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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-evhallion, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Amblin Guest

    Hey after trying out one of your builds, I was amazed at how much of a difference it makes. I really had always had the end of the line in mind and several of the ones that you came up to the end and didn't take it, I was skeptical that would be better, but you were right.
    Thanks for making all of this information in an easy to read format and writing it all down. I've been playing with a few of them and I realized that you never did give an update to Shadow Pet after the update. I took at stab at creating a few combinations, but I'd like to get your take, if you don't mind.

  2. ARCHIVED-evhallion Guest

    Amblin wrote:
    Sure I'd love to see what you've come up with.
  3. ARCHIVED-Amblin Guest

    Since the TSOs are the only ones that I changed (from your old build), I'm only including those. I really didn't change that much from the Mage Build.
    General - Don't really matter much, but I generally chose based upon stealth with the Shadow Pet. Basically a waste of 10 pts.
    Mage TSO - I decided Master's Strike and Bewilderment were a requirement, but the other I've tried both Runic Protection and Arcane Barrier... I guess it basically depends on whether you plan on facing AOE or not. The Runic Protection generally made it so that if the Shadow died, you could stand a hit or two from secondary mobs while you recasted your pet. Arcane Barrier bought you a little more cross group protection, so it depends on who you face in my book.
    Summoner TSO - Although I'm still haven't tried out the dimensional storage, I think that I probably should. I still don't quite get the concept and with everything else that happens in the heat of battle, I know that I would forget about it. However for the build, I used Minion's Critical Strike and Pet Weapon Mastery to increase the pet's DPS. The end line as always.
    Necromancer TSO - I haven't hit 200 yet, so I have not tried, but plan to. I plan to actually use the Macrebre and Lifetap since I end up having to use these in conjunction with my secondary healing capacity in groups. Doesn't help much in raids though. Once again the two end lines are nice. I guess I'll figure it out in a couple of weeks.
    What are your thoughts?
  4. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    If it's pure dps spec you're looking for... in TSO trees you want 5 hp/5power in general; 5 strike of the mage/5 master strike and bewilderment; 5 minion crit/1(5)weapon mastery/1(5)dimensional storage and minion's mark; 5 nox cure/5 lifetap/ 5 bloodcloud and both end lines. That's going to leave some points left over for you to throw anywhere you feel like.
    The general choices are all pretty much garbage but if you have to spend points there to open up the next tree you may as well boost your hp some, but for the mage tree the hp increase on magi is so tiny it is hardly worth wasting the points on and LOL at anyone even considering the power buff. For the summoner tree you basically want to keep the pet's dps boosted since everything else in this tree is also junk, necros honestly don't generate that much hate and if you're dying alot in raids your mt needs to step it up or your groups need to be setup better, and the pet hp gain is very tiny. For the necro tree everything that boosts personal dps is $$$ and believe it or not the cure has come in handy on quite a few encounters however it's purely optional if you feel you won't use it as much, personally I hate leaving my survival up to some nub healer especially since we're at their mercy enough for lifeburn. Feign death is really not used that often on raids unless your raid is terrible and you're wiping every few minutes. The boost to the debuff proc is also pretty minimal but since I had 4 left over points I decided to put them in there for whatever extra bit of dmg it'd help me squeeze out.
  5. ARCHIVED-Noor Guest

    Can someone point me toward the latest build for a solo as well as for a raid Necro?
    I'm about to respec my 80 necro and could really use some input.
    Also, is there a way to bounce between two spec trees on the fly? (like you can do in WoW)
    Thanks in advance.
  6. ARCHIVED-evhallion Guest

    Noor wrote:
    I have updated my first post to reflect TSO changes. As for switching specs please see this link:
    Hope that helps.
  7. ARCHIVED-Duskwood Guest

    it might just be me, but howl of of the damned, and rending, these all seem to benefit the melee pets....why are the dps builds mage pet? seem to be able to make the scout do more dmg...
  8. ARCHIVED-AustinB Guest

    Because the pet on our mythical is a mage and simply so much more powerful than any of our other pets, combined with the fact that the mage pet can largely cast from outside of AE range and does tonnes more damage on encounters than the scout there really isn't a good reason to not use the mage pet.

    Howl of the Damned also also does a lot for our mage pet, the proc works for both melee and magic attack. The skills on Howl also exclusively affect the mage pet. The only thing Howl offers a melee pet besides the proc is +attack speed.

    Rending also is the only buff we have that exclusively affects melee. I would suggest that this buff also proc a a casting speed increase for our mage, perhaps 10%.
  9. ARCHIVED-InstaCleric Guest

    I've finally reached 196 AA, so my raid/group spec is done (4 points left that can only be spent on junk in the necro tree).
    My spec is almost identical to the one in the OP, except for the following:
    • +4 Animist's Transference
    • -3 Minion's Barrier (if my pet is aggroed by a heroic/epic, it's gonna die very quickly, so I figure not much point in raising Defense)
    • -1 Minion's Warding - would be nice to have this at 8, but I figure i use the heal enough that i should max it instead.
    • +4 Runic Protection - I don't have super fabled gear, so I need me some HP however I can get them.
    • +5 Arcane Barrier - I have the grandmaster of this as well, so the % boosts are put to good use. Resists and extra power are generally very useful in raids!
    • +5 Summoner's Soothing - You know, I should drop this, because I really don't get aggro that much. Maybe put them into Noxious Cleansing so I don't have to rely on potions and group members, or Minion's Pact for more debuff
    • -5 Stench of Blood - the increased radius makes an already risky spell even more risky, and the damage increase/reuse isn't enough to make it worthwhile for me here. I have it in my solo build, though
    • +5 Macabre - Get Out of Jail Free card and nice de-taunt, also good for some tricky pet pulls.
    By the way, a lot of the ability names have changed (Swarm of Rats = Blighted Horde, etc.), might be good to update the OP to avoid confusing newcomers.
  10. ARCHIVED-Hellrayzor Guest

    Is "Enhance: Grisly Mark" supposed to be "Enhance: Mortality Mark"? Sorry if this is obvious, new necro here trying to learn.
  11. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    Can't find Perceptor's Stamina in my AA line. New and trying to learn. I see the OP is very old, so I'm thinking I'm pretty much SoL, at the moment.
  12. ARCHIVED-Shadus Guest

    Has anyone updated the necro soloing build for post SF and the AA tree changes? I was previously running a build somewhat similiar and I free handed it after the aa builds and it's plenty effective against `most' things, but I've lost a lot of survivability against ^^^ (like the griffon and mithmarr in love.) Anyone have a good suggestion for a comperable build top to bottom for a solo necro with tank pet?
  13. ARCHIVED-Velik_NVashe Guest

    I would find this very helpful as well! Just made a necro this morning.
  14. ARCHIVED-Vemat Guest

    I've been gone for awhile.. since before nearly every class has had it's AA lines and stat scaleing redone.
    Came back with the wife.. and we're playing a SK/Necro duo (Shes the SK).. and I'm telling her to pump the INT line because that's how it used to be done. Apon further investigation I'm way out of touch with her class and feeding her the wrong info. I got to looking at my own trees and felt completely lost.
    The two builds on here are good, but I was sorta looking for a middle of the road hybrid build. With her being a tank, I don't want to take the full solo pet tank route.. because she needs to learn to tank.. but is a weaker player. I figured some kind of hybrid build between the two would be helpfull for leveling.. at which point I can fall into one of the two primary builds.
    Anyone out there run a build with Duo'ing with a weaker skilled SK in mind? I'd love some help working something like that out. Give me abit of meat in the DPS department.. but take some of the tank burden off her when she gets overwhelemed as a newer player.
  15. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    majority of soloing in SF can be done in full dps build and should pose no problem for duoing pair
  16. ARCHIVED-evercrak Guest

    Hi all!
    I just returned to the game and picked up my Necro!
    Well i checket out the talent build but its not upp to date!
    So my question is ware and hove should i spend my AA's?
    is there any one that can help me to find a good solo leveling build?

    I am level 58 and have 52AA's
    Sarafan writed this -->

    Sarafan@The Bazaar wrote:
    I think SOE have changed some stuff.
    Well i hope you can help me out.
  17. ARCHIVED-Anivias Guest

    Lvling/Tank AA necromancer Build
    Remember its the AA spent in the differents skills not the skill rank.
    AA 1-20
    *Enhance warrior pet 5
    *Possess Minion 1
    *Shockwave 4
    *Perceptor's Command 4
    *Perceptor's Bodygard 6
    AA 21
    Reset conjuror and necromancer Tree
    *Enhance: Chain 5
    *Enhance: Dispel Magic 2
    *Enhance: Necromantic pact 3
    *Enhance: Grasp 5
    *Enhance: Mortality Mark 5
    *Tainted Heals : 1
    AA 22-60
    *Enhance warrior pet 5
    *Possess Minion 1
    *Shockwave 4
    *Perceptor's Command 4
    *Perceptor's Bodygard 10
    **Perceptor's Command 5
    General TSO
    *heart constitution 5
    *Swift journey 5 (or anything else)
    AA 61-120
    TSO Mage *Root Mastery 5
    *Runic Protection 5
    *Bewilderment 1
    *Enhance: Necromantic pact 2
    *Animist's Transference 4
    *minion's barrier 10
    *minion's uproar 10
    *unfliching servant 2
    Conjuror is now at 50/50
    *Enhance: soulrot 5
    *Enhance: bloodcoil 5
    *Enhance: pandemic 5
    *Enhance: Devour vigor 5
    *Lifeburn 1
    AA 121-170
    TSO Summoner
    *Pet Weapon mastery 5
    *Summoner's Soothing 5
    *Minion's Mark 1
    *Minion's Constitution 5
    *Minion's Critical strike 5
    Total : 141
    Now...lvling until you can put more AA in Conjuror Tree and Necromancer
    *Perceptor's Command 1
    *Animated dagger 4
    *Parrying 4
    *Wild channeling 10
    *Enhance: summoning 5
    *Enhance: Drowing of soul 5
    AA 171-184
    TSO Necromancer
    *Minion's Pact 5
    *Shield of Bones 5
    *Wrath of the Undead Servant 2
    *Disease Mastery 2
    TSO Summoner
    *Dimensional Storage 5
    lvl to 81 to have access to SF AA
    Now i have to warn you that i'm a new i may have done something wrong in this lvling line. If you have any comments they are welcome.
    Right now i'm 70lvl and 120AA, i can solo up to yellow 3up named and easily any blue heroic instance thanks to a master tank pet (but it need time and tricks sometimes )
    edit: i knew something were wrong. dispel magic is a 2AA Skill
  18. ARCHIVED-evercrak Guest

    Cool thanks!
    This helps! I am now level 69 and have 74 AA's
    The Tainted heals is a awesome AA.
    I love being back now i have a Warlock level 72 and i treid to play him but its more fun on the necro.
  19. ARCHIVED-Anivias Guest

    Np :D
    But i may have done something wrong in the build. I ll look closer asap.
  20. ARCHIVED-Anivias Guest

    I found the problem :)
    I was confused finding myself with 121 AA needed to complete the build i m following. I forgot Enhance Dispel is a 2AA Skill

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