasoning, but I still wanted to sincerely apologize to you, macatk. It matters not what my opinion towards you may be and it wasn't mature of me, or 'nice' to post what I did concerning your comments on this matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s)! This is a game after all.. at the end of the day we're all here to have fun first and foremost (I hope). We namely game to get away from the mundane points in life, stress filled days and, or the likes. Take care and good hunting.
  20. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    they already said the armor will not be on the vendor

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