Pics of your Warlock!

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Mirama, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Aranieq Guest

    haha I didn't mean run around with it i just meant for the SS =p.. hehe but I see your point =p
  2. ARCHIVED-Wilde_Night Guest

    She is still young, only 43, but working her way up the ladder to ultimate cosmic power.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ryoko Hakubi Guest

    Just Warlockin' around:


    And dressed to pwn:

  4. ARCHIVED-MrHefner Guest

    heres esper 70/70 lock /armorer
  5. ARCHIVED-Trouserwaffles Guest

    newly created 'lock. around 43ish as of today.

  6. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    This is how I normally have her appearance set right now. I like the idea of being extremely powerful yet looking rather non-descript:
    Sometimes I do like a little more color, though, so I'll let my MC gear show instead.
    Can't wait to get some raid gear once I hit 70. And I plan to finish up getting a Talvus robe later today, which will look like this:
  7. ARCHIVED-Roukaianimia Guest

    That is some hot set of .. uh.. clothes that you have on.. lol, just wondering what that set is or at least the shirt/pants. Anyway.. Thanks in advance..
    ~ Rouk
  8. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    The 1st is the "female tradesman tunic" available from any city merchant. It covers all appearance slots except gloves and boots. And the "opulent gold skirt" makes feet bare, so I wear that on the legs to make it look like she's barefoot. Now if only I could hide the gloves somehow. . . .
    2nd shot is the T7 Mastercrafted Tranquil set.
    3rd shot is the "Talvus Stitched Robe" from the "Reverse Engineering 2" quest from the mender in Nybright camp in Lfay.
    I grabbed the Vaults helm the other day, so she looks like this now:
  9. ARCHIVED-Keiran_Halcyon Guest

    This is my warlock


    Zizil Warlock 70 Sage 70, Valor Server
    I happen to like the old warlock hat very much for ratongas
  10. ARCHIVED-Slako Guest


    Just a view to show the Cape ;)


    not that highres but in "travel-mode" ;)
  11. ARCHIVED-Kenrod Guest

    Might be a wee bit off topic, but I saw a 70 necro probably a month ago, and he was wearing a set of level 1 no-trade armor, can't remember what it was called.
    It was all black, very similar to the eof set. Anyone have any ideas as to what that is?
  12. ARCHIVED-Tigerius Guest

    Here happens to be the most concieted best warlock on Mistmoore, Cantido!


    Yes, that is the scarecrow mask; yes, I do wear it all the time!

    Goes great with a raven familiar named Ichabod and a /cackle or two at opportune moments.

    Here I am without it:


    Dracomancer and some other pieces, Arm of Mithaniel, and Lucanic Staff (soon to be Soulfire.... hopefully....)

    By the way, don't worry, my evil brethren. I will be betraying to Neriak come Kunark to worship our Dark Lord Bertoxxulous.
  13. ARCHIVED-Frank Sojourner Guest

    My appearance tab look. I should drop the Novus Tectum, but I really like the way it looks. Not sure why the Soulfire particle effects aren't showing. I chose white because it makes it easier to see my positioning in raids.
  14. ARCHIVED-FelthLightbringer Guest

    With robes:
    And without:

    And then there is this one, kind of reminds me of camoflage:

  15. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    Yeah, I liked that kinda puke-y/disease colored green too. I think it's pretty apropos of a poison/disease caster:
    And yeah. . here's the obligatory Nurgan's For-blaster shot:
    I'm actually in a set of "ornate" robes now that are a brown & beige color that I rather like. I don't have any screenies of it here to post. Maybe tomorrow :p
  16. ARCHIVED-Supple Guest

    Hmm, I dont have one here at work specifically of just my Warlock, but here is Banshee back in the good old days.

  17. ARCHIVED-Marcula Guest

    I am inept at posting photos here but you can see my Warlock, Bloodsplatter on facebook under ~ Wanderingwilly
  18. ARCHIVED-Tevilspek Guest

    I like the simple, traditional look. All white and Saintly...

    Yeah right.
  19. ARCHIVED-Formerly Bbert Guest

    Me in my normal state
    Ok, ok, without the illusion on
  20. ARCHIVED-Xedex Guest

    Robe of the Black Wind, Vision of Fury, Soulfire Staff and the Necromatic Orb of the Death Revealer. Also have the EoF set gloves and feet in appearance slot as well.


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