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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Zizzu, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Bandorn@Venekor wrote:
    I've already added Glacial Bow of the Keep at top level (72). It is not much to mention since it is a low delay bow, but it is on there nevertheless.
    If you have a different bow, then please post it with full stats and where it came from. Thxs )
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    nvm, I R Can't Red

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    Added Firespike to list.
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    You should include the dmg from mythical while in 5m range to reflect its real potential.
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    Safanah@Everfrost wrote:
    I just added the +20% bow damage to the Avg (which also affects the w/Crits and DPM). As you can see, the added damage makes the Mythical almost sickly in comparison to the other bows including the TSO Avatar bow.
    Again, you must within 5 meters in order to gain this added damage.
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    I found this one tonight in Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken
    Darkness Imbued Longbow
    +42 STR
    +105 Health +105 Power
    +2 Damage Per Second
    +2 Ranged Double Attack Chance
    +2 Ranged Crit Chance
    Damage 133-753 (110.7 Rating)
    Delay 8.0 seconds
    Range 2-35 meters
    Lvl 79
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    Xepnar wrote:
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    Added Bloodquench, Bow of Borrowed Time.
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    Wow, Sootfoot has to be best for the level period, hell it's way better than Raincaller for DPS .

    I didn't even know to talk to that guy after getting the faction. Quite the spread he offers, paste lvl 77 on the items and they would be in line with RoK legendary.
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    This list is a bit out of date now, so for the latest one have a look at Zizzu's post in the Ranger section on Flames. Hopefully he'll copy it across here too !