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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Dreamphaser, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. Formal New Member

    there are also far more bots than ever before. trust me brother, SF on Kaladim isn't going to be any different lol, even if the population is higher. The same thing happens, ppl flawless TSO, quit till SF then they come back for a month to realize that the content isnt tuned and its too easy.
  2. Amalar StriderAlpha - RIP Wild* MXO VG SWG

    Plays old, dying MMO, "All MMO's are dead" :rolleyes: lmaooo
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  3. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    We need the CC durations of Deathtoll. Those were absolutely perfect.
    Ideally stats could go back to the OG days where INT increased spell power no matter the class but I believe those days are gone.
    No xp bug would probably be helpful to the server.
    Look at rogue interrupts before it launches, last server it was over tuned af on proc rate.

    As long as the scaling is decent on the PvE/PVP dmg, for example not like Deathtoll where pve mobs were a joke and spells did nothing in pvp, a good server shouldn't be hard to achieve. Biggest thing is population, they can not launch another PvE TLE at the same time or I doubt there will be even close to enough population. A couple spells I'd like to see be returned to their previous iterations that either worked in PvP or just work differently than they once did but beggars can't be choosers.

    Id love to get some Dev responses on here to maintain an actual discussion, discord is great but information is easily skipped over and lost. Only leads to receiving the same questions everyday. I have heard they are listening to more PvP feedback than last time but I've yet to see much myself. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Would love to do all I can to make the server great!
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  4. Freaknik New Member

    I hope this is going to happen. PvP was my favorite thing about EQ2, this would be a dream come true.
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  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    There are like 50 PvP posts a day on Discord in both General and Kaladim channels. :cool: People are so excited! They've been asking for a separate EQ2 PvP channel to be added to Discord for some time now.
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  6. Byron Member

    The PVP servers were the exact opposite of cash grabs. I strongly suspect that none of the servers after Deathtoll made money, and the main motivation for creating them was fan service.
  7. sh33pOwner New Member

    any news?
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  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    Discord: Can we have a PvP update please @Mint

    Dreamweaver: There isn't one. When we do have an update we'll share.


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  9. Freaknik New Member

    Would love an update
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  10. sh33pOwner New Member

    Great news! Thanks)
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  11. Storiesofold New Member

    Bots! Bots everywhere, they ruined kaladim for me, darkpaw needs to take a stand. During EOF on Kaladim server all of the dungeons were constantly being cleared by full six man bot groups, not friendly ones either. They would gank and train you. Totally ruins the game. If they allow this on any new pvp server it will be dead on arrival. Saying they dont' allow it and actually not allowing it are also two very different things. Make the new pvp server true box only
    Make two different servers one that allows botting and one that does not... or don't allow it at all. Haven't subbed since EOF on kaladim, haven't played live since TOT. something needs to change.
  12. Siren Well-Known Member

    Some questions about Tarinax:

    1. Is it factional with Exiles I hope? FFA is less popular, and lazy gankers bell camp their own newbie greens all day, and then get free fame farming their guildies like it's the daily. :p
    2. Can we have all cities and housing open PVP too please (whatever the majority wants is fine though)?
    3. Can we please have a month-long beta?
    4. Could the crafting quest line NPCs be added to the starter zones, so we aren't stuck with journeyman spells that just invalidate the 3 scholars? (Otherwise, L20-29 advanced spell recipes for t3 don't even show up til Butcherblock, which is in EoF.)

  13. Fangrim Waiting to kill you in Mortal 2

    All advanced books for all tradeskills are in from day one, they drop off mobs.
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    The drop rate is pretty low, especially factoring in all the carpenter recipes etc. you get instead, and people are broke starting out. Buying other peoples' drops isn't going to be possible for a while.
  15. Fangrim Waiting to kill you in Mortal 2

    If it's done correctly this is all fine, it creates and economy and a form of spell progression but I'm pretty sure this being the company it is xp pots and even worse the ability to pay SC for spell upgrades will be right there at the beginning for the PTW crowd.
  16. Fangrim Waiting to kill you in Mortal 2

    If it's done correctly this is all fine, it creates and economy and a form of spell progression but I'm pretty sure this being the company it is xp pots and even worse the ability to pay SC for spell upgrades will be right there at the beginning for the PTW crowd.
  17. Frostfang Member

    Daybreak removed XP potions in Nagafen Season 2 because people didn't want them. That was the most pay to win item at the time besides Krono. Now the only potions you can get are crafting speed potions. I don't recall spell upgrades ever being purchasable on PVP TLE. I assume Darkpaw will continue this route and not add any more p2w stuff. Dreamweaver basically said they will never remove Krono though.
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  18. Badbigwolfe New Member

    why I quit WoW on/off button.
  19. Fangrim Waiting to kill you in Mortal 2

    So, can you buy spell upgrades?
  20. TORR071 New Member

    I played monk 11, tradeskill 10.
    was able to make journeyman runes for skill upgrades, but was also getting adept upgrades from drops and quests.
    did not see the timer ability to learn past adept, but then i may have been too low.
    to answer your question, can u buy upgrades? prolly thru AH eventually, but u can craft and earn them thru battle/quests

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