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    For starters, another grind up to a level cap is not very appealing to most players interested in playing on a PVP server. The solution to this would be a bauble that instantly takes you to level 50 and sets your abilities to Adept tier along with a full set of handcrafted level 40 gear.

    Secondly, all profession abilities should be functioning. Specifically this part is about how backstabs/stealth attacks weren't functioning properly on Nagafen 2.0.

    Crowd control should be in place, but with an immunity system (again). On Nagafen 2.0, a warden (barely wearing good gear) could beat two (well geared) heavy CC dps classes on his/her own. This was never intended throughout the history of EQ2 PVP. It has nothing to do with the healing output of the warden, which is supposed to be high and efficient in PVP, but with a CC spell lasting a fifth of the duration it should.
    My solution to this would be to have the immunity last as long as the original CC ability it self. Let's say you get stifled for 3 seconds, this means when the stifle ends, you are immune to both stuns (including knockbacks) and stifles for 3 seconds. If you get rooted or snared, no immunity should apply, but a higher chance to break when receiving damage. Now regarding interrupts; they should grant 1.5 seconds of immunity to interrupts. This prevents chain denying a player, allowing them to at least get 1 short cast time ability off in between an interrupt/stun or stifle sequence. A fear should have it's own immunity timer that has the same rules applied as stuns/stifles. Most classes that have stuns, don't have fears, vice versa. This allows for group of skilled players to outplay their enemies in a group v group or raid v raid situation. Dazes should also get their own timer, along with mezzes and charms, with the duration of mezzes and charms reduced to a few seconds (like 5).

    Finally, PVP damage should be more in line with PVE damage. Let's say you have an assassin that parses 2.5k dps and a warlock that parses 2k dps single target; the assassin should parse 25% more than the warlock in a single target PVP situation. On nagafen 2.0 it was weird how the signature ability Assassinate that would hit a single target would hit for almost the same amount as Absolution on one target, which affects an entire group.
  2. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I agree with just about everything. I think the pvp server should skip vanilla and DoF and start with KoS at the earliest.

    The real problem comes in if they are willing to open a new pvp server but not balance it or maintain it. Enchanter's, Assassins, and Brigands should be able to chain cc someone down if they layer their cc's correctly. There is nothing wrong with having the original cc timers again. The longer the cc, the longer the immunity and cc that lasted too long was only ever an issue for casual players who never knew what freedom of mind potions or pumice stone were. Now the server will mostly be made up of vets who know how to counter cc chains. Assassin stifle and root that lasted 7 to 9 seconds in pvp originally now lasting like half a second is a complete joke and that issue is across all classes with any form of cc.

    Idk why but dispatch seems to be a constant issue on the pvp server. It needs to be tuned correctly so that when it's applied to another player they aren't immediately 1 shot (even tanks). I don't mind it being super impactful and making the target squishy but it should not be a guaranteed win because you pushed 1 button. .

    I wholeheartedly agree on fixing how some abilities scale in pvp. If you let an assassin get their stealth chain off, you deserve to die and assassinate should take at least half your health alone. If you let a wizard get ice comet off or you stand in front of a fusion, same thing. Big hits should hit big.

    There needs to be a happy medium found when it comes to Paladins. % heals was too strong and the nerf they recieved was too much. Increase their base heals or give them back a reduced % healing.
  3. Frostfang Member

    If the devs are thinking March or April for next TLE PVP, there really shouldn't be any excuse not to have testing at least a month prior with continuous fixes happening (unlike last beta?) They really shouldn't be overlooking CC at this point, I didn't even realize it was this bad...
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  5. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Last pvp tle where the came up with the temporary server idea and everything, they were speaking back and forth with just 1 or 2 players and one of those players admitted he never pvp'd before. Let's hope they are more open with pvp vets this time around.
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  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    Teamweaver: Tryptophan Conqueror
    soon is nebulous keep that in mind

    From Discord today at 1:41pm
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  8. joonace New Member

    Kander said even a few months back they were planning on it eventually, assumed 2021
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  9. Nuada Active Member

    Kander does it like I've been saying it for 10 years, do a PVP on / off button on a normal PVE server. even WOW has stolen my idea now with shadowlands :)

    and gives people the motivation to do pvp on.

  10. Frostfang Member

    Why even bring this up? We've been through that so many times. Most of us pvpers aren't going to resub for that trash
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    WoW actually got rid of PvP servers and went to that on/off switch garbage on PvE servers over 2 years ago, in August of 2018, with Battle for Azeroth. And it's even dumber than it sounds. People put it on, then if they're losing 10 hitpoints they run, hide, afk and switch it back off. Practically no one ever even uses it to begin with, either, likely because it's so stupid.

    On the couple months a year I actually play WoW, I play Classic on open PvP servers. The queues are long and the lag is high, but that's how popular real open PvP still is for MMOers. Last I heard they had 1 million Classic subs going, most of it from their many open PvP servers.

    Daybreak got $77 million this year alone, and $6.5 million of it was from us. I think they can afford to spin up one little virtual open PvP TL server blob called Deathtoll or Nagafen on their hardware cluster. I think Caith's itemization is as done as it's ever going to get, and they use the same expansions for every TL now.

    Let's do it, Darkpaw. That would be a cool Frostfell present, and would pull in some more subs for you to impress your new overlords with. :)
  12. Cuoco Member

    Siren, I've been enjoying the hell outta classic WOW...once you gear up and play on a busy server the open world is easy pickings and I have had some very good 1v1's in the process. Its not EQ2, but its a close second.
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  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    In just two sentences you have shown you don't play WoW and make statements about things you know absolutely nothing about.

    The style of server does not stop people from running and hiding when at low health.

    Nobody is turning off pvp while "hiding" because you can only toggle it on or off inside the 2 major faction capitals.

    Lot's of people use it, specifically those who want to pvp.

    There are plenty of things to trash talk WoW about, you don't need to make **** up.
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  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    They zone right back into a city and wait for it to time off. Nobody uses that thing for any sort of substantive PvP. People that actually want to PvP are all in Classic on its many open PvP servers. Clearly you don't play Classic PvP (or see the multiple-hour queues of its many open PvP servers there) or you'd know where over 1 million WoW PvP players really are.
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  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You are saying people run to Stormwind or Orgrimmar from all over the world to unflag pvp,... clearly you haven't played WoW. Anyone who has played WoW in the last 4 years can see how full of crap you are. Open world pvp hasn't been a substantive source of pvp since Wrath.

    People that actually want to real pvp do it in Arenas. There haven't been multi hour queues since the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event on classic.
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  16. Durzo New Member

    It would be nice if the devs could give us an indication as to when we might hear more news about the PvP server... :)
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  17. Spectre Active Member

    I played on Nagafen in 2008, then Deathtoll, and the new Nagafen.... The cries for PvP servers are louder than the actual numbers of people interested in playing.

    The original Nagafen did well with solo PvPers, and raid pvp fights until Ebonlore started with their exploits. I had a lot of fun in the beginning, but left shortly after Exile came out. I enjoyed Good vs. Evil =P

    People start leaving when the zerg squads start rolling in. If they can limit the number of people that can attack one person maybe people will stay.
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  18. Formal New Member

    Is this a serious post? I hope not
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  20. Lovidicus Active Member

    I agree with everything you said except the first paragraph. In fact, I couldn't disagree with this idea more. The fun of a PvP server, for me, isn't being level 50 roaming around attacking people. It's the struggle to get to level 50. It's trying to level up and never knowing when someone will jump out of the shadows or another group will come wandering by.

    The allure of open world PvP isn't that you're just always out looking for PvP as if that's the only thing the game offered. The allure (again, for me) is trying to exist in a PvE world with PvP happening all around me.
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