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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Mirama, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mirama Guest

    Was looking for some pictures of some Warlocks for some inspiration, but the last thread I saw was about 5 pages back so why not see what new gear everyone is ******* out! ^_^ Thanks hehe! :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    With Robe:

    Without Robe:

  3. ARCHIVED-Sanser Guest

    Very nice, im personaly no fan of the robe so, is there cloth armor lwith the no robe look in every tier?
  4. ARCHIVED-Mirama Guest

    not sure but that hat looks awsome, let's see some more! =)
    Can we still get pointy mage hats or did all of them change to the new warlock hat look. I like the pointy one better =P
  5. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    Sanser wrote:
    There is, but for the most part unless your very lucky you'll get stuck in the robe. The options just aren't as nice stat wise.

    The chest I'm wearing in the second pic is actually the one out of the Claymore questline. The stats on it aren't horrible, but you wouldn't want to wear it raiding.
  6. ARCHIVED-CelebornXI Guest

    Here ye go =p

    far left is Phero in her normal raid gear
    center is showing off the class gear i have, shoulders gloves and boots(cant see the forearms)
    with the dracomancer bp
    the far right is phero showing off the vine wrapped boots i managed to snag tonight

    edit: ma link didnt work at first!
  7. ARCHIVED-Mirama Guest

    Is there only 2 Warlocks out there? Show some love <3
  8. ARCHIVED-Araxes Guest

    I think the issue is that the majority of us don't have pictures that are going to be significantly different from anyone else's ... hehe. A few changes of color here and there, maybe a different weapon.
  9. ARCHIVED-funky_gibbon Guest

    I have never been a fan of the robe either.

  10. ARCHIVED-Avatare Guest


    A rare sighting of Wayoff Target
  11. ARCHIVED-inzewood Guest

    eof set and robe of al'kabor
  12. ARCHIVED-Deathspell Guest

    I thought the Al'Kabor robe was blue.
  13. ARCHIVED-Jaroth Cloudwalker Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-Gromann Guest

    The red one drops off avatars, the blue one is our legendary set robe from unrest. I think the actual name of the blue one is Al'Kabor's Spellbound Robe, or something to that effect.
  15. ARCHIVED-JFuller Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-Gromann Guest

  17. ARCHIVED-Gromann Guest

    Is there a setting to take high quality screenshots or something? None of my screenshots look near as good as they do in game.
  18. ARCHIVED-Giggittygiggity Guest

    Here I am in some blood gear:

  19. ARCHIVED-Aranieq Guest

    put a torch in - it makes huge difference if want a good Screeny to show off..
  20. ARCHIVED-Valdar Guest

    Aranieq wrote:
    I doubt you'll see anyone from Nagafen post a screenie with a torch :)

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