No Shards from Skyshrine Instances?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Loladen, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Chronus1 wrote:
    If they'd just agree to re-itemize drunder HM, you'd have a zone to go get blue shards from that matters.
    As far as white shards, add 1 to the boss's in the SS instances.
  2. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    No, this is not the proper solution. The proper solution is to make any mob that drops an item with a red and yellow slot drop both a primal and a pure primal shard. This means Drunder, Kael, Velk and SS.
    No other way to look at it imo.
  3. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    We have over a year of precedence indicating that solution is not on the table.
  4. ARCHIVED-Starack Guest

    Better idea, get rid of white and blue shards/tokens system entirely and just leave the plat costs instead. Multiple meta currencies are pointless, always have been, not sure what you are really gating or 'achieveing' with it.
  5. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    or they could take out 1/2 the trash in dov 1.0 and reduce bosses hp. dov 1.0 is for small groups anyway. could use some tailoring to fill its new role. i would love to see 30 minute 3-man groups for shard farming. do the weekly trio in 1/2 an hour. they need to reduce running time of some of the zones too. throne of storms has way too much travel time for dropping mute fodder.
  6. ARCHIVED-Detor Guest

    Chronus1 wrote:
    If you've really done it 'again and again' shouldn't you have a huge stockpile of tokens from it already? It isn't like you change adorns everyday. Heck, I still got a crapload of void shards from the old old days before SF.
  7. ARCHIVED-DamselInDistress Guest

    I think that all Skyshrine EM mobs should drop blue shards and the HM mobs should drop both red and yellow. It reflects the adorns required for the dropped items.
    We should not be forced to run out dated content just to adorn the current one.
  8. ARCHIVED-1rocketjones Guest

    There needs to be some form of raid/heroic currency, ie. shards, tokens, seals. Every xpac since TSO has had this amirite.
  9. ARCHIVED-Chronus1 Guest

    Detor wrote:
    I personally do but tell it to the guy who switches between 3 toons for raids who just got all the alt brawler, druid and plate tank loot that he needs to readorn after burning his shards due to crit mit change.
    Also @ Damselindistress, easy mode skyshrine raid mobs drop armor with red and yellow slots so even em needs white and blue shards.
  10. ARCHIVED-akin99 Guest

    Starack wrote:
    Works for me. Even triple or more the cost and make it a plat sink instead of a time sink.
  11. ARCHIVED-Andreia Guest

    Could we get a response from a dev please?
  12. ARCHIVED-Errror Guest

    Andreia wrote:
    Working at Intended?

    Also Bumping this thread
  13. ARCHIVED-UnseenTC Guest

    Errrorr@Splitpaw wrote:
    Do we even need a dev response now? That's all they were going to say anyways. But seriously, nobody wants to run old zones to get absolutely nothing but mutes and shards. It's just pointless and not fun.
  14. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Errrorr@Splitpaw wrote:
    Lossewen wrote:
    Maewyn@Unrest_old wrote:
    Kryvak@Everfrost wrote:
    This is a collection of true things.
    One of the very top reasons I liked raiding in EQ2 for so long was self sustaining raiding. All I (and all raid forces) had to do is concentrate on killing the best stuff they can and progressing further. In doing this they got plat for supplies, loot for progression and anything else they might need to keep raiding. They raided so they could keep raiding.
    Then they have this bull. One of the main reasons I STOPPED raiding on Rift was after I realized I would both have to raid and after raiding, run group content to get various currency to continue raiding regularly whilst progressing. It's discouraging to see EQ2 start doing this as well.
  15. ARCHIVED-Draylore Guest

    Neiloch@Butcherblock wrote:
    Agreed. I have always preferred self sustaining/independent playstyles. People that raid like to raid and should be able to experience the game by raiding. Same goes for those that like to do the groups and pugs. Some like to do both and have the choice to do so. Being forced to do something you don't like in a game just to be able to progress in the part you do is just silly. I can understand requiring a certain level of gear from heroics to move into raiding but once your into raiding you should not have to repeat that heroic content as a time sink to augment your raid progression.
    I have also always hated the token/shard type of system for gear.....would much prefer a straight up plat sink for gear augments over time sinks. This is one of the reasons I quit the game and now that I have decided to give it another shot I see they have made things even worse.
    But from a business model I can see why designers prefer the current essentially makes their limited 'content' last longer so they don't have to put out as much as often. Token/currency gear system means less work for the designers as well.
  16. ARCHIVED-Loladen Guest


    I know this isn't as pressing of an issue as station cash items, or crafting, but I think we'd like an official answer on this.

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