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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Gediva, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Keershan Member

    Newsworthy News...

    Just a quick note that this evening, Thursday, December 18th at 7:00pm PST, a troubled individual will be looking for help in restoring balance to the spirit world. Look for them in Obol Plains, but beware, this mission is fraught with incredible danger.
  2. Amybelle Member

    Thank you for running this quest! Though, since I don't check the forums every day, I missed it by minutes, apparently. Would it be possible to run it again sometime over the weekend? The Oasis Guides are totally awesome!

    Also ... Keershan, I know you're a Guide, but are you aware that your forum account isn't flagged? You're posting as a Member, not as a Guide. Not sure if that's just something wrong with my settings or not. :)
  3. Keershan Member

    Thanks, Amybelle. I do try to give more advance notice usually, so hopefully next time you'll be able to make it!

    And, yes, I know that my name is displayed not-quite-rightly. I think the clockwork gears got jammed with some fur or something when I was setting stuff up. Hopefully the forum fairies (or forum goblins... whatever it is that makes this magic work) can fix it someday.
  4. Ajos Member

    are there other guide quests that give status like the news one ?
  5. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    It would be really awesome if we could get the Newsie quest here on Oasis before the double status runs out on 12/28. I was able to run it with a friend on the AB server a couple of days ago and we leveled the guild from 57 to 62 by just us 2 completing the quest.
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  6. Aranedhel Member

    Here, here! Another round of Nebulous Newsies would be well appreciated!
  7. Keershan Member

    Join in on the fun!

    The Oasis server is hereby cordially invited to a Frostfell party, tomorrow, Saturday, December 27th at noon PST. Guides will call for those who wish to participate shortly beforehand (and probably throughout) and will whisk you away to join in the fun! Make sure to wear your best Frostfell gear and be in jolly good cheer!
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  8. Guide Muji Senior Guide

    Sunday, December 28, 2014

    Spirits float about the Phantom Sea. Are you sensitive to the spirit world? Have you been plagued with visions of the lingering soul of a gnomish female trapped in the realm of the living? We need YOUR help to guide this lost soul to the Ethernere. Find Naylie DelANews and aid her in her final request. Restore balance to the spirit world!

    Come to the light house in Antonica at 12:00pm (PST). Test your sensibilities!
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  9. Amybelle Member

    Yay, a party!
  10. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Oh yay!!! thank you so much, I'll be there, bells, whistles and all!!
  11. Iskatawna Member

    Please can we get the Nebulous Newsie quest back on oasis? I also seem to have missed it.. It would be nice to get it before the status bonus is all gone! :) Signed APPRECIATIVE PLAYER ;) lol Looking forward to seeing you in Obol Plains!
    OMG!!! I am blind!!! Right above me is the call to the quest!! ROFL!! THANK YOU!!!!! :D
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  12. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    And not in Obol Plains it seems.
  13. Hushed New Member

    Thanks for the Quest today!
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  14. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Yes, thank you very much!! Between myself and another guild member we managed to get 12 levels for the guild! Keep up the great work, and thanks for listening to our requests, guys!!
  15. Normon New Member

    The Nebulous Newsies : any idea when it will occur again? Thanks!
  16. Keershan Member

    Page by page...

    Be in the Withered Lands tomorrow, Thursday, January 15th at 10:00am PST to see if you can help out a gnomish inventor with some troublesome pages to locate.
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  17. Kaukumu Senior Guide

    Hello Oasis!
    I see that the little halfling Ezefoo will be out looking for adventurers to help the lost souls again.

    Jan 30, Friday night from 7pm pst to 8pm pst

    Remember, this quest Nebulous Newies is not repeatable but young adventurers can get the quest and save it for when they get older.

    Bring your guild mates and Ezefoo will see you in Odol plains!
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  18. Keershan Member

    These piggles have a bad case of the wiggles...

    Are you a pro at herding cats? Yes? No? Great! Come try your hand at steering pigs! Farmer Brown is in desperate need of some farmhands to help take care of some darling little piggies Wednesday, Februrary 4th at 5:00pm PST. Meet up at the North Qeynos gate in Antonica and make sure you wear something that can get a little muddy. ;)
  19. Daryx Active Member

    Kaukumu, thanks for running Nebulous Newsies and sticking around longer!
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  20. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Thanks for running it again, It's great to see the guides on Oasis!!

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